07 August 2010

My 3 Gems

Entry by Mummy

How are the kiddos adapting to the new addition in the family so far? I'd say so far so good. Wenz is quite bo chap as usual while Denz keeps displaying his side of loving nature as a kor kor. He has accepted his status as an elder bro finally. :)

I guess baby Xenz also know that he has a sister and bro. I try not to show my over protectiveness on the baby whenever my 2 big gems say they wanna touch baby or play with baby. Denz tells me everyday that he wanna share his cars and toys with baby and he wanna play with baby.

On the other hand, Wenz will tell me she wanna carry baby in her arms and she wanna feed baby milk. Even though they might still not be able to control their strength very well but they are accepting the baby into the family very well now.

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