14 August 2010

Arrival of Baby Finn

I heard my cousin was born few days ago. Here I am waiting patiently for his home-sweet-home. You will be able to hear 2 sets of baby voices from today onwards cos jiu-jiu and family will be staying with us till end of this year.

My cousin aka Baby Finn was sleeping very very soundly when he has reached home. So cute. He has a combination of jiu-jiu and jiu-ma's features.

Notti mummy placed both babies inside the cot. OMG! Look at this.....baby Xenz is 3 weeks earlier than baby Finn, drank 3 weeks more of milk than baby Finn and he looked so petite and also smaller than baby Finn who is only 3 days old. Well, I guess mummy has to continue chubb him up further.

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