30 April 2005

The birth story of Wenzel

I woke up 7.20am on this day thinking to pan-fry some pratas for breakfast and put the dirty laundry into the machine. I even thought of vacuuming the floor but hubby was still sleeping so I thought I could do it later. There wasn't any sign and sypmtom indicating I will go into labour today. Luckily hubby was off for the day!!

I went back to bed cos I was too lazy to do anything at that moment and at 7.25am, I felt a 'twitch' and water gushed out. I knew right away my waterbag has burst. I woke hubby up and told him we have to go hospital right away. Guess what??? He asked me "Can still wait anot"?? I told him firmly "NO" cos I have time the contraction and it's every 5 mins. I asked him to make me hot milo and boil one egg (home recipe). I managed to gulp down the glass of milo and packed my egg while we walked down to flag for cab.

Luckily managed to get a cab and I ate the egg in the cab. We reached hospital at around 8am. I was wheelchaired to the delivery suite which I dun think there was a need as I could still walk. Did all the necessary things like clear bowel, get changed and all funny additional strapped onto me.

The pain was undescribable and I had a light dose of Pethidin plus the smelly gas for pain relieve. It's of no help at all. I was exhausted enduring all the pain and hubby cracked lame jokes which I had no strength to scold him. I noe he meant well but the usual me would have told him off. I asked the nurse how long do I have to wait before the actual labour set in as the contraction was really unbearable at that moment. She told me at least 6 to 8 hours for 1st birth. I was thinking in my heart "TMD, so damn bloody long". Okay fine, I endured!! However, at 10.30am I oredi got urge to push but I din dare to ask the nurse to come in. Luckily she came in to check on me and I told her my urge. She checked and found that I was almost fully dilated. Phew!!! Some pushing and leg cramps in the process and baby arrives safely.

I was emotionless and went into blank after the delivery. I dun feel extremely happy about the newborn, but with sense of relieved everything is fine. It doesn't look like in TV. I only know I was exhausted and extremely hungry. I want food and rest. Was sooo tired but couldn't sleep cos I think I have breath in too much smelly gas to keep awake oredi.

Whatever it is, I wanna thank god for this new bundle of joy and her blessing in my smooth pregnancy journey and recovery!!

02 April 2005

Preggie Moment.....

Entry by Mummy

We were so excited when we first saw our baby during the routine scan. The most enjoyable moment being pregnant is when I feel the baby moving inside me. All her punches and kicks inside is so sweet. Every single movement of her is so dear to me, it's as if the baby is interacting with me. This kinda experience is really beyond words.

Looking thru the ultrasound pic of Wenzel, I was amazed by the nature creation of god. It's beyond my imagination how a kidney bean looking shape thing could develop into a human figure. Although it was just a small dot, we were already feeling very excited when we got to keep the very first pix of our little one!

My fav pic of Wenzel is actually showing the shape of her face with facial features. From this pic, I can roughly deduce tat Wen will resemble daddy more. We shall wait for her arrival in a month's time......

How it came about????

Wenzel was conceived in Aug 2004. Her presence came as a surprise after a short recovery from my earlier missed abortion. Happy on one hand but at the same time worried. Keep my finger crossed, pray hard it would be a healthy pregnancy!!
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