18 October 2012

Kiddos Update

Royal Highness aka Wenz: This gal is in Primary 1 this year. I have not much worries about her academic but her behaviour and attitude could still be improved a little. She is getting sensible as she grows with the need of nagging daily on getting her move her butt off the chair to get things done. :p

Sonny Boy aka Denz: In order to coach this boy in terms of academic, I'll need extra time and patience. I'm glad he gets the hang of doing abacus sums after 10 months of training in his school. I admit that 7 hrs without nap in school is indeed a lil too long for a 4-5 yrs old kid. I'm relived his teachers are all very nice and dedicated in teaching. May he have a better year in learning in 2013. :)

Cutie BBC aka Xenz: This is the cutest of all, hence the name Cutie BBC. His actions and words are unpredicatable. I'd say he learns thing fast and display out the next moment. Yeah, not to mention those bad things too. I'm glad he went school earlier, else he wouldn't progress this fast too. :D

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