05 September 2012

Awesome Playdate!

Let's call this an Awesome Playdate cos Matt and Denz were saying soo.... much of the word 'Awesome!' while they were playing Hotwheels together. I don't remember knowing this word when I was kid, maybe the word hasn't existed back then. I was probably using 'Great', 'Cool' or 'Cowabunga' (from Michaelangelo of  TNMT). Well, Just a short one week break from school for the kiddos to unwind, so let's head out....

For more fun and companionship, mommy had organized a playdate with aunty Carolina. Denz was thrilled to have Matthew with him sharing the same interests on anything about cars. Even their choice of artwork that day were encircling sports car. Matthew wanted Swensen for lunch which our kiddos loved dining there too! Always excited over fries, pizzas and milkshakes. So sorry papa failed to take pics of the children playing at the indoor playground @ Causeway Point.

By Papa

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