21 July 2012

Xenzel turns 2!

Xenzel is well-trained and ready to blow candles. Yes! 2 candles to be blown. A chance to celebrate at school with his new little friends at playgroup. Doraemon is the theme for BBC's birthday party at Tots House. Mommy believes that even at the age of 2, children can associate with celebration and feel joyous of what they had gone through. Celebration continued to the following day with home party with more sweet treats for the kiddos, who were roaming around eyeing on BBC's presents as well. Vegetarian Mee Rebus is the dish of the day and chef none other than Gong Gong and Ah Ma. Sedap! Guest-of-honor goes to Gu Gu who managed to fly back from Australia to see her Baobei and demonstrated her new hairstyling skills on Papa, who volunteered as her first male model.

By Papa

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