30 April 2012

Princess Wenzel's 7th Birthday

My little gal is seven already! Unlike her brother, Wenz prefers a lot of people celebrating birthday for her and would alway asked us to throw her parties. Can you believe it? She's already thinking of  what to do for her birthday party next year. Papa task was to escort her royal highness to Yeye's house so that Guigui could groom her. Feels like wedding make-up to me. Lolz... Guigui even says wanted to doll up Wenz, the K-Pop style... My Goodness... At Bukit Panjang 'Pizza Hut' outlet, mommy is busy decorating the party corner with banners and balloons. The party theme is "princess" and pinky. Hard work again by mommy from planning, packing goodie bags, designing the outstanding food menu and even tag for table seating. Mommy can really be a professional birthday planner. The hosts can never really enjoyed the food but we were so glad that the littles guests played happily and adults chatted among themselves. Indeed a happy occasion for all to meet-up.


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