25 September 2011

Tom's Palette Ice-cream Making

Loc: Shaw Tower - Beach Road

All ready to go!

Wow! Look at all the flavors  they have!

There you go....

Mixing digestive biscuit crusts with honey...

Papa lending a hand....

Mommy the blender!

Caught snacking during food preparation! Bad chef....Lol...

The Nutella ice-cream we made!

The Mango Cheesecake ice-cream we made!

We were back at Tom's Palatte again but this time, it's more than just ice-cream eating. We were there to learn how to make yummy tasty ice-cream. The recipes were for 'Mango Cheesecake' and 'Nutella' flavored ice-cream. We had fun, hands on and even taxing on the mixture before our ice-creams were even ready to be served. Shame on us! Lol... During the intervals, we were also invited to ice-cream buffet so sweet-tooths like us were in seventh heaven. Well, after trying almost all the flavor from the freezer, my favorite ice-cream flavor at Tom's Palette is still 'Apple Pie'.

By Papa


  1. your ice cream making is much better than the one i went! haha.how much?

  2. This is the shop which I used to patronize b4 hvg any children. The moment I saw them hvg classes, I decided to sign up for it. We enjoyed ourselves....think the kiddos enjoyed the ice-cream buffet more :pppp

    The workshop cost $50 for a pair but kindly allowed me and my sonny to be ard too :)


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