14 November 2009

Bug's Life

Right after my morning enrichment class, mummy and I took a train to meet Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei for our yet another art lesson. But not forgetting playing the mimosa along the walkway to the mall.

My masterpiece of the day was these 4 bugs. Mummy asked how come my ladybugs aren't red. Hmm.....she must learn to think out of box. This is creativity. :p

A shot of ourselves in the classroom showing off our 'mum & babe' tops *shake head*

Aunty Karen suggested to self-cam for 4. Well, not too bad as we had everyone's face in the foto.

Food was calling us as we gotta fill our tummies before the mummies agreed to let us play bouncy castle. Both Kylie and I jumped and climbed till our hearts content while......

.....the mummies chatted, waited and took some more fotos :)

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