22 October 2014

My Minions ^_^

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 6 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion6_zpsa323a445.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 7 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion7_zps96d1e3c0.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 3 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion3_zpsfb0120da.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 5 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion5_zps318bdd03.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 4 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion4_zps7e6da5bb.jpg
Jerry Breakdancing

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 2 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion2_zpsfb0120da.jpg

Despicable ME2 Mac Donald Toy Minion 1 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion1_zps56d422c6.jpg
Stuart Light Up Grabber

 photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion1-_zps48ca34ec.jpg
Photos taken while kiddos are playing @ FIDGETS indoor playground and wifee & I had some quiet time together...

Kiddos photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion8_zps10d0ea92.jpg
My Minions 

Wifee photo DespicableME2MacDonaldToyMinion9_zpsbdf26f07.jpg 
Wifee with Stuart

Na Na Banana... Remember the craze over 'Despicable Me' Minions when people queued over night outside Mac Donald just for the Happy Meal Toy. I remembered a fellow blogger posting the Minion Fever across the causeway too. With better accessibility of the internet and valuable lesson learned from 'Hello Kitty' saga back in the 90s, Mac Donald here, had cleverly allowed online order of such popular toy for collection of Happy Meal Toy and meal vouchers, @ a later date after the launch. Though it probably lost the novelty of getting the toy, late is better than never...wifee is happy to get her hands on these Minions and she really good with setting up the toys for photo-shoot. Maybe I should learn from her ^_^

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