29 September 2012

Mid Autumn Celebration 2012

Wenz was enrolled for Dharma lesson @ Hai Inn Monastery for a good reason of self reflection and learning moral values. It was extra meaningful this mid-autumn for Wenz to participate in a group performance during a fund raising cum mid autumn celebration held at the monastery. Beside giving our support to Wenz, we had also bought coupon to redeem vegetarian delicacies and played games at stalls. A really well spent evening of carnival sensation. The kiddos had then carried lanterns and played sparklers. Unfortunately, he hurts his tender finger by touching the sparkler right after it burnt out. Nothing serious but poor nu nu who cried pitifully...

By papa

Happy 61st Birthday Ye Ye

I remember Ye Ye aka Chang De devoted himself to Buddhism on his last birthday and even on his birthday this year, he was committed to attend his Dharma class in the afternoon. In order to accommodate his schedule, the celebration was held in the morning. We had ordered 'Yamcha' delivery since they have vegetarian menu. 

Their egg tarts and fried banana with red bean pastry are strongly recommended. The complimentary almond cookies were very nice too! Besides the ice-cream mango cake from Swensen's, Yeye was extra delighted to received birthday cards made by Wenz and Denz. We had also gotten Yeye a small massager after getting to know that recently he felt sore on his forearms.

By papa

23 September 2012

All Aboard!

Mommy was flipping through magazine for Denz' assignment when she came across 'Mini Express Train' service at Vivocity. Wenz had to attend Buddhism class so only Denz and BBC got to experience this pseudo 19th century railway train. Designed with a wheels-in-motion feature, non-toxic smoke machine and built-in sound system of bells and whistles. Though a bit squeeze for adults, the four-wagon outdoor Mini Express Train service took us on a round-trip through the 300m Promenade. Along the way, Denz and Xenz were soaked in the sights and sounds of the waterfront, facing Sentosa with clear views of moving cable cars and anchored Star Cruise.

By Papa

17 September 2012

The Party Continues....

Denz' celebration continued at school with this customised Lego cake which mommy had ordered from Inacakes.wordpress.com. Awesome looking Lego figure and tiles made from sugar icing, presented on the cake in a vibrant way. The inside was rich chocolate browning sweet heaven that Denz and his classmate all went for seconding helping. Really lovely children who are polite and spontaneous. Glad we spread the happiness of Denz' birthday celebration to his classmate too and I bet they would like the goodie bags.

We had also brought the kiddos to Swensen's for sweet treats in the evening. Denz had then redeemed  his Happy Birthday Firehouse Ice-cream! Even BBC wanted some too!

By Papa

16 September 2012

F1 Birthday Party

Denz' birthday coincided with Singapore very own Formula One F1 city night race and since he's already such a big fan of cars, this gave us the idea of getting a cake of race track design with Hotwheels as toppers. Mommy had turned the house back to its prime to welcome our guests. Even more effort put in than CNY spring cleaning. Ha! Ha! 

The house was decorated with Hotwheels theme and the Hotwheels balloons as the centre of attraction. Our long foldable table had also finally served its purpose for the mini buffet spread, after we had bought it when 'Giant' supermarket newly opened at Junction 10. To keep our young guests occupied, we had also added 'Thomas The Train' playset and Beyblade stadium beside the existing Hotwheels wall-track. I couldn't tell if BBC understood the games other big boys were playing, but from his delighted expression, running around the house with others, I'm certain he enjoyed himself too! 

Denz must be the joyous having received all the presents and being the limelight. He was a bit shy... paiseh... when asked to take photos and when we sang birthday song for him.

By papa
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