17 August 2012

Happy Birdday Mommy! The Angry Birds Cable Car Ride

Mommy is spreading jolly good time to all of us on her birthday day! The theme of today's outing is 'Angry Birds'. Let's put on our 'Angry Birds' character masks before boarding the birdy decorated cable car... Chirp... Next stop, Mount Faber for real life 'Angry Birds' games.

It's phenomenon that something so simple such as sling shot catapult of birds versus pigs, started as game application for handphone had grew so big that it's winning our young generation over. It's like how I'm obsessed with 'Super Mario' game when I was a kid. Evolving from handphone entertainment,  'Angry Bird' merchandise flourish like most popular business strategy, 'Angry Birds' concept was even incorporated in education when we sent Wenz and Denz for science physical enrichment programme. What a way to spur interests in learning. There's just so.... many merchandises of 'Angry Birds' from stationaries, household accessories, apparels, plush toys, coin banks, keychains, even speaker with handphone docket plus many many other more under the sun... 

After all the actions on 'Angry Birds' iPad interactive games, photo taking, catapult game, hopscotch and Pachinko, it's time for snacking! Early birds get to feed on cheese fries, 'Angry Birds' cupcakes and cocktails served in exclusive 'Angry Birds' cup. There's a lot more to choose from the 'Angry Birds' menu. Just look at didi going there the menu. On top of all, we get to enjoy the hilltop view dining @ the Sapphire restaurant Jewel Box. Great ambient with Koi fish pool and bell garden.

By Papa

16 August 2012

Denz Virgin Stage Performance

It's the time of the year we feel very much attached to Singapore, we fly our nation flag, sing our national day songs and express our love for Singapore. We had also spent one evening before didi's performance, singing national day songs, played on YouTube (Home Karaoke). This year, Denzel didi express his patriotism by performing on stage, for the first time, with his fellow school mates. It's a song item to celebrate Singapore 47th birthday cum Zhenghua fund raising dinner. Papa and Mommy also supported the event by buying the dinner tickets and gave moral support to him.
By Papa

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