24 January 2012

Birdie Experience

My memories of Jurong Bird Park was rather vague since my last visit was when I was still a kid in primary school. This visit on the 2nd day of Chinese Year dated 24/01/2012, I had returned as a dad with my three kiddos. I had insisted Gong Gong to tag along even I had to carry him cos some fresh air outdoor would aid speedy recovery and good for the overall mental well-being. Wenz and Denz' interests were mainly in the Kidz Land instead of the birds. Sigh.... However to my surprise, BBC appreciate the sight of birds and had pointed utterly to them. On the contrary, Wenz loves watching Barbie Swan Princess so much on dvd but seems to ignore the presence of a real live swan. As for me, I sure like the serenity and seeing those lovely birds in their nicely setup enclosure. Great to be back again. 

By Papa

23 January 2012

Gong Xi Gong Xi 2012

The year of the majestic dragon has come! Warm wishes from the '白' family, wishing you a prosperous year, like a dragon soaring in the heavenly sky. Papa took charge of spring cleaning this year and had even given a touch of gold to our unit number. Huat Ah! As usually mummy is the creative interior decorator. This year the kiddos are dressed in Korean costume on the first day of CNY and like previous CNY, we would stay put at Ye Ye's house. Chief cook this CNY is undisputedly Nai Nai, who served us vegetarian Mee Siam. Thumbs up to having mercy on a grand day like this. BBC had picked up bowing and putting his hands together to do Gong Xi Gong Xi. Wenz and Denz was so eager to send their well wishes that they did it when papa just came out from the shower in his towel. Lol...

By Papa

08 January 2012

Gong Gong Had A Fall

Not a very good start to year 2012 for our family as Gong Gong had a fall while on his way home and had fractured his left ankle. Supposedly leaving for Vietnam to attend a friend's wedding, he had to be replaced by Ah Ma. Gong Gong is now cast and nursing at our place and without Ah Ma for almost a week. Papa and mommy are under emergency preparedness. Both of them had taken leave from work, which means we get to see more of them @ home and especially papa bringing us to lesson and fetching us from school. Ye Ye and Nia Nia had also came over more frequently. We really felt the impact without Gong Gong and Ah Ma's help. What a reminder of our parent's importance! Unlike his usual self, papa had gotten up from bed early to get breakfast, wiped dry the toilet so its safer and chat unusually long with Gong Gong to keep him company. Get well soon Gong Gong and we missed you Ah Ma ; (

By Papa

03 January 2012

Wenz' First Day @ Primary One

Anxious parents waiting to see their children during recess time

Wenz told us she was excited to go to primary school but at the same time afraid of having many homework.... Lol... As anxious (But not Kiasu) parents ourselves, wifee and I accompanied Wenz to school on her first day of school. The feeling was heavy like as though like sending our kid away for a long holiday. Fortunately, our gal has got Cassandra, a classmate from PCF, in the same class with her in primary school. When Cassandra saw Wenz, she said "I thought coloured hairband and trolley bag is not allowed". Wifee and I were speechless for a moment .... Hee! Hee! Well, like mother like daughter.... Wifee was a school rules breaker in the past. 

We had returned to Wenz' school again during recess time but could only observed from a distance.  She was accompanied by her assigned school buddy who's one year her senior. As usually, forgetful Wenz didn't bring her lunchbox to the canteen but thankfully she had utilised her $1/- school allowance on a bottle of Yakult and a packet of 'Wawa' rice crackers. 

During school dismissal, Wenz' teacher had brought her to the wrong exit but no fear, papa had ran between both gates just to make sure everything turned out right...

By Papa
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