30 December 2011

Live Shows @ Shopping Malls

Our kiddos are very much entertained during school holiday with live shows at various shopping centre like Doraemo, Barbie, Chuggington, Mr Moon and many others... I guess these are the kind of childhood experience kids nowadays have. Some of the shows required queuing up to an hour for photo-pass while others have different terms and conditions. That's what most parents would do and believed it's worth doing so to bring smiles and laughers to their kiddos.

By Papa

25 December 2011

Christmas Home Party 2011

It's Christmas but didi insisted to wear his Chinese suit. Lol...

Cheers! With the party continues whereby this time is more for the adults. The party was a shared contribution from nai nai preparing the vegetarian spaghetti, gugu sponsoring turkey/ham & beers/cocktail and we brought along the Christmas logcake to ye ye's house. Godpa is like part of the family so he's here this  year as usual. Some beers and cocktail to go with my Christmas dinner but not for ye ye aka Chang De. Hee! Hee! I especially like the Hazenut logcake which mummy couldn't have enough of it. Wenz and Denz just couldn't wait to unwrap their presents. Ho! Ho! Ho! 

By Papa

22 December 2011

Children Christmas Party 2011

Daddy had set up the Christmas Tree and mummy had wrapped up all the presents. Our house had been nicely decorated with Christmas theme and all the yummy treats, especially the vegetarian Nasi Briyani (Today's special prepared by Ah Ma & Gong Gong) are ready. Soon, Wenz and her PCF school mates will embark on a new education journey to primary one so let's party now before all those new challenges come. Irene and I would also like to show our appreciations to the parents of our little guests for all the support and sharing of information throughout Wenz' PCF education. 

By daddy

11 December 2011

Snowing Fun

It's has been quite a norm for us to bring the kiddos to have some foamy fun when Christmas drawn near. We had returned to Tanglin Mall again and this time much experienced to deal the aftermath. After playing, the kiddos settled down with spaghetti for dinner and ice-cream treat. We also bought a 3-foot tall snowman before leaving the mall. Ho! Ho! Ho!

01 December 2011

Whole Kampong to Batam

BBC can now proclaimed himself as Prince of Batam with his first two overseas trips to the same island. Well, he's safe under the royal escort of our whole kampong. Hee! Hee! We usually stay @ Harris WaterFront Resort so this time round, we made a change by trying out the newly opened Harris hotel, conveniently located beside Batam Centre, ferry terminal. We practically spent the three days there eating and shopping (Not forgetting swimming). Batam Mega Mall is just diagonally across the street from our hotel and there's something there for everyone. The kiddos also enjoyed themselves a lot taking the long duration kiddy rides. For wifee and I, it's definitely the waffle and Rootbeer float at A&W. The meals we had @ the restaurants inside the mall are reasonably priced with our stomachs filled up most of the time.
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