22 November 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk

Another musical play to fill in the kiddos' school holiday. We couldn't get the first few rows this time so it was a different experience watching from the second storey. The play narrated the story in a positive manner as in, Jack Little, dreamed big but at the same time, his mother was there to make sure that his mind is not always drifting in the clouds. Apart from that, I like the alternate ending to the story whereby Jack changed the mindset of the giant, befriended him and together all the characters in the story managed to fulfill their dreams in the end. Amazingly, Wenz could tell me that there are many ways a story can end. So I guess she is now more flexible in her thinking...

By Papa

10 November 2011

The Elves & The ShoeMaker

I had stepped into the new National Library for the first time with wifee and kiddos to watch 'Elves & The Shoemaker'. The musical play was more than what I expected it to be. In fact, the play takes us to a new journey incorporating characters from other fairy tales, indeed a magical one with a message that we mustn't stop believing in magic. I loved the enchanting melody , the catchy puppets/props and certainly good acting. Splendid performance which audiences, young and old had given their loud applauds.

by papa

05 November 2011

Drama Prince Denzel

I have not seen Denz performed like this @ home and it came rather stunning to me to see him so eloquent and even taking the lead in speech and drama at Tien Hsia Mandarin enrichment class. It's really quite comforting and I must say I'm impressed with how the enrichment programme had unleashed my child potential. Good job done Denz!

by papa

04 November 2011

Wenz' K2 Graduation

Without realizing how time flies, our princess had already graduated from K2. Another milestone to Wenz' education and hopefully a greater success to her future endeavour. It's a special day for Wenz and the whole family was there to give her our support. Apart from just receiving the scroll from Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, our MP and current Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. Wenz had returned on stage for a dance performance. Even Ye Ye commented that he didn't know Wenz could dance soo... well. Then again Rome wasn't built overnight, this couldn't be achieved if not for months of dance practices and rehearsal, which required time and commitment from both child and parents. The graduation ceremony was presented like a musical and I would say it was a success all thanx to the efforts put in by teachers and students of PCF Cashew.

By Papa

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