19 June 2011

Father's Day 19062011

Time of the year again to celebrate and reward all fathers in the world for their hard work. That includes me! Hee! Hee! Home party is the best to avoid crowd and nothing beats relaxing at home & feasting on finger food like pizza, drumlets, meatballs and sushi. I sure like the design of the cake and I bet my dad & father-in-law also love the look as much as the taste. It's non-alcoholic Tiramisu! It feels like my birthday with the kiddos drawing cards for me. The kiddos had also help missus chose a mug for me. Wifee also awarded me with a Gundam T-shirt. Segoi ne!

18 June 2011

Our Art Pieces

Denzel's trophy for being a Handsome Boy & Wenzel's for Sweet Girl

Wenz & Denz came to me this morning proudly to me with their art pieces that were done during this school holidays. Nice to see the kiddos having those sense of accomplishment and of course, I have to praise them to encourage them. Hee! Hee!

14 June 2011

My Power Rangers & Theirs

Kiddos enjoying the snacks and show!

Hey! What are you looking at? Do you think I won't understand what's Power Ranger?

I was telling missus about how I like about the very first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Green Ranger of my era and got to know how much I had been missing out on Power Rangers. Power Rangers series had advanced to RPM series and my kiddos are humming theme song and speaking of characters' names that's totally alien to me. My Gosh! That's what I call generation gap! Lol... Well, the kiddos gets to watch Power Rangers RPM live show @ Bukit Panjang Plaza this June and they went all acrobats thereafter. Kids! Don't try this @ home!

07 June 2011

Ice-cream Making Course

Kids loved ice-creams so much that they can never have enough. Beside just enjoying this yummilicous dessert, mommy feels that Wenz & Denz should also understand how ice-cream was derive from and most importantly, learn how to make them so they could one day treat us with their home-made ice-cream. Hee! Hee!~Maybe a wishful thinking. So here they are making their first ice-cream under the guidance of chef Azhah. Mommy and I had peeped through the curtains from outside the cook room and it's delighting watching our kiddos learning through play. Satisfactions were clearly written on their faces as they munched non-stop on those creamy yummy ice-cream till mommy had to intervene. Happiness isn't it.....

06 June 2011

Zoolympix 2011

Standing Broad Jump is now known to they as 'Leaping Tiger'

Wenz & Denz woke up really early today to shake me up from my lazy sleep as they could no longer hold their horses for our zoo trip. Mommy had recently participated in a contest by Abbott Grow and had won herself free zoo admission tickets so we were geared up for another visit to zoo. As it's June school holiday, Singapore zoo had jointly organized with Abbott for more wild and fun activities for children. Our kiddos had to use both their brains and brawns taking part in Zoolympix 2011 to gather all six stamps on their booklets. Meaning to say they need to clear six game stations and through these games understand the behaviours of six animals. For the kiddos, it's just play, play & more play.

04 June 2011

Fun @ Art Zone Club CSC

Daddy had brought us to the ComiFest 2 and while he's happily roaming around, mommy enrolled us for some arty farty adventures @ Art Zone. We get to put on those artistic aprons and get our hands dirty in the name of ART! Just look at our master pieces. Priceless!
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