30 July 2010

Drop of Xenz' Umbilical Cord

Entry by Mummy

I wonder when did Xenz' cord dropped off. Was feeding him in the middle of the night and found that his cord has dropped off but I juz couldn't find it. Search his diaper (full of shit) frantically but couldn't find too. Was too tired to search any further and also dun wanna wake the baby up hence I went back to sleep.

Luckily I still remember to look for it 1st thing in the morning. I undress baby Xenz and carry him vertically up and his cord dropped onto the playpen. Phew~found it and kept it safely waiting for his full month to do the chop same as his jie-jie and kor-kor.

28 July 2010

Xenz 1st Day Out

Entry by Mummy

We are bringing baby Xenz for his check up today but not before he take his shower. This lil' tiger is so afraid of water that every time we remove his clothing, he will wail as loud as he roar. His crying could almost tear down the whole house. Mum is still in the process of assuring him and 'teaching' him to love his bath time.

He is so similar to Wenz. Not only he has the look of Wenz more, his newborn habits are also similar to Wenz' newborn habits. The afraid to shower is 100% like Wenz but his fear intensify double.

He is still so petite even though the nurse at the clinic took his weight and told me he has hit 3kg already. Thank goodness his PD, Dr Keoy said everything is fine with him and we do not have to see him till his 1st 6-in-1 jab. Whoa~I was like "Errr....clean forgotten about immunisation and developmental check ups" or maybe my memory has yet to return after birth. Feel like a 1st time mum again. :)

27 July 2010

Happy 1 week old!

Hey everyone, I'm 7 days old on this beautiful planet. My diet consist solely on mummy's milk. I'm going for my check up tomorrow morning. See ya soon! :)

26 July 2010

Ah Ma's 64 BD

Today is our dearest ah ma's 64th birthday. What's a birthday without cake? Jiu-ma has specially bot a cake for the occasion.

We proceeded to the long-awaited cake-cutting moment right after dinner. Both didi and I were delighted to see so many candles on the cake.

We had a fun time blowing out the candles after singing the classic "Happy Birthday" song to ah ma. Next will be snatching over the chocolates deco on top of the cake. :p

Mummy got her a gift few days b4 she gave birth to baby Xenz. It was a mobile phone suitable for elderly. The big keys on the keypad, loud ringing tone and side-slide switch for keypad lock made the phone so easy to use for ah ma. Even though mummy thinks this iNo Mobile C09 is senior-friendly, the difficulty level is oredi very high for ah ma to comprehend.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to ah ma. We wish her best of health and many many happy returns.

21 July 2010

Arrival of Xenzel

Entry by Mummy

Saw this 3 bolsters? It was placed right outside the delivery suite. It was actually my check up day and I was scheduled to see Dr Ang at 7pm. As Dr Ang oredi told me last week that I'll due any moment, I got myself as well as the house prepared for the arrival of Xenzel. True eunf, as much as I'd like to stall the delivery timing to August, I couldn't lie thru my CTG scan. The scan that my gynae ordered me to do reflected that I had major contractions. I knew the day has come. Xenzel has chosen to arrive on Racial Harmony Day instead of National Day.

The whole process was so dramatic....

Dr Ang asked me to admit to TMC around 9+. Right after leaving his clinic at 7.25pm, I went for dinner even though I dun have any appetite cos I know I was going to fight a hard battle in 2 hours time. HB and I went to buy that 3 bolsters as we will need it when my SL come over to our house to do confinement together. SL has almost the same due date as me and mum will be our confinement nanny. Tummy pain started the moment I was buying bolster. I quickly paid for the stuffs without bargaining (very unlike me) cos I couldn't think straight at that moment. The pain was too much for me to bear.

We left the shop and quickly trying to locate for taxi stand. I received a call and it was from Dr Ang. He told me he has reached TMC and asked where were I? This part was really funny cos he asked me, "Why were you still at Sun Plaza? Dun you know you have a history of delivering very fast? You quickly get here and I'll be waiting for you at level 2." I was thinking inside my heart, "I thought you said admit around 9+?" then "Why didn't you give me a lift there?" and "How could you reach TMC in such a short time?"

There was a long queue at the taxi stand and I could feel baby intense contractions. Yes, no choice, we had to cut queue. Who will believe us seeing our hands filled with shopping stuffs, I thought. When the taxi came, we told him we needed to go TMC and he said he couldn't go cos changing shift. We told him this was emergency and he agreed right away. Mr Joshua was a nice Mr Cabby. He drove steadily and I wouldn't say the fastest but his intention was to send us safely to Thomson. Luckily no heavy traffic too. However, the waiting and enduring inside the cab made me feel that the distance seem twice as far. Anyway, it was really far from Sembawang to Thomson.

We have reached finally and I still remember to thank Mr Joshua from the bottom of my heart for making an exception to send us. I couldn't walk the moment we have reached. Was wheelchair up to the delivery suite with all the bolsters and was quite embarassing cos everyone started asking "bolster got promotions huh?".

Labour pain started all the way from 9+ and I survived merely on the gas. This gas was of no use in relieving pain of course and I endured till 10pm where Dr Ang came in and broke my waterbag. He came in again around 10.30pm to check on me and said 5cm only. He mentioned he has another C-sect op in about 1 hr time.

Maybe Xenzel heard what the doctor said, 15 mins after he left the room, I think I was fully dilated already cos the urge to push was very strong. The nurse asked me not to push. I felt like scolding people already. I told her I cannot hold my urge to push, baby is coming and I could feel it. She insisted I cannot push and blah blah blah.....the moment the nurse saw Dr Ang came in at around 11.05pm, she told me,"Okay, you can push whatever you want."=.=

I only remember the pain was way too much for me to endure and think logically so after 2 'anyhow pushes', Xenzel was here with us on Planet Earth. Really thankful for his help too cos I could feel him coming out on his own accord.

This is a mum's greatest bliss - looking and holding her newborn firmly in her arms. Even though this was my 3rd time but every pregnancy and delivery process is different and amazing.

Really thankful to of course the mighty god for blessing me with a smooth delivery process right from getting a cab to the arrival of this lil' fella.

My cutie 老三 aka Xenzel. He has once again 'bring out' my very strong maternal instinct inside me, something which I had not feel it for very long since the birth of Wenz. Maybe he is born the smallest @2.6kg and the youngest, and also due to my guiltiness for not spending enuf time with him during pregnancy, I feel the need to protect him, nurture him and love him even more to make it up to him.

My 3 gems :)

Really thankful for my mum to help out too. She is no. 1 mum, grandma and confinement nanny.

Racial Harmony Day

We are celebrating Racial Harmony Day today cos it is 21st July! I get to put on my Vietnamese costume given by jiu-ma while didi wears his cheena costume.

Fun games like five stones, chapteh, kuti-kuti etc. and traditional delicacies await us......a day filled with fun and joy for me and didi.

20 July 2010

Papa to the Rescue....

Our school require every child to hand in a hat related to the theme of National Day. Papa has the inspiration to help us complete our mini project.

With a piece of white cardboard, pencil, red paint and scissor, our 'Sultan' style National Day hat were produced under papa's stringent QC standard.

We can hand in our hat on time next week. :)


Entry by Mummy

My poor sonny boy is sick but he still appear very active at home without any sign of restlessness. Apart from his crankiness, he is still what I'll call 'manageable'. He insists on going to see doctor (which is something very different from royal highness) and get cured.

I brought him down to the GP after much persistence. Luckily I went down earlier cos the queue was super long after I had him registered. We were No. 4 in the queue, actually could be No.3 cos there was one shameless person claimed that she came before me where I saw her just reached. Well, I'm generally nonchalant towards such thing.

We sat down and waited for our number to be called. Sonny boy said he wanna read a mag and I told him to pick his choice.

Saw what he has picked? 'SHAPE' magazine with bikini gal on the front cover and he has been looking at the cover for few seconds before flipping. Well, not that I reckon this is desirable but as a mum, I felt much relieve seeing this cos he is just displaying his normal trait as a boy or what a man would normally do. Like father like son. Luckily he didn't pick FHM or Maxim. I doubt the clinic has that too. :p

Okay, back to his illness. Doctor Chin said he might have 'Wheezing Cough' this time round (else would be his airways were badly blocked) and asked me to monitor his condition cos if serious might lead to asthma and need to seek immediate attention.

Aiyo, I almost fainted when I heard this. No more cold stuffs for him for the time being, no more fruits like grapes (his current fave), bananas and oranges, no more heaty stuffs like chocz, biscuits, durian esp, milo (must cut down as this is his ultimate fave) etc cos he is down with sore throat too, and he also mentioned no aircon for him as the cool air (not necessary filtered and cleaned) might aggravate his condition further. We'll try our best not to trigger his allergic airway.

Poor boy...so many bottles of meds to take....6 in total. Antibiotic, flu/blocked nose, open airway, fever, cough and another for sensitive cough/asthma which contains steroid. This is the 1st time he was given this type of med. Hope my sonny boy will get well soon.

19 July 2010

Back to Reality

Entry by Mummy

I am writing this post in great discomfort. Planned to send royal highness for her enrichment earlier on but suddenly experienced a terrible tummy ache. The false contractions were way too painful for me to endure and I need a bed rest. Mum volunteered to send instead. Feel so blessed to have someone there whenever I need. Sigh~perhaps age is really catching up or my threshold for pain has dropped tremendously.

Oh well, at least my nesting instinct was right and I had all corners of my house cleaned up over the weekend. Left with few more items to buy for usage during confinement. Rice wine, salt, antiseptic solution for wound if hospital don't provide any, some more essential herbs for daily use and boosting health, hair powder, shower cap......and some misc items.

Must remember to settle all credit card bills that cannot transact over the internet and require AXS to pay and must withdraw lotsa cash to give mum for food and stuffs during confinement as mum dunno how to use card for payment. That should be it....I'm too busy till I have forgotten to keep track of my pregnancy. Today marks my 37 weeks of journey.....shd be due any moment. I must stay positive! Cannot think of the BIG problem anymore. Maybe god has its plan for everything.

16 July 2010

Mixed Feelings....

Entry by Mumy

Yesterday was my routine check up on Xenzel and I was informed that I might due any moment. Yes, no joke, ANY MOMENT cos I show sign of dilation already! I was like "WHAT!" I'm merely into my 37 weeks. Don't tell me about it. I'm not ready yet. I'm seriously worried of going into labour that early not bcos of pain but I still have a lot of unfinished biz to deal with be it at home or at work.

As much as I'd like to accomplish all those unfinished tasks, there are always bound to have obstacle that hinder the process. My top priority is to successfully find a house for my parents to move near me and I seriously hope to get some good news by this week. House hunting has been going on for like more than a month and everything is futile. I really don't know why......it's either we don't like the house or seller/agent's problem. I had never viewed so many flats in my entire life. My belief in destiny and fate is very strong and I'd classify the reason for not able to get a decent house under this category.

Next, I hope to get everything ready at home as I still have 20% to complete but with too little time cos I need to be at my work place no matter what as I need to cover the duty for my colleague who will be away for holiday from today till next week. SO pls, no labour day till next week, okie? Did u hear me, Xenzel?

I must get my work appraisal done by today else will have to return back to work place to get it settled during my maternity leave should I go into labour early which I'm quite reluctant to even think about it. I have started dreading to go back to work cos every morning of walking has put extreme pain on my pelvic and extreme pressure on my 2 feet. It seems as if I have to drag both my feet to work cos I'm beginning to feel the heaviness of lifting my feet which explains my recent clumsiness and retard agility cum reflexes.

This 3rd round of pregnancy is not a swift. I do feel guilty at times for not being able to communicate to Xenzel more and enjoy his presence inside me. I failed to stop and listen to him like I did for my 2 previous round. I have lotsa worries and concern and all these are taking a toil on me. I have 2 active preschoolers to tend to as well as worrying over a lot of issues. Xenzel is very active and I have contractions everyday with night being the worse. His movements can really wake me up in the middle of the night followed by intense contractions for a while. I guess this little fella is warming up for the day to come.

My gynae suggested that I take a slower pace of life now, minimise movement, relax more and go easy on eating. Well, luckily hubby will be on leave till August, hence he can help to send royal highness to school every morning. This will help to cut down a lot of movement for me which I find it a great relief.

Enough hear of my ramblings, I sincerely hope I can have everything settled so as to get peace of mind.

15 July 2010

Shhh......Baby has a name

Baby didi is almost 37 weeks inside mummy's tum tum. Juz when papa was measuring mummy's tummy, he realised the arrival of baby is drawing nearer and nearer. In less than a months' time, baby didi will be due.

The job as a papa in every round of mummy's pregnancy is to name the baby. Papa secretly told baby didi his name and I love the name too. If u r observant enuf on our blog's sidebar, you will noe the name by now oredi. :p

Yesssh, did u get the name correctly? Look here Xenzel (pronounce as zen-zer), papa is taking a foto of U. We are all waiting to welcome you into this friendly planet. A family of 3 ZELs. See u real soon.....(",)

11 July 2010

Pink Collection

Entry by Papa

A drawer full of pinky stuff

That's Wenz' Disney princess pencil case

Pink handbag & haversack

Barbie bag, Dora wallet and a teddy bear dressed up in pink

Wenz loves to walk around with these at home!

My little princess has a good habit of treasuring and keeping her priceless possession. She has dominated one of our cabinet drawer drawers and with one glance you will know what her favourite colour is. Let’s take a peep of her pretty collection before she comes back! You can find pencil case, wallet, haversack, soft toy and even princess high heel shoes. What a pinky princess!

09 July 2010

My Big Big Belly

Entry by Mummy

I love arranging for studio photo shoot for family cos a picture paints a thousand words. As this round of pregnancy is a pleasant surprise, I thought of taking Maternity Photo shoot to mark the last pregnancy of my life. It will serve as a very good momento when I look back seeing my very big belly or show the kids in future.

Going for photo shoot as a family is also one great activity to do to strengthen the bonding among the family. It was fun and the outcome is superb! The next photo shoot will be when the little fella in my tum tum is out. Stay tune :p

06 July 2010

NDP 2010

Mummy will diligently submit everyone's name for preview tickets every year and it is of no exception this year. Ah ma's name was chosen as the winner of 4 preview NDP tickets this time round. So off we went to collect the tixs.

As much as mummy would like to grace this magnificent moment, it will all depend on whether my baby didi is cooperative enough anot. He has been causing mummy to feel major discomfort these days with all the intense contractions and vigorous somersaults and boxing inside her tum tum. Mummy is juz too afraid she might go into labour 1/2 way watching the show.

However, upon reading on a daddy blogger - ED providing insight info on this year NDP, her wish to attend the event is even more all bcos of the goodie bags, hahahaha :p

Well mummy, I can be your rep in this and I promise I'll bring the bag back for u but without the goodies inside, okie? :)

04 July 2010

Aloha.....How are U????

This year is a year full of chalet stay. First was at Downtown East during CNY, then gong-gong's buffday at The Chervons and now at Aloha Loyang.

Didi and I were only concerned 'bout when can we go swimming. The moment mummy said: "Okay, kids go get changed", we were ready the very next moment. Mummy said how nice if only we could eat as fast as we changed into swimming costume. :p

It was a religious event and the chalet was rented for 2 days. Friday for some preparation work and Saturday was the day of event itself.

On Saturday morning, we went for our 'morning exercise' at the indoor playground where both me and didi spent almost an hour in there. Good for mummy as she only lazed around inside watching over us.

Life was pretty relaxing when U talked about chalet stay. All day will be swimming, playground, eat, run, laze, drink and sleep too..........

Didi went to his lala land by the time mummy brought me for cycling. It was my 1st time cycling outside on my own and I'd say I was a lil' apprehensive and cautious 'bout it.

Mummy kept reminded me that handphone riding is not allowed at all times. Let me park aside to check who text me. :p

Oh well, it was gong-gong who was urging us to go back for makan and barbeque and BBQ was my 1st experience juz like cycling. :)

01 July 2010

Denz 1st Day of School

Entry by Mummy

Today is my sonny boy's 1st day of school at his jie-jie's school. The reason why I changed him to another school in mid-term is bcos I anticipate there will be lesser children crying and moreover, this school requires children to be 30 months old on the 1st day of school. He could attend long ago in March but I feel that letting him finish one whole semester then switching over is more appropriate.

See, my boy was all ready for school :)

My FL together with my mum will be sending him cos he is famous to be 'ah ma's boy' and I wanna ensure he likes going to school so I have to throw in my triumph card. At least with my mum's presence, he will feel more secure and at ease. True enough, he went into the class without any fuss and began playing inside.

However, I received a phone call from his teacher 30 minutes later, informing me that sonny boy was crying. I guess was their snack time at that moment. The background then was chaotic as I could hear 1 to 2 children wailing real loudly. The crying was thunderous and I got confused thinking that one of 'em was my son. Luckily his teacher told me it wasn't him. Phew! It would be real embarrassing if sonny boy cried that loudly.

I spoke to him over the phone for a moment assuring him that ah ma will be fetching him later to ease his uncertainty and fear since he is so clingy. Good thing his teacher is also my friend and I was informed that he stick to her like a kaola bear. Cute isn't it? He is naturally a loving and sentimental kid. Time for him to toughen up a little. Be brave, my chicken little dodo. :)
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