30 May 2010

A Trip to the Farm

We went for a farm visit together with ye-ye and nai-nai after sending ah ma and gong-gong to temple. It was quite a last minute decision as ye-ye has always wanted to visit the Farm Resort and juz happened we had car to drive around for these few days. Furthermore, there were some news coverage on it recently and hence spurred the heat of interest in him.

As it was rather impromptu, we went there unplanned, took many unnecessary routes turning round and round wasting lotsa time locating the place. We have reached the place finally but with both didi and I fallen asleep in the midst of them searching for the place.

Ye-ye, nai-nai and papa went down to racky racky 1st leaving mummy looking after us in the car. Mummy juz couldn't bear to wake us up seeing us sleeping so soundly. They stopped by for a drink at the bistro while waiting for us.

We were awake at last and ready to explore the place. There were lotsa vegetables and plants at this farm resort. They even have Fathers' Day promo to encourage public to stay over to experience farm stay.

Happy ye-ye enjoyed his farm trip very much.

Look at these fruits and vegetables. I think gong-gong will like it too.

These mega peas were widely seen here and we even saw a plot of abandoned project all on this type of peas. Well, I guess the biz wasn't too lucrative and hence lotsa of vendors had decided to pull out their venture from there.

After which, we moved on to another place called the Farmart. Mummy told me she had brought me here before but I juz couldn't recall a single bit of it. Then she showed me the posting where she has brought me here. Whoa! That was like 4 years back leh. No wonder I couldn't rmb anything at all.

We went to the fishing pond area.

We saw lotsa turtles besides fishes.

Didi and I moved on to feed the goats. We fed the goats with beansprouts.

Everyone left the place happily with this foto before we called it a day.

29 May 2010

Family Day-Out 2010

On 29 May and a Saturday, good weather some more, so what were we waiting for? Our whole family went down to Sentosa to celebrate this Family Day-Out organised by National Family Celebration (NFC).

The event took place at Palawan Beach. It was my maiden trip to Sentosa. Same goes for didi. The sun was mercilessly scorching and hot, hence mummy and papa went to queue for the redemption of their winning tixs.

We enjoyed the activities arranged by the organiser (erm...especially the free coco crunch and drinks :p).

Thanks to the sand at the beach that kept both didi and I busy while papa queued for the bungy thingy. We had a fun and silly time digging, throwing at each other and burying mummy's feet with sand. :)

Finally it was our turn to take on this bungy after a long wait. I think didi was afraid when he went high up.

We moved on to enjoy the cool aircon inside the Hippo ride before changing to the Monster Rhino. As we had already experienced the Hippo Tour, it was of no surprising to us.

The Rhino ride was good with fantastic guide on board and LOOK, we had the whole bus booked. One of the places that the ride passed by was Marina Bay. I think mummy is planning to bring us to the Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands soon after seeing how magnificent the structure is. :)

Silly mummy showing her free passes to "The Merlion". Well, she said at least she has won something. Thank U NFC for the free passes for our whole family to enjoy.

We were quite tired and our legs started to be wobbly. It was time to take turn sitting on papa's shoulder. Okie, time to go into the lion's body.

We were at the Merlion's head. One can have a good overview of Sentosa. We can even see RWS from there.

We were at the the mouth of the Merlion. We are really good kids cos we pledged to bring ah ma and gong-gong here and tadah......we kept our promise. :p

A happy boy of the day :)

After the merlion visit, we walked the dragon trail, played with water and walked all the way to the Luge station.

We gotto put on our helmets 1st before joining the queue.

We were both ready. Let's go!

Posing with jiu-jiu as mummy couldn't even take the skyride with her big tum. I love it very much. Think I have mummy's genes, not afraid of height. :)

Look at the way didi smile, I think he was scared lah. He forcefully posed himself for the camera.

Yeah! We were done after a mere of few minutes only. Why couldn't it be longer? Mummy said we shall come back again next time.

Time really flies and we have come to the end of our family day celebrations. We had a super long day out having fun at the Sentosa and we enjoyed ourselves very much. We were definitely tired and didi slept soundly in the car on our way for dinner. :)

28 May 2010

Singapore Science Centre

Right after our chalet stay, papa drove us to a nearby place called the Science Centre. We were greeted by this enormous dinosaur which mummy made me pose with it while waiting for papa to park the car. Tell u ah, it scared me out of my wits. Check out how I smile!

Well, mummy said the dino is not a real one, juz a mega scale kind of toy that was electric operated to make it's jaw open and close. Phew~as long as it dun bite a juicy yummy kid like me. :)

We tried out many different things inside the Science Centre like the magical mirror.

This thing was so cool. U could hear your own....what mummy told me "ECHO" when you shouted real loudly in the tube. But it could be quite a nuisance from the over-dosage of noise pollution. :p

How do I fare to be a DJ?

Didi was checking out if ah ma need his help in pounding the chilli to make sambal. :)

Whoa! This spec that didi put on reminded me of 3D movie that I had watched...

More dinos....but left with the skeleton for display only.

After watching the electric show and visiting different segments of the interior, we I got so overloaded with info that I could be a young scientist. Not too sure about didi but I think he was bored with the science thingy.

And all he needed was some fun...

...some movement, action and climbing.

Papa was all indulge in looking at those robots being displayed.

Didi secretly called nai-nai to report the happenings here :p

before we moved on to play at the indoor playground.

We gotto give this Pixar Exhibition a miss as well as the waterworks park cos didi was getting really tired from the short night sleep and morning swim.

Luckily he didn't see this at the booth outside the Pixar entrance else there will be another hole in mummy's pocket.

Didi: Can we go now?
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