27 February 2010

Kylie's Buffday

It is Kylie's 4th Birthday and we were cordially being invited by aunty Karen to grace this important occasion at her place. The party theme is an ALL HELLO KITTY, even mummy also bot Kylie all HK stuffs.

I wonder aunty Karen loves HK or Kylie :p

Why didn't the BD gal blow off the candles? Seemed like Kylie's mummy and her ah ma's birthday! Luckily didi didn't join in else he will definitely vie to blow off too. :p

Didi was waiting patiently for his cake....

...but not before a group foto with all the kids.

Didi enjoyed eating as much as mummy while I enjoyed every bit of the party and I love the balloons most.

Happy Buffday to U, Kylie. Stay Happy & Pretty 4Eva!

23 February 2010

Jiu-Jiu's BD

We couldn't contain our excitement when we saw mummy coming back with a cake after her gynae visit. Then she told us today is jiu-jiu's birthday and he will be coming over to our place tonight. We gotto celebrate for him on his cheena birthday today cos we have a party to attend coming Saturday which is his actual day.

We were forced asked to take our nap 1st cos mummy noe jiu-jiu too well that he will not be any early. However, we chose not to listen. Perhaps we were too excited oredi.

We waited from 9+pm when I came back from my enrichment till 11+pm but still no sign of jiu-jiu. Didi more poor thing, waited longer than me cos he was at home while I went for lesson. Jiu-jiu ah jiu-jiu, why are u so busy?

We could hear the loud car engine sound finally and knew that he was coming. Well, jiu-jiu stepped in at 11.55pm, juz in time for cake-cutting as his birthday wasn't over yet.

We sung happily and cheered loudly....

...yeah, it was cake cutting and both didi and I had a second helping of it. We got wat we had waited and finally we can go to bed and sleep soundly.

20 February 2010

The Swan Lake

Upon seeing this, u would defintely ask how come there were only 2 black swans only while the rest were white, right?

Remember my trip to the Botanic Garden on Day 1 of CNY? There were 2 black swans in the lake only. So when teacher asked me to paint white swans, I requested to have 2 blackies in there and told my 'cher my escapade. Since art is 'bout creativity, 'cher of course replied "YES" to my request. Actually the swans do look like the number 2. I'll be super pro in writing 2 from now on. :)

18 February 2010

CNY Getaway....

Everyone in the family is getting away from CNY hence mummy decided to have a short getaway as well. We check-in to Costa Sands Resort at Downtown East on the 2nd day of CNY.
Right after we have settled down and unpacked our barangs inside our chalet unit, we went for the 1st stop.

Yessssh....something suitable for me and didi cos we are I'm Dora the Explorer and didi is my side kick - Boots, thus we became the Kid Explorer.

We had tons of fun creeping, crawling, climbing, running, sliding, plunging and a lot more...

Papa initially thot an hour was too short for us to explore but it seemed that he could not tahan an hour of ups, downs, ups again and downs again. Then mummy had a superb idea to

throw us into the lighted ball pit. In this way then could spare papa from the wat he called "Obstacle Course" of climbing up then sliding down.

Tummies were growling and there we were hungrily makan-ing where didi couldn't hold his head still till he fell flat on the table while eating halfway.

Kiddy Ride has been calling me since afternoon but mummy kept saying "Wait, wait, wait..."

Didi insisted on taking the choo-choo ride instead

Off we went for the Ferris Wheel @E!Hub cos it was free as mummy utilised 1 of the vouchers that was given upon check-in. We called it a day and I'd say it was a long day. Time for our milk and sleep.

Rise and shine and it was our 2nd day of stay ter and 3rd day of CNY. It was good day with excellent weather condition. Papa went for his morning swim before waking us up.

We went for our morning breakfast at McDonalds cos mummy wanna eat her Breakfast Deluxe. Mummy, u really think u r eating for 2 ah? Gynae said only need to increase 300kcal. I can help u finish ur egg and hashbrown. :p

Both didi and I had a set of Happy Meal each. We were really happy with the toy that came with the meal. Didi's was Bumble bee and mine was such a cutie cat.

Aunty Karen, together with her mum and Kylie came to visit us.

There will bound to have more fun with more people around.

We quickly transformed ourselves ready for a cool dip.


Yeah! Wild Wild Wet, here we come.....

Let us dip dip ourselves like 'Lok-Lok' 1st.

Didi enjoyed the water slide a lot but Kylie was afraid though and refused to go up again.

Papa enjoyed himself at the water splashing station. He tried it for many times whenever the bell rang for people to get ready for splashing.

We went various station to try out different rides. However, there are certain rides that has height restriction.

We went for the lazy river and it was shiok to ride on the float with papa and mummy pushing.

Look at didi and you will know that we enjoyed ourselves at WWW. Though the weather was great but the heat was scorching. We had definitely got our skin tone more tan too.

We went back to our chalet to get change and wash up. Playing usually makes a person go hungry easily. Next stop must be lunch break before any other activities.

We could hear mini bowl calling us from far and there we were at the entrance of Orchid Bowl.

Wat a day with the mini bowl system down for maintenance and long queue for the main bowling lane. Aunty Karen went back home after that and we made our way to Gelare.

'Cos it was Tuesday the Waffle Day. Yum...

Our 3D2N short getaway at Downtown East has ended on the 4th day of CNY. We went for our breakfast at The Coffee Bean after checking out.

They were having 1-for-1 breakfast on weekdays. Niceeee......

We went to try our luck at the Orchid Bowl and seemed that lady luck was on our side. The mini bowl was up for play. We had a few games before setting off to ye-ye's house for new year visiting. There goes our 3 days of holiday. We'll have to go back school tmr.....

14 February 2010

1st Day of CNY & Happy V-Day!

The norm on the 1st day of CNY every year is to visit ye-ye and nai-nai early in the morning. However, they have chosen to 'escape new year' and fly to faraway Darwin 2 days back leaving our 1st day of CNY with lotsa free time as we do not have to go any house visiting at all cos gong-gong and jiu-jiu also not around.

Jiu-jiu has left his car behind for us to drive around and off we went to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens to have some fun.

The garden has nice flowers and plants all around us.

Besides the greeneries, there are plenty of activities for children too.

We can use natural things to create sound and music.

We were so tempted to play at the wet area but too bad we didn't bring extra set of clothings, hence we settled with having fun at the playground instead.
After some sliding, sand playing and catching, we did some washing up and proceed to explore the remaining garden.
This is fun too, educating us on why plants need sunlight to make food.
2 black swans in the lake along our way out.
Didi will always say "tong cheng...tong cheng..." whenever he sees this.

This garden has never fail to brighten our day.

Wat more to ask for with some cool sweet yummy ice-cream to kill off the heat. Oops! Cannot say 'kill', very inauspicious on CNY. Chill...chill man :p
We went for a spin around the red dot and ended up at a cozy place with nice ambience for dinner.
Papa is still oblivious today is V-day and still asked how come so many couples dining at this place..... *faintz*

...until mummy pointed out it's Feb 14 and papa still din quite get it till he saw the V-Day special menu displayed on the table. Then he asked mummy "when is V-day?" *Double Faintz*

Didi ah didi, hopefully u did not inherit the forgetfulness and insensitivity towards numbers like papa. :)

So where exactly is this place? It's Bishan Park. What a CNY full of parks - Children Park, Bishan Park and of course Carpark. :D
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