30 January 2010

Auspicious Painting

In about 2 weeks time will be another long holiday for us. Yes, it will be our CNY. Since CNY is juz around the corner, today art piece is this pot of lucky lucky plants with this Chinese character written by me. The word simply means "Auspicious". Luckily there aren't too many strokes like "Prosperity", "Huat", "Longevity"......else I sure couldn't write it correctly.

DIdi is very fond of my painting and the word too. He keeps touching it till his pointer is red. Red, red means 'huat' ah. Hopefully we will have a great year ahead. Mummy says she will hang this in the house as CNY deco. ;)

29 January 2010

Bedtime Fun

Life has been pretty much the same day in day out with school in the daytime, enrichment lesson in the evening, creativity on Sat and we hardly go out in January as mummy has not been well all these days.

Having fun has always been our core biz regardless of where we are. Since life is so routinized, we outta live leisurely too. We are so used to some playing before our actual bedtime and tonight is of no exception as well. As mummy has oredi KO right after her dinner, we entered papa's territory uninvited to have fun. Papa must be in his best of mood today and play along with us. I can hear ah ma shouting for us to wash up and go to our beds oredi. Argh~

23 January 2010

My New House

Oops! Wrong side...

Tat's more like it!

Jie-jie painted a nice house for me. We were fighting over who is staying which house and which floor and which room. Hmpf...can't u juz give in to me once?

16 January 2010


Didi snatched my masterpiece over and insisted to have his foto taken. I think he likes my artwork or perhaps didi wanna go see some real fishies. Watercolor was used to paint the fishes. I guess it's time to visit the Underwater World, mummy!

10 January 2010

My 1st Letter

Someone came knocking onto our door and is Mr Postman looking for Ms Wenzel Pek. I received a package from City Gas cos I have won the 3rd Prize in the City Gas Word Search Competition. The prize is $100 worth of Popular Vouchers.

I where got so pandai. Must be mummy entering the contest on my behalf. Anyway, the vouchers will be utilised by mummy too. Think I'll get more activity books to practice and more story books to read.

09 January 2010


It's my 1st art lesson of the year 2010 and today's masterpiece is lotsa lotsa apple trees. There is a change of my art teacher and I'm wondering will it be a permanent change. However, the very nice aunty assistant is still around to help. :)

01 January 2010

Welcome 2010!!!

Let us throw away all unlucky things in 2009 and move forward to a brand new lucky lucky 2010.
Happy New Year!
Cheers :)
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