21 November 2009

Hi 5

Dun be mistaken, this art piece was done by my jie-jie but I particularly love the hand prints. It looks very much like wat mummy has done at home with me during our silly time. Mummy, when can I go art class with jie-jie?

16 November 2009

Cute Denz

Mummy said I mustn't stand too near to the TV else I'll have to put on glasses like her! So how do I look? :)

Juz a quick update on myself.......I'm turning 27th month tmr. I have 'survived' the preliminary stage of preschool thus far with occasional crying for ah ma. :p

Guess there will be another round of crying saga next year as I change skool to be with jie-jie. I'm not a crying baby....I'm juz being more emo and sentimental than jie-jie. :D

15 November 2009

Buddy's Buffday

Mummy and I were invited by Aunty Chris to celebrate my buddy, Sher's birthday.

We met up at BPP b4 proceeding to the destination. Sher's daddy gave us a lift there hence we could reach earlier to get more play time.

Where did we go actually? We went to to Kidz Amaze at Safra Jurong and had great fun inside the indoor playground.

I played countless time on the mega slide but the only thing I dislike was gotto climb really high b4 sliding down.

After hours of fun, we went for some snack and Sher's daddy treated us with cake of our choice. Yum yum.....

There we go again!!!!! Playing with the balls.....

Happy Birthday to Sher! It was a great time playing with U.

14 November 2009

Bug's Life

Right after my morning enrichment class, mummy and I took a train to meet Aunty Karen and Kylie mei-mei for our yet another art lesson. But not forgetting playing the mimosa along the walkway to the mall.

My masterpiece of the day was these 4 bugs. Mummy asked how come my ladybugs aren't red. Hmm.....she must learn to think out of box. This is creativity. :p

A shot of ourselves in the classroom showing off our 'mum & babe' tops *shake head*

Aunty Karen suggested to self-cam for 4. Well, not too bad as we had everyone's face in the foto.

Food was calling us as we gotta fill our tummies before the mummies agreed to let us play bouncy castle. Both Kylie and I jumped and climbed till our hearts content while......

.....the mummies chatted, waited and took some more fotos :)

13 November 2009

The Jungle Book

Mummy brought me to watch a play at DBS Arts Centre together with Kylie and aunty Karen on this black Friday the 13th. The play tat we watched was 'The Jungle Book' by Little Company.

Hey, r u a paparazzi? Stop taking foto in here :p

The play was really entertaining and interesting. We had a 15 mins interval break and tat was when I had a little bit time to eat my fave chocz bread.

As aunty Karen wanna bring Kylie up to her workplace which was ard UE Square, we loitered and waited for 'em at the ground floor. There were some booths set up and items were going on sale. It was some health promotion activities going on too! I went up to this clown and asked for balloons. :)

Off we went to Liang Court for lunch to fill everyone's famished tummies. Then we shopped a while thereafter. In less than 5 minutes of our shopping, something embarrassing happened.....

Yup, the sole of my right boots fell off. Farny right? Mummy was laughing her lungs out of it. As there was a downpour n it was almost impossible to walk in this kinda condition, mummy searched high and low inside Liang Court to look for a pair of suitable shoes for me. But then hor u noe wat, the whole of the shopping mall only has 2 shops selling kiddos stuffs. We couldn't find any suitable or reasonably priced shoes. It was either too big, too small or too obiang with pricey tags.

Mummy settled for a pair of flip flop for me in the end. It was selling for 1 for 1 and mummy got herself a pair too. Hmm.....only think of herself......hmpf

We slowly walked to The Central when it has almost stop raining cos the oversize slippers will slip our of my feet easily . Goodbye booty.....Gonna miss U. Wat a day with interesting play, yummy lunch and madness shopping!!!!! :D

07 November 2009

Art Time Again!

What do we have for today's masterpieces? Kylie drew and painted a chick. I rmb mine was 2 chickens talking. I drew tat when Kylie 1st joined in art class with me.

What I had draw today is 3 sunflowers. The art piece looks really niceee. Mummy likes it too. I wonder wat's in store for me next week? Stay tune (",)
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