28 February 2009

Kylie Turns THREE

It was Kylie's 3rd Birthday and we were among the few honoured guests being invited by Karen for the mini celebration.

Together with us were QQ and her Prince, GY as well as Doris and her Princess, Jeanie. Doris clinched the "last-to-reach" title again. Well well, dun worry, no one is gonna snatch this title away from her. She may choose to keep it as long as she likes. :p

As it was a mini celebration among close friends, I made the request for HB to join in as dun wanna leave Denz out of the fun moments.

Food order were placed way beforehand to facilitate the celebration to be a smooth one. Each guest was given a set of kid's meal. I felt like a kid too. There were some finger foods as well.

Cake-cutting was shortly after everyone finished their food. Nice "Mickey & Friends" Ice-cream cake.

The kids sung the classic Birthday song in both English and Mandarin.

The kids enjoyed themselves very much from food to cake; balloons and fun.... Denz enjoyed feeding himself with the corn kernal like a chicken..hahaha! Wenz' mind was only full of PLAY..PLAY..PLAY...she ate so little and reluctant to eat. All she knew was to play....

Whatever it is, we wanna wish Kylie a happy and memorable 3rd Birthday. May she be pretty, healthy and cheerful always! Must listen to your mummy okie! :)

21 February 2009

Macarons! Here I come......Hurray!

After hearing so many good review on the new extension of JP Shopping Centre, I could no longer contain my excitement in paying it a visit. I went ter together with my mum and kids since HB wasn't working too.

After the new extension, JP has indeed become bigger and more shops and eating places to choose from. As we are a family of sweet tooth, the kids couldn't resist their temptation on yummy-licious donuts. I ended up buying 2, one for HB and one for the kids.

Needless to ask, Princess loved it to bits and walloped most of it leaving Denz not much to savour; and he cried. T_T (Moral of the story: Need to exercise FAIRNESS, thus MUST buy 2 next time.)

We window-shopped the whole vincinity and saw Macarons on promo at Bakerzin. Of course mai dan liao and I grabbed 2 prepacked packs at only $10 for 12 pieces. Wasn't that a steal?

Being cheap isn't good enuf. It must be yummy as well. These Macarons didn't disappoint us. Yes! Everyone in the house loves it. It taste better than Almonde but this isn't the best that I have tried. I love Centre-Ps most for now. Have yet to try Canelé. Such sweet treats is never sufficient. We want More...mooore...moooore....

17 February 2009

Denz is 17

17 months flew by in a breeze and Denz has turned 17mos. The most significant milestone for him in this month is he was trained to sit on potty seat. He is very happy each time he sits on it. Perhaps he was curious about this new thingy. He has few successful 'bombing' in the T-bowl so far.

Besides potty affair, he is also picking up on his language. He speaks a lot more words now. All thanks to Letter Factory by Leap Frog.

Happy 17 my sunny boy!

14 February 2009

Happy Valentines' Day!

Friends of Irene will know her workplace has this funfair carnival going on. Yes, I'm talking about C'Fiesta, a fund-raising project being organised! As Irene has to work in the morning at the Ops Centre, I brought my little princess out to buy flowers first before heading to the fiesta. The pricing for flowers has definitely gone up many times higher.
The same amount of money that I had spent on this tiny bouquet of flowers can definitely buy another bigger decent looking bouquet on any other normal days. Irene and I have agreed not to splurge on this V-day and fall into the trap of those commercial gimmicks. However, I still think I should get something for her. Everyday is V-day to us if we work towards the common goal.

Back to the fiesta....we reached about noon time cos wifee has asked for special permission to off-duty at noon and bring us around.

Look at the crowd! Omg...I should say it was considered quite a major event. Luckily all tickets were pre-bought so no queuing was necessary.

Wenz was attracted to the balloon-sculpting booth. There were lotsa game stalls, food stalls and novelty stalls.

We went to the Ops Centre and wait for Irene to handover duty. Met few of Irene's colleagues and kept saying Hi and Bye.

Cute-looking buzzy bees in the above pics right? It was one of the novelty item. Pay to have a photo shoot with them. I think if there is a dress-up photo shoot will be more ideal and interesting.

We went for the Woofball Mania but the queue was super-long. They do provide us with some hand held simply old school lamer game to keep us entertained amidst the long wait.

I managed to complete within minutes. It was a simple game, pressing 2 buttons, one on the right and one on the left, to make the rings fall into the hoops.

Luckily I grabbed a packet of Nasi Briyani while queuing outside else hungry man will become angry man plus the suuuuper-loooong queue that killed whatever fun there could be. Even Wenz was tired out by queuing for sooo looong.

Okay it was our turn soon. We have to remove our shoes, socks, accessories and even the rubberband that tied Wenz' hair as they were afraid might puncture the ball and we will all be wet. Haahaa...

Step 1: Put on number tag around waist and enter the ball

Step 2: Pump up the ball with dunno what kind of air

Step 3: Almost done

Step 4: We were ready...to ROLL and FALL

And it was mummy's turn. Irene got in the ball alone.

Wenz was having Grrrreat Fun!

All of us had a hard time getting up. Think we had balancing problem, hahaha

5 minutes was up and our ball was unzipped and deflated.

Out finally! Fresh air....*breathing* Hahaha

Soon Irene's turn to get out of the ball.
I was bored queuing for sooo long but 1 hr+ of waiting time in exchange for 5 minutes of funtime for Wenz was still worth it. She was super hype and happy inside the ball, kept falling behind making us fell. Upon hearing her laughter, everything is worthwhile. But seriously speaking, don't you think we look sooo much like hamsters?

Poor Denz could only watch outside the fencing. He was yelling out "Mummy....mimi...." when she saw Irene in the ball according to my ML. Guess he wanted to be part of the fun. Too bad as he reached together with ah ma after we had exchanged our coupons for the woofball mania entry passes.

We quickly used up the remaining coupons and went to have our late lunch. Everyone was exhausted on the way home after a sumptuous meal but feeling joyful and satisfied.

What an unusual way of celebrating our V-Day. This is definitely not the typical kind of romantic dinner and other stuff, more like a ....erm..Family Day. So in this Family cum Valentines' Day of ours, We wish for the person u love will cherish u even more and may the person loving u loves u even more each day. Happy Valentines' Day to All! Enjoy the special moment with your love ones.

10 February 2009


Yesterday was the last day of CNY. It was also known as cheena V-Day wor. The icon foodie for the day was rice dumpling ball dessert. Hmm...I love it!

We did not make our own but got it from the supermarket. Mum prepared the soup for the rice dumpling ball using gula melaka recipe. Sedap! I took 2 initially then tamba 2 more of course. :p

The kids love it too. Wenz loves the dried type like muah chee.

Denz enjoyed the dried type too. He doesn't know how to chew the riceball but he finished every bit of the sweet crushed peanut coated round it.

Happy 元宵节 to ALL!

09 February 2009

I've WON!

Right after Denz had won a $20 Mothercare voucher from Nov/Dec Junior and U, Wenz is one of the Feb winners. Actually this photo was submitted for the Nov/Dec contest. However was selected for current month edition.

Well nevertheless, it came as a surprise for us. Maybe it is a consolation for us since we have missed the million dollars TOTO hongbao draw. Thanks JnU and Mothercare! :p

08 February 2009


One of my aircon units of 7 years has started leaking water. Oh my...I have just stopped my yearly maintenance contract and now it starts giving me problem. How could it be so coincidence?

I think it is about time to give it an overhaul. I began searching for a reliable company to do the job and I found one to my liking. It's called Aircon Astiquer. The website contains lotsa info about aircon. It is an eye opener to me to read a lot of shocking info like yearly maintenance is not necessary, putting air purifier will shorten the life of ur aircon and stuff lidat. Anyway an appointment was fixed.

Kevin aka the boss aka the technician came with his huge cleaning machine. It was his invention actually. I wasn't shock as I have read this on his site about the hugeness of the machine, much like a transformer. He started assess the situation on the piping and aircons. Glad that he helped to find out that 2 corner elbows of the condensate discharge pipes were cut with a groove which will sabotage any vacuuming effort in an attempt to clear a choked pipe as air will escape from the groove.

He has shared lotsa useful info and provided me many advices. One good thing is the cleaning process was mess-free as it sort of 'wrapped up' the whole aircon b4 he started cleaning.

Whatever chemicals or water that was used during the cleaning process was collected into its own storage unit for safe disposal later on.

Look at how disgusting the water was. Kevin told me there was some jelly-like substance built up over the years. Eeew....so in order to have fresher cleaner air for everyone at home, I opted to overhaul the remaining 2 units in the end.

Whoa! One baby was born, like firstly-installed condition. Remember the word Astiquer? It simply means 'Scrub' which means my aircon was 'scrub' till sparkling bright and clean. Am glad to have made the right choice and everyone at home gets to breath cleaner air now. Thanks, Aircon Astiquer!

05 February 2009

Jiu-Jiu's Birthday

We celebrated jiu-jiu's birthday over at restaurant yesterday. Not his angmoh buff-day though but cheena one. His angmoh one is end of the month.

The cake mummy has ordered was yummy but food so-so only. Oreomisu flavour for the cake, .......hmm... simply yummy! Design was chosen by jiu-ma as she wanna remind jiu-jiu that he is getting older....kakaka! Still not old enuf to have beard and spectacle so mummy asked the shop to make few strands of white hair for the cute looking boy.

Didi confirm loves the cake very much cos only by luring him with the cake then he will turn his head towards you. Look at his dirty mouth. :p

I wasn't as greedy as him. I can still pose for the cam. I only like to lick the cream surrounded the cake. Mummy gotto finish the creamless cake as a result of what I have done. Additional pounds for her, kekeke :)

Ah ma and gong-gong were disappointed with some of the dishes as well. Think the adult might not be keen in going back there again for their food. Their standard has definitely drop.

Even though the food wasn't up to standard, jiu-jiu enjoyed his mini celebration with us, especially with me around singing the birthday song soooo loudly for him, even the next table joined in the singing too, hahahaha......

Happy Birthday to U, Jiu-Jiu! 生日快樂!"Wish U Year Year got today, whatever age u r will be filled with happy moments!" My translation sooo powderful right? (",)
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