31 October 2008

Delights for Irene

Now I know why Irene wanna arrange a mini bd celebration for Terence....all bcos of her fave PINEAPPLE TARTS!!! This is BRIBERY loh :p

Thanks to my best pal again for getting these treats back for us from Taiwan.

Verdict: Happiest person is Irene for sure as I already saw 3 pieces of tarts missing in the box the very night we got it.

Terence is forever so thoughtful cos Irene only asked him to get for her P tarts but he brought back another item with him and also taste equally yummy. One of the popular delights in TW too called the "Sun Biscuit".

No wonder my wife looked so bright, sunny and delightful this morning :)

Anyway, thanks Terence!

30 October 2008

My Best Pal's BD

My best pal aka the kids' godpa's birthday falls on 30th Oct every year but this year is a special one cos he has touched his 1st year of 30s. Irene has arranged a mini bd celebration for him over at our house.
We had a sumptuous feast prepared by my ML. Besides feasting, the evening was spent chatting on the stocks and shares (my parents' new found thing-to-do) as this pal of mine is a guru in it.

The kids or rather Wenz long-awaited moment has come....*drum rolling*....what else, cake-cutting of course!!
Look at greedy Wenz, she already told her godpa and 'chop' the piece with gummy candy for herself.
Not before taking a photo with her "specially instructed strawberry cake". Irene has initially planned to bake a cheese cake for Terence but this sassy gal insisted on getting her godpa a strawberry cake. She even mentioned that godpa has told her he likes strawberry cake. This is the start of telling lie.....*shake head*......hmm... needless to say, the person who enjoyed the cake most is definitely my precious darling princess.
Well, I do hope Terence enjoy his day too, from food to chats and cake and of course being 'thrashed' during our gaming session before he left our house, hiak hiak hiak. :)

Happy 30th Birthday to U, Terence!

26 October 2008

The 2 kiddos.....

On a boring Sunday morning...

Denz playing happily with mummy in the play yard....

Jealous Wenz insisted on coming into the picture.....

Both kiddos acted busy like looking for gold and gems......

Finally reconcile and smile for the camera.......Cheeze!!!

25 October 2008

A Playdate with Friend

I had a fun time playing with Shervon jie-jie one day before her departure to Malacca. I was waiting for her the whole day when mummy told me Sher was coming to our house. Thus I refused to nap in the afternoon. I think mummy must have regretted telling me as I kept buzzing her on what time jie-jie was coming. :p

However, I didn't manage to wait for her to reach our place as we need to go over to ye-ye's house. Mummy brought along my princess gown to ye-ye's house as Sher jie-jie wanna borrow it from me for her jiu-jiu's wedding. Aunty Chris & Sher Jie-jie drop-by at ye-ye's house and jie-jie tried on my gown. She looks nice in it, so demure and elegant.

Aunty Christin brought a letter-game along and we played a while before playing on the toys while the adults busy chatting away. It was a lot more fun to have a playmate. We played masak-masak pretending to cook and serve our mummies.

The Dora-Sisters :p

After which mummy oso kaypo kaypo and join in the fun by playing catching with us. Both of us had a great time running, screaming and hiding. We even resorted to hiding in the loo....hehehe :)
So you can imagine how much fun we had oredi right?

As for didi, he of course very da happie lah cos he had all the toys to himself while we were playing catching. He particularly likes one bowl and kept hogging onto it and kept stirring machiam concocting some special formula. :p

23 October 2008


I'm gonna choke-slam U!!!

didi still dun wanna tap-out???

aiya, let him break free from my execute move

It was really fun seeing the kids playing happily.......BUT definitely not when PLAYING becoming FIGHTING......I can tolerate anything except cries and yells as a result from siblings' fighting, let 'em bond, even though they wanna wrestle :p

Wenz is really fond of carrying didi nowadays treating him like a lil' baby doll but didi is very wary of Wenz as she always cause him to injure. Whenever he sees jiejie comes near him, he will 'run for his life'. :)

18 October 2008

Vainy Princess

Besides asking lotsa 'whys', Wenz also loves taking photographs. However, I prefer to take her candid photos than to ask her pose cos her smile will be very fake. :)

She is also very vain, always ask to put on nice clothing, put on her accessories and dreaming to be princess. Her fave verse is "I'm a Fairy-Princess" but her tantrums is not at all princess-like. She is also very long-winded....arghhh....she could ask the same question for COUNTLESS TIME repeatedly and I really mean the SAME QUESTION. I'm not a tape-recorder...if u dun answer her, she will be angry and tantrum prevail.

She is also very loving and fun at times. She never fail to amuse me with her farny dialogues.

One day after school, she came home pretending to hunch her back and walk very slowly. Ah ma saw and asked her why did she do that. She said, "Ah ma, 我老了!"

I was lying on the sofa pinching my excess flab then she said to me, "Mummy is the fat woman like in the Wall.e movie". Then I asked her, "Am I that FAT" and she answered "YES" *faintz*. :p

We didn't know she is afraid of papa more until one day her teacher feedback to hb saying it was dangerous for her to climb up and stand on the chair. Wenz knew and quickly ran to hb with the pathetic look asking to be carried.

The next day, she told her teacher this "Next time u hv anything juz tell my ah ma will do, dun tell my papa!" :p

To be continue.....

17 October 2008

Happy 13th Months!!

Didi has turned 13th months in such a flash. We were juz talking abt his 1 yr old birthday and now he is 13mos liao.

He is capable of lotsa things now.....

He can walk in tremendous speed and run in a gan cheong manner when he think his jiejie is going to catch him.
He can say a couple of words like 'apple' when he sees it.
He loves mimicking the adults in words and action.
He has becoming more and more playful but we still try to keep his nap to about 3 hours.
He enjoys a lot of adult food and drinks lesser milk.
He knows how to 'fight' attention with Wenz.
His fake cry skill has definitely leveled up a great deal.
He can dance when we asked him to.
He is a pro when comes to self-feeding finger food.
He enjoys exploring the house by opening the drawer and cabinet and his fave thing in the house is still the telephone.
He enjoys playing interactive game with me like body parts naming song etc.
He likes to pout his lips like a lil' piggy (couldn't capture this to show, arghhhh).
He knows how to call our next door neighbour by standing near the main gate and call out 'aunt...y'
He enjoys watching children programs and listening to nursery rhymes.

There are a lot more but could only remember this much. Generally didi's development is much more faster than Wenz. He is generally a much more cheerful and happy kid than Wenz. Wenz is more temperament and attitude probably bcos she is a gal, so got missy attitude and temper loh. Dun get me wrong, didi is not mild-tempered, he will see him display his fiery and hot temper when things dun get right. *sigh* The grandparents are already starting to complain. :p

15 October 2008

Not Slam Dunk....it's Kungfu Dunk!!

Hb was head over BASKETBALL recently and even bot a Spalding basketball to train up. All these basketball heat and passion was due to after watching "Kungfu Dunk" starring by Jay Chou. Not bcos he likes Jay (neither does he dislikes him lah), it's bcos got his idol in the show mah!!! It wasn't too difficult to guess who if u ever watch it.....still clueless.....ok lah, tell u, it's Ah Sa loh aka Charlene Choi. U dunno who???? Well, then u shd noe TWINS right, not the one who got into S** scandal with Edison.

I'd say I quite enjoy the show but not captivating enuf for me to watch 3X like my hb did *shake head* or rather I do not have the time lah. Well, the impact not only on hb leh, on Wenz too! She dun play basketball but she sings "tofu, tofu, tofu....." (the soundtrack of Kungfu Dunk) day in day out after watching movie.

Wenz also got influenced after seeing the basketball lying around in our room. She asked to play with it but it wasn't too nice to bounce the ball at home as might disturb our neighbour downstair so we brought the kids down to play. Hmm.....didi could only watch and utter 'ball'...'ball ball'. :p

14 October 2008

A Pleasant Surprise!!

Yesterday was our 11th anniversary since the day we are together. Hubby asks me out for a date today.

Going out as a couple has become something very luxury to us ever since we hv our 2 lil' ones. We went for a shopping spree as we have the intention to get some presents for upcoming birthdays for some close ones but our 1st stop is ..........LV Boutique.

Hubby brought me there and asked me to choose a piece of bag that I like saying that he wanna buy me a bag. WHOA!! This is what I have chosen - Galliera PM - big enuf for me to throw in all necessary things when out with the kids.

I was happy like a lil' birdie out of cage. I gave him a treat and asked him over dinner why did he buy me a LV bag?

It was a 'jumbo' gift wor, meaning my bd present as I did not get one in Aug and most importantly is he felt that he should give me something NICE after so many years together. Ahem...ahem....where to find such a wonderful man in my life!!

Though he may not be the type of person who will go into teeny tiny details and also not that type who will go to the extent of coming up with big surprises, he always tell me this: "This is what I called SINCERITY". Thanks hummy! :p

Well, think will be another decade to receive another SURPRISE!!! Hahahaa :)

12 October 2008

Botak Denz

So nice of mummy and ah ma to bring me out on a bright sunny morning. I nearly turn 'mouldy' if I continued to stay at home. Did you see the smile on my face? I was smiling all the way right from outside my house to the carpark.

I heard I was going for swimming later which explain why I was dressed in this way. Jiejie oso wore her swimming costume inside her dress.

However, we did not head straight to the pool but to the hair salon. Siao liao loh, think me gonna go for haircut 1st.

*sigh* There goes my hair. I have become Recruit Pek once AGAIN. The other time was right after my full month, rmb? Think mummy loves my new hair very much as she couldn't stop touching my head leh.

Well, mummy brought me to the pool as some form of compensation and I enjoyed till forgotten about my botak self. But hor, how come my dip in the pool so short one huh? Can make it longer bo? Mummy said jiejie has ballet lesson so no chance for me to dip longer.

Ask me if I love my new haircut? What do u think? Needless to ask...of course I lurvvvve it.

11 October 2008

It's a Photobook!

Didi's birthday celebration was about a month ago and our dearest 爹爹 took the photo footage to make this photobook for us since he was the cameraman for that day.

爹爹 even pen down some wordings on the 1st page machiam like the 'foreword' from the author in a book.

爹爹 came over to give us our very 1st PHOTOBOOK and of course we are happy about it. Thank you 爹爹, but then hor how come didi's face is on the bookcover huh! I thot I have a camera face too! :p

10 October 2008

Yummy... Yummy...

Saw the look on my face? Teacher Noraini came by to school to give us our Children's Day goodies. She packed it in the small lil' pail-like container with lid for every children. You will ask why so late then give. Well, cannot blame her leh....she's supporting the government campaign and juz back from her confinement. Another princess arrived on Earth. :)

I have been pestering ah ma and gong gong to open up and let me finish have a better look at all the goodies but they refused. I could only count the items inside by turning the container round and round and round. :p

Darn....I could only eat 'em when mummy's back home. Mummy....pls come back now.

09 October 2008

My PreNursery Class Foto

Can you spot me in the foto?
This is my class foto. I look so much better in this foto compared to my last class foto taken when I was in Tots House. I'm more camera-ready now after much training.

Can you spot any similarity in my 2 class fotos? Well, let me tell you.....I sat down in the front row for both. Shall see next year....

06 October 2008

Wenz 1st Cert!

Wenz used to wear this dress for her Speech and Drama class and she will always insist on this particular outfit. She has stopped drama class for a while as her drama school feedback saying her school compound is not ideal enuf to conduct lesson hence she only completed 1 full term of lessons. I was kinda upset for her as I know Wenz loves her drama class.

Right after I put on this dress for her yesterday, she suddenly recalled and started telling me things related to her drama class months back. She recited the poem that she has learnt during one of the lessons and even remembered her teacher's name. So I explained to her why she isn't going to drama school anymore. Her PCF school was in collaboration with Act 3 Drama Academy then but due to unsuitability of the venue and insufficient props to make the kids dramatic, lessons could not be continued.

I remembered there was a certificate given after she has completed one full term of lessons and decided to let her take photo with it. Could you feel her sense of pride taking her 1st certificate in this photo? :p

04 October 2008

Funny Wenz

Wenz has the routine of asking me to read books to her before her bedtime and her current 2 fave are "Tiger Can't Sleep" and "Counting Kisses". Both books were bought during my 1st order from SCHOLASTIC in collaboration with her school.

She is in the 'why' phase now and kept asking why this and why that. I was really bored out reading the same books for weeks and she refused to change it. I dun mind reading the books once every night but this princess always insists me to repeat. Argh.....and I usually dun repeat reading it.

So there was this night she asked me to repeat and I refused but eventually I said I'll repeat for "Counting Kisses" reluctantly and not the other book. However my tone of reading was not the usual expressive and bubbly. I used the dull and draggy tone instead and quickly read it and get it done and over with it.

So yesterday night, I was in high spirit and as usual after I have finished, Wenz asked me to repeat and I answered "Yes" but only for "Counting Kisses". Before I could read, Wenz suddenly warned me saying "I dun wanna the dull and draggy tone but the expressive and bubbly tone". She mimicked the way I read using both the tones and even got the contents in the book correctly. I was dumbfounded and felt like a slap on my face but at the same time I do find it very very funny. Her action was so cute.

After this incident I reminded myself to have the right attitude and action at all times and set the correct example for her to learn.
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