29 July 2008

Chocolate Family

Long overdue post as these photos were taken using my mobile phone 2 weeks ago when I brought Denz to ICA. After which, I allowed the kids to play at the nearby playground.

Probably, that was the only day Wenz had tons of bread. She dun really like bread but wasn't the case if chocolate was given to her. She finished almost the whole plate of bread. The chocolate dip bread set was great for the kids.

Not only Wenz ate it, didi had exactly what Wenz ate. He finished in such a flash and even asked for more.

A very satisfied gal posing for the camera.

27 July 2008

Sexy Lips

Look at my lips, aren't they sexy and irresistible for you to kiss me? muacks :p

Jie jie has the same cherry colored lips as me.

Who is the culprit for causing our lips to be sooo sexy? Well well, let me reveal the secret to our natural redness color on our lips. Natural flavouring, No artificial coloring and no preservatives added......still clueless? *drum rolling* Okay okay, it's the "Dragon Fruit" lah. *bleah* :p

I love eating it but jiejie only wants to add color to her lips cos she thot it is a lipstick. Well, this is a much better 'lipstick' than jiejie's lollipop, at least it wouldn't cause stickiness to the lips :)

26 July 2008

House Warming @JW

Mother and daughter getting ready to set off to the extreme west side of Singapore. Happy Wenz loves to wear the same as me. She is forever in high spirit whenever she has the chance to go gai-gai.

We were invited for a house warming by hubby's colleague, Harold. I always enjoy attending house warming cos I love viewing pretty interior with tastefully chosen items found in the house. You can see the owner's effort from the nitty gritty things in the house. We have brought Wenz along as she has recovered from her illness already. Actually we thought of bringing didi along but unfortunately he caught the flu and cough bugs from Wenz and wasn't in his healthy self.

Met lotsa hb's colleagues when we have reached. We helped ourselves to the buffet before viewing the unit. The house was nicely renovated and I love the "Lord of the Ring" Map hung on the wall in the living room. Love the study room too where there were sofa beds to lie on. So cosy and comfy. Wenz got a little bored after sometime. Luckily a little fren came along.

Nisha was her only playmate on that night. Well, they didn't interact much though as they are of different age group. What am I talking about? Children shouldn't have age gap issue as long as there is fun. Nisha's mum aka Shima is a tidbits or should I say snacks lover. Her bag was like Doraemon's pouch, containing lotsa yummy stuff. She gave Wenz gummy and chocolate sticks which of course delighted this little gal.

The big boys really know how to keep themselves entertained. All were happily playing the "Guitar Heroes" on Nintendo Wii, made me kinda 'gian' to learn as well. Think I'm more interested in the drumming game as my fingers could be quite retard to live up to such a job - pressing and strumming. :)

The photographer of the night is this nice guy, Anton desu. Look at the photographs taken by him, it made me feel kinda inferior as the photos taken by me was damn lousy loh. I dun have photography skill at all. Really need to pick up a few tips from him if got the time to chat wif him. I love the above pic on Wenz especially. Hb gave it a name called "Wenz behind bars". Choy choy choy, hahaha :) Swee right?

The 2 kiddos were so shy towards each other. Anton captured them in candid mode is the most natural expression you could ask for. The children successfully portrayed that innocent and pure look.

All of us enjoyed the night out. Thanks to Harold and Grace for inviting us over. All I could say is U guys have a wonderful house. :)

23 July 2008

Denz' 1st Passport

Finally brought didi down ICA to make his very 1st passport last week as we are planning for a short getaway next month. Hmm.....that will be didi's 1st maiden trip out of S'pore besides that ulu ulu ubin sometime back. Anyway didi's passport photo was quite nicely taken at the ICA.

He looks so blur and cute in the photo and I have decided to play around with the photo by putting different frames around it. Does he look like a bunny?

How about this? Smart boy, isn't he? :p

We went to collect his passport as it was ready for collection. His color photo looks much much nicer compared to the scanned-in black and white version on his passport. Well, only 5 years, couldn't complain much though, else another $70 to change loh. :)

21 July 2008

Racial Harmony Day

What is Racial Harmony Day? You could roughly figure out from this title that it should be a day celebrated by all races and religions and to stay harmonised.

I think the best way to instil concepts of racial harmony and social values is by living with it - treating people equally on a daily basis. It is always said easier than done. I would very much like my children to be raised and taught in a 'colour-blind' environment, where they do not judge and also not be judged on the basis of their skin. School plays an important role in this aspect, which is why we have to encourage our children to make friends of different races just like we adults do.

I went to Wenz' school to be a parent volunteer helping out and get involved in the taste of being a teacher. I'd say tiring but rewarding. Above pic was taken by her teacher before Racial Harmony Day.

Too bad Wenz was not well, hence not able to participate in all the fun that awaits her in the school. Well, a sick child gotto rest at home and not spread germs to her friends in school. This is social graciousness loh, kekeke :)

Happy Racial Harmony Day to all....Be good to all ur friends, colleagues and close ones huh.

20 July 2008

High on Syrups

Saw the few bottles? Darn....Wenz was unwell and down with sickness. Pink for fever, clear one for phlegm, black for cough, green for flu and cherry is the antibiotic to clear her infection and resume her immunity back to normal status.

Hope she will get well soon.

19 July 2008


Brought Wenz to the East Coast Park on Saturday for cycling and BBQ-ing as arranged by our fotang's committee.

Princess enjoyed herself especially when I cycled her around on the bicycle. My dad was busy setting up the flame on the BBQ pit and mum busy getting the food ready for BBQ.

Everyone appears busy and occupied with activities. The adults busy with eating and the children busy with playing. :p

Didi was busy with sleeping and ah ma attended to him after his beauty nap. He didn't drink much though cos he wanna savor the adults' foodie as well. His intention was soon proven after he ate lotsa my food.

As the night progressed, didi got really high and was in super good spirit. He was smiling n laughing away all night long while trying very hard to get us to play wif him.

Wenz was happy too but we didn't stay for long as it started drizzing shortly after i have returned the bicycle. The kids enjoyed for sure and I enjoyed too. It has been years since my last BBQ session with frens. :)

18 July 2008

Freebies Online....

A friend emailed me a website to obtain free samples. I was quite skeptical about it initially but I got the samples I requested mailed to me today. Samples are free but postage fee applies. If anyone interested, pls click here.

You will get 6 points free upon registration. Juz write review or do online survey to earn points for more samples redemption. Happy sampling!!

17 July 2008

10 Months Old

Today is didi's 304th day on Planet Earth and he is still as cheery as you could see on the pic. He knows how to put his hands together and clap when u ask him to do so, he could pick up small objects using thumb-index grasping skill pretty well, he crawls in a lightning speed, he displays strong interest on walking, he could take few steps in his playpen but when comes to the real ground he is quite cautious about it and one major discovery is he likes to play with his penis.....Yes, esp when he is naked before or after bath time. I wonder if boys are lidat cos my colleague told me this is pretty normal. Guess I gotto get use to it, hahaha :)

Look at his smile, don't he look cute? Ya this is the time he is most fun to play with but if he decide to throw his highness temper or fake out those irritating cries, you really hope you have the best earphones stuck right in your ears.

Didi for the 1st time received "corporal punishment" from hubby on this fateful day. Really No Joke, CANED on his butt. Got a shock too when I heard this cos feel that he is kinda too young or should I say too small to be caned. This happened when I wasn't at home. Heard from my mum, he was being caned partly bcos of Wenz. All I knew was hubby couldn't tahan his whining and 'grumbling' so he scolded him initially and hb went off to his room. However, didi has already awakened this 'dormant volcano' and this volcano has decided to turn to an active one. So juz when he has cooled down and pacified, in fact was playing happily with ah ma naked as he had juz finish his shower, hb came to him with a cane and swing a few strokes onto his butt. How sad for him!! Well, children will forget easily cos didi seems happy when I got home.

Nvm, he juz have to get use to the harsh world anyway. Be tough my boy. Mummy loves you and I do feel pain in the heart. You outta learn to adapt and deal with different emotions too. Happy 10 months old!!

16 July 2008

Ah Ma's Birthday

Time passes by so fast. I remembered ah ma celebrated her 60th Big Birthday last year when didi wasn't out yet and now we are celebrating ah ma's cheena birthday again with didi around of course.

See! How can we miss out this fella? So inpatient waiting for food to be served. Didi was like a worm, couldn't sit still without food in front of him or something interesting to distract him.

The dinner was delicious and everyone was busy filling their tummy which explain why there wasn't any photos of the food. :p

I love the cake-cutting moment the most as usual and look at the cake......looks yummy isn't it? Mummy ordered a Tiramisu cake this time round as it was papa and mummy's fave. Hmm.....strange....how come didn't order ah ma's fave instead? :)

Anyway, the cake was fantastic. It was simply delicious and I even asked for more. My expression should convince you that the cake was yummy isn't it? Not only me, didi enjoyed too.

The night past so fast with all those yummy food and cake. Oops, gotto wish ah ma Happy Birthday before I forget.

Happy Birthday to ah ma. No present though, think I should be able to make u a card next year. I could only give ah ma my kiss as pressie this year. Hope you enjoy ur night.
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