31 May 2008

Fooling Around At Home

Things between the 2 kiddos has definitely gotten better over the months. However, slight jealousy issue still persist but I'd say manageable and more to come as they grow.

Wenz woke up one morning seeing didi bathing in his usual bath tub and she insisted to be bathed exactly the way didi was bathed. It's not possible to bath her as the tub is not big enuf to accommodate her size so I improvised and let her have some fun in the bathroom. She also misses swimming thus this definitely kill 2 birds with one stone, plus the blowing bubbles effect, Wenz was thrilled and over the moon with such simple game.

Denz was also happy looking at jiejie's foolish act. He got really excited seeing bubbles and you can spot his cherry look almost every moment winning everyone's heart in the house. He is now labeled as Ye-Ye's Precious Gems.

23 May 2008

Denz' Tooth Chart

Denz' 4th tooth has erupted. His upper teeth came out much easier than the 1st 2 teeth whereby he got fever. Hopefully his teething process will be like a breeze and cause no irritation to him.

22 May 2008

Iron Man

(Photo is extracted from www.ironmanmovie.com)

Brought Wenz along to catch this movie and I'd say I love it. However, Wenz will think otherwise cos she was so scared with the bombing sounds and blasting effect. She hid her head under my arms most of the time and in no time she was dozing away and SNORING away too, hahaha :)

Guess she chose this method to rid away the fear of the sound. Can really tell that she dun enjoy the movie but nvm both hb and I enjoyed. :p

Saw the preview of a movie titled "Kungfu Panda". It looks rather hilarious. Think that will be Wenz 'next movie.

Teacher-Parent Meeting Session

Hb and I went for Teacher-Parent Meeting Session at Wenz' school in the morning. Never expect Pre-Nursery level also got such a meeting thingy but this type of feedback session is good. At least I got to speak to her teachers and understand Wenz' development and behaviour more. This is also some quiet time for both hb and me.

Rmb about the homework that I have done up? Her file was returned to us after the meeting. The teachers has filed her school work under the 6 categories. Her teachers feedback that everything is fine with her with the exception of eating and drinking habits and some behavioral problem.

This is not surprising to us at all as we went there expected this to happen. She was eating too slowly at all times except for her candies and snacks. So she could still eat fast after all right? Her usual lunch and dinner duration is at least an hour. YES! She took an hour just to finish her 1/2 to 3/4 bowl of rice. What's more? Her bowl isn't very big loh. :)

Thus it is not surprising her teachers will find this as a problem. Our conclusion is Wenz is just too missy. Drinking is also a problem as she will purposely do the opposite by not drinking enuf water. With the HFMD on the rise, school will definitely encourage children to drink more water but she can come back with her bottle 3/4 filled and tat's really too little that she has drank in school.

21 May 2008


Ye ye found this battery-operated motorbike at the void deck while bringing me down for a stroll. He has decided to bring it back for us to play. The motor in the bike is spoil so we can only execute the 'manual gear' by using our legs on the floor to push the bike forward. I still couldn't touch the ground, hence mummy gotto push me around. :)

The moment u use ur legs to make the motorbike move forward, there will be a Vroom sound. I got really excited upon hearing that sound. Jie-jie has been occupying it for the whole day disallowing me to sit. Now that jiejie has dozed off to wonderland then I got chance to try it out leh. Do I look like a garang biker? :p

17 May 2008

I'm 8 Months Old :)

Saw my 2 white pearlies on my lower gum? They are already full grown and 2 days b4 I turn 8 months old, 1 more tooth from my upper gum has emerged. :)

In this month's development, my proudest achievement gotto be the ability to call "papa". My papa of course very da happy lah. Hmm....not too sure if mummy is equally happy cos I didn't call her 1st despite the fact that she attends to my needs everyday. :p

Another 'fine-tuned' skill I'm currently best at is this fake cry action whenever mummy comes home from work. I'll cry till she carry me up else the fake cry will really turn into real cry. One thing I cannot tahan is I tak boleh see mummy, papa and jiejie go out without me. I'll whine and whine and whine and make sure I wait for them to come home with my eyes BIG BIG no matter how tired I am. However, once they are home, I get really excited about it.

Okie doki, 1 more month before u get to read my updates again.....Stay tune ;)

11 May 2008

Happy Mothers' Day

The most difficult job in the world gotta be being a MUM. In this special day for people of this 'profession', I'll like to wish all mothers a Happy Mothers' Day!

This is a piece of artwork done in school by Wenz. She has brought it home on Friday. I knew this wasn't her work as she still couldn't write but still it is something nice to receive for Mothers' Day! Well well, I'll continue to wait patiently for the real 1st gift that my kid will give me in future. :)

08 May 2008

Hair Affair

As didi's hair is getting longer and longer, it has started to irritate him. He will scratch and pull his hair whenever he perspires while drinking milk.

Denz looks so cute with a bandara. Guess he is also happy with his hair being 'wrapped up'. The wrapped up hair has caused lesser irritation to him but we couldn't possible wrap his hair up everyday. A haircut is what he needs. I wonder how he will react in his 2nd haircut as his 1st was on his 1 month old celebration. :)

06 May 2008


Went for a gathering at a galfriend's house and was chatting with few of my friends while this galfriend was busy tending to her 17 months old son. Dunno what leaded to the topic of PARENTING and this guy friend of mine mentioned that the 'ang mohs' parenting style is so different from Asian.

He told me a story saying that he had watched this on TV - an interview of Neil Armstrong after he came back to Earth from Moon and the 1st thing he told the reporters was "I'm going home for dinner". What actually happened was when Armstrong was a kid at age 5, his mum has just finished bathing him and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. It started raining suddenly and armstrong dashed out to the field and played in the rain happily. The kitchen was directly facing the field and his mum could see what he was doing. Armstrong told his mum he wanted to go Moon, instead of scolding him for getting himself dirty after bathing, she told him "Okay, remember to come home for dinner".

I dun think my kid will be spared from spanking if this were to happen. However, after hearing this story, it made me re-look into my own parenting style.

03 May 2008

A long OVERDUE Tag

This is a long overdue tag from Cendrine

This is another of those Linky Love game where you only have to tag 10 person in one post but still there is no actual limit (you can tag more if you want!). Once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow!

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Let the love grows from here too

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The tag shall continue from,

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01 May 2008

Happy Labour Day!

To think that today is a public holiday, so I intend to bring the kids out since hardly have the chance to do so during normal days. However my day turned out to be a "Not-so-happy-labour-day".

Princess threw tantrums practically the whole day. *sigh* Ruined my whole day. Guess she was too tired that leads to her crankiness. :(

Firstly, we went to an aunty's house and princess refused to follow us home. After much persuasion still did not wanna follow so I brought Denz down to the nearby coffeeshop for a drink. She even said "bye bye" to me at the doorstep. I was fuming mad and upset. 10 minutes later when I was downstair, she pestered to go home so she was being brought down to look for me. However, upon seeing me she quickly said "I dun wanna go home".

Mum and I brought the kids to my in-law's house in the evening that very day and the tantrums started again. When it was time to leave, she repeated the whatever drama again. *sigh* I might as well stay at home. I brought Denz home 1st then went back to fetch her. Still she did not want to come with me. ML feedback to me saying she beat herself very hard while I went back. Princess said she dun like herself. ML is worried she might self-abuse herself in future. Upon hearing this, I also got a little worried. Shall monitor and see how. Hopefully such thing won't happen again.
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