30 April 2008

I'm Officially 3!!!

We went for food tasting on my birthday night as jiu-ma has purposely arranged to celebrate my birthday at the restaurant too. She dotes on me alot and always buys yummy goodies for me to eat. Jiu jiu and jiu-ma has ordered a chocolate mousse cake for me. Jiu-ma especially likes the picture on the cake as she finds it rather cute.
I'm officially 3 today after cutting........ errrrm my 3rd cake. So does that means I'll have 4 cakes next year, hahaha :)
Anyway thanks to this pair of limelight for the arrangement, cake and of course pressies.

This is jiu-ma's mum. She also bot me a set of strawberry shortcake clothing as my birthday pressie. So kind of her to get me something. I oso noe how to be paiseh one okie *blushing* :)
Didi is also one happy chap. He gotto eat what we ate too, though only some but not bad for him liao lor. Jiu-ma's parents like him so much, maybe they find him adorable.
After which, we got really busy running about. I mean me, didi where can run about like me?

Didi was super happy when ah ma held his hand and let him walk on the floor. He really thot he can walk on his own.
See, dunno how to walk but still insist on walking. Didi ah didi, way to go lah, master your standing up skill first. Bleah :p
Finally it was time to open my present...... mummy says it's kinda rude to open on the spot but jiu-ma kept asking to unwrap to see if size is right. So I 恭敬不如從命 loh!
Yippee 2 more sets of clothing added into my wardrobe. Luckily ah ma has cleared away some of my outgrown clothing.

A Birthday Treat

After my birthday celebration in school, papa and mimi brought me to Swensens for fries and *slurp slurp* ice-cream as promised.

Papa ordered a mega burger and mummy ordered baked pasta for lunch. Mummy fed me with her 1/4 portion of pasta as lunch. I had yummy fries too and not forgetting my fave tomato ketchup sauce.

I didn't had a chance to eat my FREE ice-cream as muddle-headed mummy forgot to bring any form of my identity to prove that it was my birthday. I'm still feeling okay but I think mimi felt sadder than me cos she gotto share with me her ice-cream that came together with the set lunch. :p

Celebration in School

I have arranged a birthday celebration for this little gal to be held in her class. HB and I sent her to school together by taking school bus then off we went to collect cake and wait for the stated time that the teacher gave us.
When we knocked at the classroom door, Wenz was already getting ready. She sat alone with a table in front of her for us to put cake. I have ordered a Doraemon cake from Polar Cake Shop so that her muslim teacher, Noraini can eat too. Wenz told her teachers that mummy is bringing Dora Cake. Actually I really thought of ordering Dora Cake but none of the cake shop carry this character except e-creative and it will be a hassle for us to self-collect if we want it to be at the stated time.
All her classmates were sitting down quietly waiting for teachers' instruction. They must be feeling puzzled as to why hb and I were inside the classroom today.
Teacher Noraini helped to light up the candles.
Everyone claps and sings the birthday song loudly and happily for Wenz.
(From left to right: Jayden, Cassandra, Kaylen, Jia Yi, Wenz, Zilin, Zi Feng, Muthiah and Matthew)

Wenz blew off the candles but took a while to do so as the candles were placed wide apart, followed by cutting the cake.
Photo-taking with us :)
Photo-taking with teacher Cai Ning and teacher Noraini
A happy birthday gal with her goody bag specially prepared for the kids by me.

29 April 2008

Pressie Pressie

Mummy's good friend at her workplace gave me this very big birthday present wrapped with my fave character, Dora the explorer wrapper. I fell in love with the wrapper pressie the moment I see it and kept pestering mummy to open up thinking inside must be some Dora stuff as well. :)

This is a fruitful year for me. Besides the lotsa lotsa pressies that I have received thus far, this is my 1st year enjoying celebrating my own birthday and I fully understand the meaning of it.
But still I enjoy ripping off wrapper more, tsk tsk tsk :)

So what are you still waiting for? Did not catch enuf of my direct hint? Buy me more present lah, hehehehe......

Alvin and the Chipmunks

After aunty Karen burned gave mummy a pirated copy of Alvin and the Chipmunks VCD, I got hooked on it since then. Actually I have already watched it in the cinema but now I have the luxury of watching it repeatedly and as and when I like while at home.

Papa being a super 'Original Guy', decided to buy the original copy for me. He is really very original one, always insist to buy Code 1 DVD. Papa actually wanted to buy "Enchanted" DVD for me cos mummy said dun need to waste money since got replica copy liao. However he saw this Collector's Edition with the 3 little chipmunk fellas inside the box looks rather cute and interesting, papa decided to buy this instead as he knew very well I'll love it.
True enuf!! Look at my happy look above upon seeing the 3 fellas. Mummy and papa's nightmares has juz started cos I not only want to watch once or twice but at least thrice a day (morning, noon and b4 bedtime). Think I could even recite and recall every scene b4 the screen shows. I sing the chipmunk song day in day out until my school teachers feedback to mummy and papa. :)

27 April 2008

My Cheena Buff-Day :)

Today is also consider as my birthday according to the lunar calender.

We had a 'home-affair' celebration with all family members around except jiu-jiu and jiu-ma. Our star guest is Uncle Willie aka papa's good friend. Aunty Ailing didn't come along with Uncle Willie (must be Uncle Willie made Aunty Ailing angry :p)

Mummy said the celebration is suppose to be scheduled on coming Wednesday, my actual ang moh date but jiu-ma wanted to arrange food-tasting for their wedding on that day instead and at the same time celebrate my birthday. Woohoo...... Wedding of course more important right? Moreover, who will reject another round of celebration? :)

Initially I wasn't aware there will be a mini party for me as all my guests only flocked in in the late afternoon when I was tidur-ing. I woke up to realise that there were so many people in the house with the noise and the gifts on the floor.

Of course I'm happy like a bird to see so many people. Mummy also happy cos godpapa brought his company's camera to test out (sorry, dunno which model as mummy is blur blur one), thus he became my camera man for the event and mummy can retire temporary from taking photographs. :p

Mummy loves the close-up shots so much cos her LKK digital camera can never achieve this standard. I think gotto do with her snapping skill also lah, hahaha :)

Nice shots of ME, isn't it? *shyless*

After the guests had enuf makan-ing of lontong, satay, salad, finger food........specially prepared by ah ma, the long awaiting moment has arrived. Cake-cutting for me, Yippee!! Mummy bot me a STRAWBERRY ICE-CREAM CAKE from Angie The Choice. Yum yum yum...... :p
The cake was cleared right away after cutting. Wonder if the cake is too small or ah ma has cut the slices too big. However, everyone has gotten their share with the below 2 pieces for mummy and me but not enuf for 2nd helping.
I'll take the piece with cherries of course as I specially indicated my preference to reserve that particular piece for me. :)
Godpapa gave me some 'education fund' in the red packet and next I proceeded to the most exciting moment - opening of my pressies.
See what I have got??? Cool....from clothing to Art n Craft Play Sets. Thanks all for your presence and pressies.

25 April 2008

Wenz' Portfolio

My colleague used to tell me that her intention to send her gal to childcare is to ensure her daughter is well taken care of with proper nutrition as well as learning. She has no problem with this but she keeps complaining to me that instead of providing convenience to the parents, her daughter's school requires parents to do some 'homework' with their children to foster stronger bonding.

She hates doing this type of homework as she finds it a hassle and she has tons of work to settle. Not only she has to work, she has to cook for her family, do house chores, coach her older kid, running errands and of course her own things to do. Talking about house chores, this already comprises loads of super-duper heavy things to do like sweeping, moping, wiping, cleaning, ironing and the list goes on. Thus she is rather reluctant whenever comes to this type of homework. I always console and encourage her to be more involved. Moreover this type of homework is quite easy to complete and is indeed good for building better communication and relationship. All you need is maybe a little of your precious time.

My gal went back to school after her long fever break. I was surprised when the school gave 'homework' for all parents to do as I did not expect playgroup also gotto do work. Every parents is being given a big file with instructions stated. All parents are required to do up their own child's portfolio. Now I can fully understand my colleague's feeling. I'm willing and happy to do such a task but this really took up a lot of my time. Filling up personal info, cutting and pasting are simple tasks to achieve but you need time to look for suitable material to cut and paste.

I spent the most time decorating the 6 dividers in the file. The 6 categories are Language, Numerals, Fine Motor Skill, Gross Motor Skill, Music & Movements and Social.

On a good note, this is really good as it bring back lotsa pleasant memory when I recall myself doing lotsa cutting and pasting during school days. Feel so young once again!!! :p

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