28 February 2008

Hooked on Cars

Boys are boys.....loves cars, loves action, loves movement...... Denz is not spared either. He loves cars...YES, cars!!! He got really excited watching cartoons with cars. His fave cartoon for now gotto be "Red Little Tractor" showing from Mon to Fri at 2pm at Kids Central Channel. He will jump and fidget and not stay calm when he sees it. He watched with full concentration. All these was illustrated by my mum but I could imagine it - the excitement in a baby :)

People has been telling me I'm biased and unfair cos I didn't buy much things for Denz, in fact, NONE. I have everything right from passed-down clothings to toys that Wenz played b4 so I really dun see the need to buy any, at least for now. Since I know he likes car, I went to buy this DVD titled "Cars". I was thinking he could watch this as and when he wants after I got it. I played for him the moment we got home but I dun see that excitement in him *scratch head*

He dun like sporty type of cars perhaps? It was my gal who got excited rather than the boy. But anyway, he didn't finish watching but my eyes got glued to the TV the moment I on it. Hahaha, how irony!!! I'm a cartoon cum anime lover by nature so what do u expect. *grinning* :)

When I told FL about Denz' liking, guess what?? He brought a bag full of toy cars to our house the next day. All those toy cars were passed down from Ben, my nephew. I got a few toy cars as well, can't really remember where I got it from but there was one (pic on the right) was one of the car featured on the movie that I bot. Wenz could co-relate and tell me it's the same as the one in the movie.

Another thing I bot for Denz is this toy in the center pic. It's a wind-up toy and the car will go round and round the wheel. Denz loves it so much till he will even wake up upon hearing the sound of the winding when his jie-jie play with it. Aiyo, better keep it when he is napping.

20 February 2008

Updates on the kids

Wenz has gone school for almost 3 weeks and she loves everything about school even taking school bus. Her terrible 2 has improve a little but not eliminate entirely. She can communicate her needs, wants, likes and dislikes totally. I could see her talking back to me like a little adult. One thing that never change is her unwillingness to sleep and it has gotten worse especially reach bedtime. She will come telling me "Mummy, I don't want to sleep" but I want to sleep leh. I was so sleep-deprived and this gal...full of energy says dun wanna sleep everyday. *shake head*
So what about this boy? I wonder it's genetic or what? He got this 'super-bug' from his jie-jie as well. He is forever curious and starting to display his unwillingness to sleep. He will stay awake, talk and play with you. If I try to pat him to sleep, he will 'sing' u his usual 'song' until you buay tahan and carry him up. Smart right? Really know how to manipulate his mummy. I could foresee another active toddler coming his way soon.....

On a happy note, the 2 kiddos are on good terms now. Wenz will sayang Denz after months of 'training'. Denz loves his jie-jie. He will always smile and laugh at Wenz' actions and words. He simply loves playing with jie-jie, only bcos Wenz dunno how to play with him. However, Wenz loves to follow whatever didi do.
Didi on fours, she also on her fours.
Didi eats cereal, she also says she wanna eat cereal.
Didi drinks milk, she also says she wanna drink.
Didi poo, so coincidently she also poo-ed.
Didi bathe, she also wants to bathe.
Didi cry, she also fake her cries and the list goes on and on and never ending.....

It's really cute seeing both of them playing together. Dun see didi small small, he oredi knows how to snatch things when Wenz tried to take away from him. What to do, must have learnt this skill from none other than jie-jie loh. :lol:

17 February 2008


Wenz went for her 1st trip to the Singapore Bird Park....what else....to look at those birdies of course :) She didn't go with us as I wasn't able to get the corporate pass for it cos was during CNY period and some more it was a weekend so she went together with her ye-ye, nai-nai, gu-gu, uncle Kelvin and Ben kor-kor.
Juz happen that day was Denz' 5 months old so hb and I brought Denz out and Wenz followed them to the bird park.
FL helped me took some photos of the little gal and also the birds. One of the word she learn from this trip is 'Flamingo' cos she has been saying this word repeatedly .
Wenz prefers going to the Zoo than seeing birds. However, she still enjoyed her 1st trip and she got really tired at the end of the day and dozed off on her way home.

Denz is 5 Months Old

Denz is 5 months old today. He has started to crawl a little since 2 weeks back. He is able to reach his toy from one end to another end of the mat. He will turn even when asleep. 

Changing and bathing him has definitely get a lot more challenging nowadays. His grasping skill has improved too. I can vouch for this cos my hair is always in his hand *ouch*.
He has started to 'boo' all his saliva out making his clothing wet. Sometimes he can really boo non-stop. Alamak, which means my hair will continue to drop dunno till when cos my malay colleague told me mother's hair will start to drop when her bb start boo-ing. Jialat, i think I'm gonna be bald soon if Denz continue to boo this way. :(

He has finished 1 box of Heinz Rice Cereal and 1 tin of Friso Wheat-based Cereal. We are now mixing brown rice cereal from Eu Yan Sang with rice cereal. He dun really like to eat fruits on its own but he is alright if we blend it into his cereal.

He drools a lot and enjoy putting things into his mouth. Well, signs of teething can be seen but still no sign of any white pearlie cutting thru his gum. 

Well, the journey continues and I'm awaiting for another exciting month to come......Happy 5 months old son!!

14 February 2008

Spoilt for Choice

Today is V-day and we are all at home. Grand celebration, romantic dinner, flowers and gifts were in the past before our 2 lovely kids came along. It's not that I'm complaining the 2 'light bulbs' are too bright for such an occasion, sometimes it's good to have some couple time but definitely not today. Both hb and I have reach the consensus of not wanting to be 'getok' by the commercialise way of celebrating such an event.

I was out shopping for suitable gift for hb the day before V-day and couldn't find any. Yes, really couldn't find anything that is suitable and I wouldn't want to spend $ juz bcos I need a present. Instead I ordered cake for the special day as I walked pass this bakery, not 1 but 2 cos I dunno which to choose. Both look equally tempting to me. Dun forget, I'm a cake-lover, so is hb. I'm sure he'll like the mango mousse one whereas I'll prefer the vanilla one.

I was so happy with what I have ordered and went home in high spirit. On the actual day, no gift and juz cakes and we were still happy. I asked mum not to cook and we ordered pizzas for dinner. Everyone shares and eats happily. My prediction is true, hb loves the mango mousse and I like the vanilla more. 

Everyday is like V-day as long as u r happy together and we dun need V-day to remind ourselves to love each other more. Happy Valentine's Day to all!! :)

10 February 2008



既然是最後的一天,那可別浪費了。我們到阿姨家吃了午餐過後就回家休息,因為待一會兒還要赴舅舅的約在外用晚餐。舅舅及舅媽約我們到媽咪和爸爸結婚的餐館用餐順道詢問婚宴配套。舅舅和舅媽要結婚囉!其實是舉行華人傳統儀式所以需宴爾新婚廣告親朋好友, 要不然他們早就已經註冊了。


09 February 2008

Gathering with Friends

Mimi had a gathering with her friends on the 3rd day of CNY. Didi din get to go as his runny nose has not get any better.

The mummies had a great time chatting while we children had a fair share of time fooling around.

I love sitting on aunty Qiaojin's rocking chair. Mummy also commented that this is good especially to rock didi to sleep.
This is my 1st visit to anuty Qiaojin's house. Guan Yuan kor-kor has a typical boy's characteristic.
His playroom is full of toys suitable for boys. His fave is shover, from big to tiny one. It was so unbelievable that he also took great care of ALL his toys. This is so NOT ME as my toys can hardly survive for a week.

We couldn't wait any longer for aunty Doris and godma to reach cos both aunty Karen and us have appointment later in the evening. We left shortly after an hour plus.

The adults were shocked to see my loving behaviour towards Kylie mei-mei. I even sayang mei-mei. That's not my usual self. Well, who noes I might be becoming more and more loving leh. :)

08 February 2008

Chinese New Year 2

Jiu-jiu and jiu-ma came over to our house for dinner on the second day of CNY. Mimi also invited godpa over.

As jiu-jiu has juz bot a new camera, jiu-ma went crazy over and snapped snapped snapped. That explains why there are so many fotos in this post. A 8mp camera for $199!!! Isn't that a deal?

Can't take my hands off orange......

Cheeky look for the day

Our 2 dads

After dinner, I gotto play the 'mess-around' game. This is my 2nd time tossing the yu-sheng and I enjoyed myself to the fullest. Wonder when will be my 3rd time? :)

07 February 2008

Chinese New Year 1

Both didi and I wasn't feeling well. Didi was having runny nose. Darn....I got fever right on the 1st day of new year. Luckily it wasn't too difficult for mimi to feed me the fever medicine and I had 2 dosages of it. Think I wasn't at the right state of mind to be so easy to gulp down the medication.

After koon-ing for almost the whole day, I felt better. It was near evening by the time I reached ye-ye's house. Nai-nai thot something happened cos it was agreed that mimi and ah ma to have lunch and dinner at her place. However, we only turned up for dinner. Mimi also forgotten to inform nai-nai.

Well, we weren't too late as most of the relatives turned up shortly after we have reached. Didi was happily being carried around by all the gu-gu, gu-por and yi-por. Mummy was also happy to help us keep our ang paos.

Papa joined in later after he has knocked off from his work. We stayed till late night before going back home. We were dead beat as everyone didn't get enuf sleep ever since the eve of CNY and it wasn't too difficult to make us sleep.

Celebrating Chinese New Year is great and fun. I love taking my 'kams aka mandarin oranges', eating new year goodies (as I oni know how to eat these this year), saying gong xi gong xi whilst collecting ang paos (though still dunno the importance of what's within) and of course papa and mimi staying at home with me.

06 February 2008

2008 CNY's Eve

To break away from the norm, we had our reunion dinner at jiu-jiu's house this year. Ah ma can take a break from preparing the necessary ingredients for steamboat this year as gong-gong will be fully in-charge of it. The adults had their fill happily while i had a great deal of fun playing and moving the mandarin oranges.

Poor didi can only watch us eat but he somehow managed to grab hold of this stalk of vegetable and there he goes sucking away happily. Didi should be able to join in the fun together with me for the next CNY.

Papa went back home alone cos mimi will be bringing us together with ah ma to temple for praying before heading back home.
Didi was all geared up and ready to go but he was too tired to put on his charming smile for the camera as the time was 12am when this picture was taken. Both of us knocked out while in jiu-jiu's car at around 1.15am. We snored all our way home when travelling on the expressway. Mimi carried me up while didi was in the arms of ah ma cos ah ma said her hands will break if she carry me back home. Hmph....I where got so heavy??? :)

Anyway it has passed midnight and so it is Chinese New Year. Hereby wishing all a great year ahead with lotsa good things to come. 身體健康、萬事如意、心想事成、笑口常開。恭喜!恭喜!我的紅包呢?哈哈.......
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