31 December 2007

Papa's Birthday!!

Every year this time, while everyone is eagerly waiting to send the year away, papa celebrates his birthday. He is not so lucky this year as he gotto work. Ya, he got to work even on his birthday.

We din have any feast but how can we do without a cake for birthday?? Thus mummy bot a cake for papa after coming back from work.

Didi thot it's his 1st birthday, hehehe :p

Even though not a grand celebration, think papa already very happy cos I sang him birthday song. Yes, this is my 1st year singing birthday song and it's the full version okay!! Next time I shall sing together with didi okay? :)

Happy Birthday to my dearest Papa!! Muacks

29 December 2007

My 1st Flip

Denz has his 1st flip finally. He flips earlier than Wenz. Wenz has her 1st flip at exactly 4 months while Denz flip at 3.5 months.

He is sooo happy and kept turning on his tummy the moment we placed him on his back. We will have to look out more now as he still couldn't pull his hand out. Wenz got so excited upon seeing her didi flip as well.

28 December 2007


Hb on leave, I'm on leave....so off we went for some quiet couple time. We went to catch this movie "I am Legend". Heard from hb that this is a zombie movie. Hb is a sucker for zombie show. Well, this movie really kept me on my seat. It's thrilling and exciting but also sad when his dog died.

I had a 'zombie hangover' for almost a week after watching this movie. The zombie image kept haunting me. Actually the CG zombie wasn't too scary but I think I have used too much of my emotion in this movie. Guess I am upset with the fact that the world is left with only one human combating with millions or zillions of zombies.

Hmm.....okay I know, it's juz a show. I will get out of this soon.

27 December 2007

Snow Fun @Tanglin

Wenz is becoming more and more aware of celebrating joyous occasion. Can really see that she enjoys Christmas. This gal is full of Christmas mood this year as she finds X'mas to be sooo enjoyable....... get-together, makan, lotsa presents, logcakes, playtime, x'mas trees and snow etc..

As we had promised Wenz to bring her see snow @Tanglin, hb and I decided to bring her there since the weather was great.
She fell asleep on our way there but managed to wake up in time for the snow and alvanche. We took lotsa fotos while waiting for the commencement of snow time and this gal is really impatient, kept asking "Where is snow?" "I want to see snow."

It has been years since I last went to Tanglin for the snow show. There were lotsa people like us waiting and some even went prepared with rain coats. I really din expect it to be so massive type of 'snow' as it was sooo much different compared to the last time I saw it which was like 7-8 years ago, hahaha.

When the show started, practically almost everyone went crazy over the foamy snow with some 'ang mohs' standing by the side watching, thinking we must be crazy......hahaha

Erm well, we were rather reserved initially cos me dun wanna be wet and dirty after 30 minutes but still we were 'contaminated' by the 'foam snow' as the snow making machine are juz too powerful with some of the children scooping up the foam on the floor with their hand and throw at everyone. They even lie down on the floor allowing their whole body to be covered with foam snow. I find it dirty but strangely they enjoyed themselves.

Wenz was wet and dirty too but most importantly she enjoyed herself :)

Denz' 2nd Vaccination

Didi went for his 2nd 6-in-1 jab this morning. Though I have went thru the process of bringing and witnessing Wenz taking all mandatory jabs, I still find it difficult to see children crying. The moment I saw Dr Chin took out the needle, I couldn't help feeling sorry for little Denz but I know it is a mandatory jab for him.

Denz pouted and let out a really LOUD CRY as soon as the jab was administered into his left thigh. He refused to stop crying and continued crying for at least another 5 more minutes. Poor boy......1 more jab to go! Be brave, be strong......

25 December 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Whoappee.......it's Christmas Day, an important day for me cos I outta unwrap all my gifts by today to see what's in for me...... I only managed to open a few pressies yesterday late night cos I was too tired to finish all. Shall continue now after my recharge, hehehe :)

I played with some of the toys while unwrapping at the same time. I'm doing some quality control checks on it mah. This cake playset is fun :p

I helped didi to open his as well since he is still unable to perform this super-duper complicated task. So what did we get for this year?

Clothings received as gifts for this year x'mas.....

Our X'mas loot for this year
Thank you all uncles and aunties for ur gifts and not forgetting god papa, Terence for ur contribution to our edu-fund. :)

24 December 2007

Party Party Time

This year family X'mas celebration was held at gu-gu's place as she has bot a house finally. Everyone is in festive mood. The adults ate, drank and chatted happily while the children had lotsa fun playing.

Didi was happy too cos he was carried here and there at all moment machiam like his full month day.

Everyone loves carrying him.

I had lotsa fun running about and playing with Ben kor-kor.

Gu-por's family reached slightly later as they need to close shop before coming.

See what they have brought!! A sushi platter treat for all of us......whoa

All the kids blended well together and played once reached.

I started becoming bored as those were big kids already and they have their own games to keep themselves occupied so I kept going to the room where papa, god-papa and uncle Kelvin were.
These 3 musketeers were drinking and chatting away, where got time for me?? Thus mummy entertained me for the whole night.

Gu-gu can tell I was bored so she asked me to open up the pressies and play with the toy wrapped within. I really buay paiseh and open it.

I got hooked once unwrapping the 1st gift and asked to unwrap more more more, hahaha :) However, mummy said "no, no, no".

We left shortly after having yummy chocolate logcake but not before I packed all my gifts home. Papa left behind for more rounds of drinking.

23 December 2007

X'mas Fun @ Home

Our once a year mums and babes X'mas get-together is here again. We have 2 new mummies joining in this year but QQ wasn't able to attend this year.

All mummies and tots have their tummies filled up first before playing. Below are photos to share........

So many baby-sitters around to jaga the play area :)

After hours of playing and fun time, we proceeded to do gift-exchange among the mummies and giving out presents to the children.

How can we miss out photo-taking this year as we have always missed out in previous years?? All vainy-pots mummies had their round of photo-taking.......

then the children's turn for photo session.
All the guests left shortly after photo-taking.

Mummy was dead beat settling me and didi down so that she could keep our toys back to it's original place while gong-gong helped clearing, cleaning and transforming the play area back to my bedroom.

When mummy has settled everything, she was so thirsty so she went to the fridge to get some water to drink. To her horror, she saw the logcake that she has ordered for the event was still swee swee in the box in the fridge.

My scatterbrain mummy has forgotten to take out the cake earlier for all the guests. What a waste..... so mummy eat loh. Some good excuse for her to put on weight since mummy is a cake-lover :)

Mummy has ordered another bigger logcake for tomorrow's party at gu-gu's house. Hopefully she wun forget to bring over else she will have to eat it for breakfast, lunch cum dinner liao, hahaha.

I was too tired for any pressie opening and knock out soon after my milk-feed. Mummy has placed them nicely under the X'mas tree for me to rip off the wrapper tomorrow. Yippee....
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