29 November 2007

Ye-Ye Going Ops

Ye-ye is going for a minor surgery today so he won't be coming to bring me over to his house. Hope his operation will be a smooth and successful one.

Di-di seemed to know I was at home, he was extremely silent, not like his usual self of coo-ing and babbling. Ah ma says he is scared of me. :)

28 November 2007

Left and Right

I know how to differentiate left and right finally. Mummy dun believe initially so she carried out a game again to show papa.

Game Start!!
Point to RIGHT!!
Point BOTH!!
Point to left!! [Photo lost :)]

Now they are convince at last.

25 November 2007

Our Hairbrushes and Cord-Stamps

Mummy went to collect our hair-brushes and umbilical cord stamps when she received call from the outlet saying they were ready for collection. My hairbrush is rooster while di-di's brush is pig pig.

Mine was done when I was full month old but because mummy wants di-di's format exactly the same as mine, the shifu took mine back as a reference.

If not for this post, mummy wouldn't realise the date on di-di's stamp is wrong. It should be September and not October, thus mummy is bringing it back for a redo.

24 November 2007

Jealousy Pot

Jealousy look could be found on little missy's face whenever attention is on Denz. She wouldn't say anything though but you will know she feels uneasy.

We have tried so badly not to neglect and hurt missy's feelings. She expressed her jealously finally yesterday asking me not to sayang didi, not to feed didi and not to carry didi. Missy actually said it out that she dun like it when attention is on didi. It's good that she can express it out since bottling up her feelings will do her no good as well. If missy happen to read this post in future, I juz wanna let her know both papa and mimi love her as much as we love her didi. I always believe in fairness. Whatever didi has, she will get hers too.

Which parents dun love their children? I'm sure all parents love their own kids. It's okay for her not to understand now as I'm confident she will be able to take it better in months to come. (",)

23 November 2007

Sayonara Bottle

Handling 2 kiddos alone at home is no joke to me especially if the elder one refuse to listen. My mum went out early in the morning for her hair-do at the salon leaving me with the kids at home. Hubby left early morning for work already.

Denz woke up earlier than Wenz for his morning bath and milk. Wenz woke up refusing to drink. She is always lidat in the morning, need to put on some drama everyday before doing anything. Wenz and I juz nuah on the sofa for almost an hour doing nothing. Denz cried for milk after his morning nap and while I was preparing for milk, Wenz refused to let me feed and carry Denz. She said she wanna milk, thus I made her milk and she snatched it from me and dropped onto the floor. Heard a loud 'piang' as both Wenz and Denz' bottles are made of glass. The moment she snatched it I oredi expected this to happen. Everything was so chaotic. I cleared up the mess and glass pieces on the floor quickly, afraid Wenz might step on any accidentally. Got small cut on my fingers and Wenz was not spared from my scolding and nagging while I was clearing.

Wenz asked for milk again so I made her another bottle, this time in a plastic one. I asked her to hold it herself while I can feed Denz. Usually she will want me to hold for her cos she dun want me to shower too much attention on Denz. This time round she knew she has done something terrible so she guai guai hold it on her own.

This almost 2 years old bottle juz shattered into pieces in seconds. On a good note is good cos I could change Wenz bottle to plastic one as we try to change it months back and Wenz refused it. We have a very good reason to change it now and Wenz wouldn't reject it cos she witnessed her bottle breaks with her own eyes. :)

21 November 2007

Twins or Not Twins??

Whenever Wenz sees Denz bathing, she will want to bath as well.
Whenever we change diaper for Denz, Wenz will want to change hers.
Whenever Denz poos, Wenz also poos making us busy washing them up. I wonder is mere coincidence or what??

Ome more thing is whenever Denz cries for milk, Wenz will ask for milk too. Above picture tells everything isn't it? (",)

19 November 2007

A New Start in 2008

I'm enjoying my school holidays right now as my current school term has ended. Mummy brought me to buy new uniform at my new school. Oh my goodness, I'm wearing EXTRA SMALL. Mummy was so shocked that I gotto wear XS. She bot a set of XS and a set of Small.

I'll have to make new friends, adapt to new environment and greet new teacher next year. I wun be going to school so early as the commencement date is in February, thus I have one more month to play at home.

18 November 2007

Stubborn Ox

Many of my friends asked if I really would stop at 2? My answer is definite YES. If financially able, I'll still stop at 2. The few hours of labour pain and risk in the delivery suite is nothing to be afraid of compared to PARENTING. Parenting is just a word but yet complex and difficult to uphold the task. It's a lifetime commitment and responsibility. I'm not afraid of being responsible and committed, I'm scared I might not be able to do it well.

My little missy is as stubborn as an ox. *sigh* Does it got to do with her horoscope? She is a TAURUS and it has the stubborn character.

I distracted this little missy to the study room while I expressed milk into bottles and at the same time my mum made my little prince sleep. Hubby was in the study room as well. Little missy played around in the room and made hubby's precious toys dropped onto the floor. He blew off his top and took the cane out to discipline her. I agree with the statement of "Spare the rod or Spoil the child".

What we want from her is just a word "SORRY" and she refused to say it making hubby even more angry. Hb said he wouldn't let her out if she dun say it and she was being caned so many times yet she still refused to say sorry. How stubborn she is. She wanted me to 'save' her but I know I couldn't do that else will spoil our own 'disciplining system'. Hb asked me to get out the room and she was left alone with him. I heard her crying pitifully and my heart hurts. I know hubby's heart hurts too. I heard her coughed badly as she hasn't fully recover from flu and cough. Moreover she has just vomited out her lunch cum phlegm earlier. The room was silent for a while and I went in with her water bottle. Hubby was carrying her and I asked her to drink water then carried her out to the living room.

I asked hubby after making her sleep and he told me she didn't say "Sorry". Both of us were feeling puzzled why a child can be so stubborn. Just a word "sorry" and can spare her from caning, yet she still refused to say it. We were really worried we might not be able to tame her in the future and be a good parent.

17 November 2007

SHERVON's Birthday!!

We were invited to Shervon jie-jie's 3 years old birthday party and off mummy brought me there shortly after my meal. I had loads of fun playing with jiejie's toys. Shervon jie-jie was extremely happy and prettily dressed up for the day.

Think I enjoyed eating chocolates, cupcakes and agar agar most. You know something?? The cupcakes were done by Shervon's mummy. It was really Yummy and I had 2 of it (with the help of my greedy mimi) :p

We left shortly after cake-cutting and mummy let me play at the playground for a while before walking back home. As I did not take any nap, I was dozy and slept super early that night. :)

Denz @2 Months

How times flies!! Denz has turned 2 months old today. What can he do for the past 2 months?? He pees, poos, drinks, sleeps, stay awake, coos, smiles and his motor skills has improved a little too. His movement wasn't as jerky as 1st month already. Good job my wonderful son!!

Happy 2 months old!! (",)

16 November 2007

Excursion to the Reservoir

Yesterday was my last day of school at Tots House. I have to go over to ye-ye's house for daycare in the noon as usual from now onwards. However, I refused to go over this morning and insisted mummy to hold hand and bring me over else I won't go.

Mummy sent me there, played with me for a while then went home. She told me I will be going to the reservoir for a walk later. I will get to see monkeys, turtles and fishes.

Ah ma sort of worried nai-nai might not be able to handle me if I throw a big big tantrum outside thus she went along as well.

We walked for very long and true enuf we saw monkeys on the trees along the way.

We also stopped by to look at the turtles and fishes.

Another thing we saw is this big iguana in the water but I called it "crocodile". So u can imagine how big is the iguana right?

I took my lunch and snack there as well.

It was an enjoyable excursion and dunno izit that I had walked too much, I fell asleep on our way back. Ye-ye carried me back to my house and place me on my bed. I had a straight 3-hours nap. I'm looking forward to papa and mimi bringing me to the zoo.

13 November 2007

Oohs and Ahhs

Denz is a much more cheerful baby than Wenz. He started smiling when he was barely a week old. He loves 'talking' and engaging a conversation with ah ma especially during bath time. He will respond with his oohs and ahhs whenever we speak to him, as if he understands what we were saying.

One thing for sure at this point of time is he will be much more talkative than his jie-jie and he is never stingy with his smile. So cutez. :)

11 November 2007

Sucking TOES???

There is an old wives' tale saying if ur child suck her toes, it means she's calling for a junior. Wenzel has been doing that since few months old. She has stopped sucking ever since I got pregnant. Now that her di-di has arrived, she was spotted doing this action AGAIN!!!

OMG! Dun like that leh......I plan to stop at 2 leh. Luckily I'm not fertile now due to breastfeeding. Guess I gotto check with my gynae about family planning method soon.

08 November 2007

Puzzle Mania

I love playing puzzles. My doting mummy went to buy lotsa lotsa puzzles for me to fix whenever she goes out. Nai-nai also bot lotsa puzzles for me so that when I go over her place for daycare I won't feel so bored.

03 November 2007

MY 2 Lovely Kids

This notti jie-jie is always bullying di-di. Why I say so??

Whenever Denz drinks milk, Wenz will pull out the bottle then return back to you.
Whenever Denz is lying on the playpen in the living room, Wenz will climb and jump into it. If we didn't save Denz in time, he will be hurt for sure.
Whenever Denz is sleeping, Wenz will shake the playpen vigorously till Denz wakes up.
Whenever Denz is playing with the baby play gym toys, Wenz will snatched away for sure saying she wanna play di-di's toys.
Whenever Denz is in the stroller, Wenz will wanna vie for it till we carry Denz up and let her sit.
Whenever Wenz sees us carrying di-di, she will wanna be involved in carrying Denz as well. We must obliged most of the time, else 'drama' and 'music' will start.

However on a loving note, I believe Wenz dun mean to bully Denz. It's just that this is her way of showing affection for her brother. She will kiss and sayang him whenever she carrys Denz. She will help to throw di-di's used diaper away whenever we change Denz. She will sing him some songs whenever she feels like singing. One best thing is she will use Denz as an excuse to come home early from daycare. There was few instance she told my ML that she wanna come home to see di-di. She pestered till FL send her back home earlier. Did she really mean what she say? Nah, u bet!! She did take a glance at di-di but she is more interested in playing all her barangs in the house, hohohoho (",)

But actually I do find her taking better to having a sibling to play with, to share with and to fight for attention already. She is behaving normally now compared to 1st week when di-di is back home. I'm looking forward to see them playing together and add on to the buzz in the house as there is already one 'parrot' (Wenz) making noise currently.

01 November 2007

"Drug" Rehabilation Center

One drawback of exclusive breastfeeding is "Nipple/Teats Confusion". I also dunno why both my kids have this symptom.

Wenz is lousy at suckling the bottle and direct latching. After she mastered the skill of latching, she rejected bottle totally and can even go on hunger strike if I refused to latch her.

Denz is a pro at suckling as well as latching. I dun even need to train him in latching and he can do it automatically. Most of the time he will be nursed till he sleep at night since nightfall is his fussiest time. I enjoy bfg both my kids but when it comes to rejecting bottle, it will be a big headache for all caregivers in the house. Denz is in the 'drug rehab center' now meaning there will not be latching anymore. It's kinda of cruel to see him yearning to be latched-on but this is for the good of everyone. Latching requires lotsa time. By doing away with it, at least I have more free time to attend to important things while hb or mum feed can him thru bottle. We have no choice as he has already started to show fussiness in bottle-feeding. No one can feed him by bottle except my mum cos my mum actually position him in such a way that he will feel as if being latched-on but actually he was fed by bottle. This is tricky, isn't it??

Hopefully he can kick off the 'latching habit' soon. :)
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