30 April 2007

Princess is 2

Our darling princess is turning 2 today. Officially enrolled into the Terrible Two age.

It's hard to imagine 2 years has past. Everytime after her birthday, there will bound to have new big thing happening. She could walk independently shortly after her 1st year BD and what's in for her 2nd year???? Her Terrible Two became worse. I have juz lost my temper and discipline her. One bad thing about her is she's not afraid of caning. Her threshold for pain is super duper high.

Hubby on the other hand is the one who usually got not much patience with her. However he is very tolerant today compared to me. I lost my temper after telling her repeatedly not to do certain thing but this gal is so stubborn that she did all things on purpose making me very angry with her on her Birthday day.... Everytime after scolding or beating her, my heart will feel pain..very pain....Really hope her tantrums can be lesser, her stubborn-ness can disappear into the air, her temper can be milder and most of all be more and more obedient.

We wish her best of health, best of luck and best of everything!!! She will always be the darling angel in our eyes. We love u Wenzel and Happy Birthday to U.

29 April 2007

Party Time

Wenzel had her party on Saturday. It's a simple one with few frens coming over to celebrate for the event. This gal obviously wasn't aware of what was actually happening. I was busy cleaning up the house and transforming her room into a play area for all her little guests to play in. My mum and dad were busy whipping up lotsa lotsa yummy stuff for the event.

Wenz did her usual routine and I was glad that she could concentrate and kept herself occupied with one of her old toys which I took out for later play. The moment she saw it, she laid her hands on it and played for the whole morning. Phew, that gave me ample time to do up her room. She was unaware of the transformation happening in her room. Once she has stopped playing with that toy, she roamed about in the house looking for me *me taking shower* and she found out her new 'play room'.

She played quietly inside her room when I peeped in. If she could play happily by herself, then I guess all her little guests should be able to enjoy too. *hopefully they did*

Finally the guests has arrived one after another. Felt really happy they were able to put aside their time to make it for the party.

The kids were busy playing in the playroom while the adults busy enjoying makan-ing and of course looking out for their kids too. :)

Kylie and Glenys have grown up quite a bit too. They still couldn't walk when they were here for the previous gathering. They are much more mobile now.

Below are pics of children playing and creating havoc together. Luckily Karen's nephew, Jing Tian being the eldest, helped to clear up the toys whenever the playroom is in a mess :)

The kids are great poser, aren't they??

Guan Yuan, the milk drinker must always has his bottle every 2 hours and Glenys the cutie pie is always spotted with her thumb in her mouth :)

Soon the cake-cutting moment has arrived.

Her little frenz Grace and Phoebe couldn't stay for the cake-cutting as Grace has lesson and Phoebe has to go out for dinner. Grace is still very shy while Phoebe is so cute, knowing how to pose for the camera.

Wenz was so happy to see cake but she got stunned the moment everyone sang her the birthday song till she couldn't even blow out her candles. Well, papa got to help out with that while I helped her with cutting the cake.

Wenz was so eager to eat the cake that she poked her index finger right onto the cake and she could finish quite a big piece of it.

Little Shervon reached slightly after cake-cutting as she hasn't wake up from her beauty nap when party started. Too bad Wenz couldn't play with her cos she KO not long after she ate her cake as she had expended all her energy earlier. Well, we shall have a playdate cum baking lesson with Shervon and her mummy next time.

This year party was much fun than her 1st year celebration as Wenz is able to run about freely and play with all her little frenz. I could see her enjoying herself. Really hope all who came enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed their company too. :)

These pressies were received from the guests who came. Wenz was busy opening them one by one and of course at the same time shouting "Mimi, Open"......... *_*'''

Thanks all for ur thots & time and not forgetting ur genorosity for the gifts.

27 April 2007

Farny Things

Wenzel has some funny words which she couldn't pronouce it correctly despite the fact that we have been always telling her and repeating those words to her.

She pronouce
1. Butterfly as ah-terfly but she can say butter *scratch head*
2. 衣服 (clothing) as 阿服 (seems that she likes 'ah' so much)
3. Orange as action
4. Square as kak
5. Excuse me as hummy (this is what I call my hubby)
6. Flower as la la

She also lurves to do the piggy sound 'oink oink' and stuck 2 of her fingers in her nose and say Pig pig. She refers the oink oink sound to people snoring. I engaged a short conversation with her earlier when we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD on TV.

ME: Look, the giant is sleeping.
Wenz: Sleep ah (and do the snoring sound)
ME: Ya, he's snoring.
Wenz: Pig, Pig.....(pause a short while then said) Papa ah.
ME: Haaahahaha.....does papa snore??? (Beats me too, I dun think I hear any)

Wenz dislikes sitting on her push-chair nowadays and there was once I told hubby dun bring push-chair along cos troublesome to take bus but hubby is hesistant as this notti gal is fond of asking u to carry and less than a minute ask to be put down to walk. Since hubby is the only person who will carry her now, he find it too tired to repeat the action of carry up and putting her down, he wanna bring the push-chair along.

I have actually locked the door already but hubby said cannot tahan her behaviour so I reopened the door and let him take the push-chair. The moment Wenz saw her papa went in wanted to take the push-chair, she reacted strongly to it and shouted "Papa, dun take."

Hahahaha.....this soft-hearted papa of course give in to her loh. Her reaction very cute, all of us din expect she will react this way, we also dun understand why she dun wanna sit on push-chair.

24 April 2007

Random Updates

Time really flies.....in less than a weeks' time, my princess will be turning 2 years old. Can't really imagine she's turning this age at such a fast pace. I'll see more and more candles on her BD cake year by year. With junior coming right on the way, I'm rather lazy to plan for her 2 year old birthday, unlike last year I was full of enthuasiam as in where to celebrate, what cake to order, party stuffs to get......etc. However, I do know very well I wanna organise a small party with a few friends around to cheer this little princess up on her day.
Looking back at her photos right from day one when she came to Earth, dun u think she has changed so much?? I remember she was forever changing during her first year in terms of looks and behaviour.

She has been throwing more tantrums nowadays. I guess she must be in her Terrible 2 stage. Well, as parents, we just have to tide her over this growing up process. I can still tolerate her crankiness and fussiness but when it comes to her whining, I surrender. Though she may be difficult to handle when she throw tantrum, she can be such a darling at times too. She is so clingy to me like a glue till I can hardly do my own things at home nowadays.

She has finished her ZooPhonics class for a term and I have withdrawn her already though I quite like their program. Initially I thot of enrolling her till Term 3 but the thot of bringing her with my current condition back-off the idea. Yup, u may blame on my laziness :)

But anyway she will be joining playgroup in June. At least some activity to keep her occupied.

She has learnt so many things, so much till I couldn't remember it all. I should have blog it down immediately but my fatigue and laziness kept drawing me back. I felt so guilty for the past months for not being able to spend enuf time with her, not having enuf energy to play with her, insufficient memory space to remember every bit of her development.......so what has she learnt so far????

We are in the mid-process of toilet-training her. She was potty-trained but not toilet-trained so now we have do away with her potty already and started training her sitting on the toilet bowl. Initially she resisted to the idea of sitting on the toilet seat, she'll cry whenever we put her on it. She no longer cry after 1 week of training. However, she's so notti, though she can differentiate between pee pee and poo poo, she juz simply dun wanna tell us when she's gonna do her biz. Think I gotta be patient with her.

I also noticed she's more responsive now as she can communicate better over the phone and engaged in more conversation with us. She's trying to speak in sentences like "I want to go out", "Let's go", "I dun want".........More and more words are going in her databrain definitely, like I juz heard her saying "Potty" yesterday. Guess must be effect from the toilet-training.

She can count from 1 to 13 in english, 14 onwards all sound like 13, hahaha :)
She can count from 1 to 20 in mandarin.
She can recite A to Z after us.
She got a new added fave program to her list besides Hi-5. It's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I even bot her the cd as we dun subscribe to Disney Channel.

I guess children love repetition. She loves doing the same thing, playing the same game or saying the same words over and over again.

One thing for sure, she lurves mimicking adult's action or words. :)

So Many Layer Tag

As you can see from the title, this is a super super long tag, in fact the longest and most time needed tag I've done so far. All thanks to Immomsdaughter :)

Layer One: On The Outside

Name : Irene
Birth Date : 17th August 197X
Current status : Happily Married
Eye Colour : Black
Hair Colour : Black
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside

Your Heritage : Hokkien
Your Fears : No $$$ and Family Conflicts
Your Weakness : My Close Ones
Your Perfect Pizza : Pizza with lotsa cheese (I'm a cheese lover)

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow

Your Thoughts First thing when I wake up : Can I dun go work? Can I sleep a while longer?
Your Bedtime : 11 pm to 12 am
Your Most Missed Memory : School Dayz

Layer Four : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McDonald's or Burger King : Neither
Single or Group Dates : Where got the time???
Adidas or Nike : Adidas
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla
Cappucino or Coffee : Dun drink coffee

Layer Five : Do You..

Smoke : Of course not
Curse: Have lah but very very seldom
Take a shower : Who doesn't?
Have a crush : Ever but definitely not now
Think you've been in love: Yes, with my hubby of course
Go to school : Of course lah
Want to get married : Already married, what else can I say??
Believe in yourself : Hmm....yes ba.
Think you're a health freak : I dun think so.

Layer Six : In The Past Month

Drank alcohol : Nope
Gone to the mall : Can't remember when, last week I suppose
Been on stage : To give a talk in public *Like Real!! Nah, hahaha* Sing Choir in Pri Sch lah
Eaten sushi : Last week
Dyed your hair : Last August

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..

Played A Stripping Game : U think I Siao ah
Changed Who You Were To Fit In :

Layer Eight : Age

You're Hoping To Be Married : Already married lah but my ideal is 24

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy

Best Eye Colour : Brown
Best Hair Colour : Brown and red
Short Hair or Long Hair : I prefer long cos hubby likes long-haired gal

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago : Typing this
1 Hour Ago : Reading blog and found that I kena tag
4.5 Hours Ago : Sleeping in my cosy bed
1 Month Ago : Who on earth can remember??
1 Year Ago: Aiyo....hard disk crash leh, information cannot be retrieved

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence

I Love : Sleeping and spending $$$$
I Feel : Happy with my life
I Hate : Children throwing tantrums
I Hide : Secrets from hubby, hahaha....joking, he'll kill me for this.
I Need : More sleep, more money and more time with hubby

Layer Twelve : Tag five people

I'm tagging mummy of

23 April 2007

Missing my Little Princess

We went to stay at my mum's place over the weekend. My initial plan was to return home on Monday (today) after work while my mum bring my gal back home when she awakes. However my mum said she wanna try out and see if Wenzel can stay together with her for a night without me around. If she's okay, then she might return home on Wednesday. Oh my.....which means I dun get to see her for 2 nights. I'll be missing her badly manz. :(

Well, frankly speaking, the moment when my mum mentioned this, I have this kind of unspeakable feeling. I wouldn't say sad or happy but more on the "Missing" element. I guess I'm the worrying sort, I started to think 'will she be able to adapt well', 'will my gal miss me badly too' .......... all sort of questions started running thru my mind.

Upon knowing that I wun be seeing my gal for few nights, I talked a lot to her yesterday, even when she was asleep. The only good thing is I get to rest more without my princess around in the house. But worrying and missing shall accompany me in exchange for the luxury to rest.

When come to think of it, It might also be a good thing cos Wenz wun be seeing me when I go delivery at the hospital too. This may be an early start to prepare her for it.

22 April 2007

Wenzel Loves Durian

I had so much to blog about after the slack during 1st trimester. However, whenever I sit in front of the PC, my mind juz went blank straight away or was it due to my light-headed??? Anyway, this is one of the interesting thing I wanted to write it down before I forget.

Suddenly got craving for durian and thus called my brother to go Geylang and buy. I remembered when I conceived Wenzel I also got craving for durian but that was in the last trimester. I bot a box of already packed durian, so-called the "better one" for ten bucks and finished it in 2 days cos hubby hates durian, in-laws juz had durian and want none of it and my parents were at NZ. Poor me, crave for a few pieces only but have to finish it all.

When brother came with durian in his hand, I was expecting those 3 for $20 type. When we opened up there were only 10 seeds in the 2 durians that he bot but each seed was very big. I had 3 seeds of it. Really yummy....

Mum asked bro how much does it cost......guess what???? He told us 2 durians for $90. *eyes rolling* WHAT????? Aiyo.....like cutting a piece of flesh down from my body manz. If I know so expensive, I'd have ask him not to buy. Siao ah, I can do much more with $90 leh. Though he paid for it but still heart-pain loh. I took 3 seeds which means $27 liao.

Wenzel was so cheeky, she kept wanting to touch the durian on the table. When we let her tried some, she said "NICE" and kept coming to me for more, I fed her some more and she said "Hmm....Yum!!". I guess the flesh of the durian was too thick and she had it too quickly and got a bit 'choked' by it. But still she dun learnt her lesson and wanted some more and kept saying "Yummy, yummy...." making all of us laughed at her silly action :)

Well, I can see that this little gal is taking after me more cos she lurves durian juz like I do, she lurves raisins juz like I do, she's cheeky, stubborn and lazy juz like I do......I suppose she got my GENES more. Wonder junior will take after who???

21 April 2007

Mimi the Glutton

Mimi is doing fine right now. Her MS has reached the final episode and her appetite has increased. Juz bcos she was informed by the nurse that she has lost weight during the last 2 check-ups, she has been eating like nobody biz now. You can spot her eating non-stop during the weekend. She could be munching away every moment like a glutton. Hmm......my greedy mimi.

She can order a few items at the same time like Nasi Pattaya, Kway Chap, Mee Rebus, Prawn Noodle and Carrot Cake. Whatever she craves for, she will juz go ahead and order. Scary right???

Worry abt her excessive weight-gain, not to worry cos though she ordered so many things at one go, she only eat little bit of each. I guess it's the people who accompany her for meal putting on more weight than her, hahaha.

Though she eats a lot now and she's coming to 19 weeks of her pregnancy, her tum tum is not showing as much as when she had me. Guess my junior is shy in showing unlike me, kekeke....

20 April 2007

I HATE Cockroach

Dunno why ever since pregnant, I am unable to sleep well on working dayzzz. Stress? Excited? I dun really noe. I will dream every nite even before being pregnant, some are good and some bad but mostly I wun remember it. But if it was those scary one, I'll definitely remember.

I dreamt of COCKROACH again last nite. I hate 'em. This is already the 3rd time I dreamt of this pest.

Well, I dun remember myself watching any horror film in the nite like "Mimic" or "The Fly" before going to bed. However, this fella chose to enter my dream and disturb me causing me to awake from fright. Grrr.....

16 April 2007

A Decision to Make

Ever since I know I am pregnant with No. 2, it is inevitable for me to worry ponder over a few pending issues. The most crucial one will be who will look after Wenzel if junior comes along?? My mum is getting on age and it'll be too tedious for her to handle 2 (sekali junior also very active like jie-jie) at the same time. Thus the question to choose between engaging a domestic helper or sending this gal to childcare is still undecided.

My heart definitely goes to sending her to childcare. In fact, I have called a few centers to check out the details. However, decision will still be made after viewing the place. I have seriously considered the pros and cons between the 2 options and I personally find that sending her to CC is more hassle-free. My only worry now is her adaptabilty skill in CC without us around.

In order to make her a stronger gal, I've work out a plan for her. I've checked out the nearby playgroup and have decided to send her for lessons starting next term in late June. This will be a 2-hr lesson in the afternoon from Monday to friday without her caregiver or me around to assist, to provide comfort and to protect her. Luckily the school allows 3 days for parent or caregiver to be around during lesson time.

I'll definitely go in to see what's happening for at least 1 day and analyse the suitabilty of the school for my gal. I'm not too concern with curriculum as my main intention is to let her expose to the harsh world outside without us around to protect her so that she can be more independent.

I have brought her along when I went for enquiries and her eyes were glued on all the jie-jies and kor-kors in the classroom. When I asked her if she wanna go school, she answered me "Yes". Glad that she's displaying a positive attitude before even going to school (my part of wishing). My mum is quite positive about the school too as Wenzel will be joining the existing class but bcos the term has already started, the teacher advised us to sign up for the next term. All the children has already past the 'crying state' thus Wenz wun be influenced and cry along too. *finger crossed* :)

14 April 2007

Wenzel, the BULLY

This little gal really know who to bully. When she sees her papa sleeping in the room early in the morning, she'll tell ah ma "Shhhh......papa's sleeping". Wow, so sweet rite??? So sayang his papa.

But it become totally diffferent when comes to me. When she sees me still sleeping nicely in my cosy bed, she'll come right to me and say " Mimi, wake up!!" If I refuse, she'll call until I wake up and bath her. *Faint*

Sometimes I trick her by covering myself with blanket when I noe she's coming into my room and she will actually assume it's her papa most of the time. :p

11 April 2007

Sweet Victory

Wenzel has won her papa's heart sub-consciously cos hubby actually planned to go out jalan-jalan without bringing our lil gal along. We were all playing happily in the living room and I had even finished feeding Wenz her dinner before arranging my mum to trick her into our room for a wash-up before we sneaked out of the house. She'll cry for sure if she was to witness the 2 of us going out without bringing her. To avoid all this heart-wrenching moment, we have to sneak out.

We actually took the lift down to the 1st floor already and hubby suddenly said "why dun we bring Wenz out?". I'm definitely in for this decision. Thus we took the same lift back home to fetch her. We could hear her looking for mimi and papa at the doorstep. She was very happy when she saw us.
There we were happily bringing her out as a family.
From this incident, I notice there is a slight change in hubby. His love for her has grown. He wasn't like that in the past as he'll go ahead with our date and wun have that guilty feeling of leaving Wenz at home. I always feel guiltly whenever I did that. Well, it's not that hubby dun love Wenz in the past, but juz that now this lil gal really noe how to win papa's heart with her hugs, kisses and of course sweet sweet manja voice. :)

10 April 2007

Junior on the Way!!

Junior at 12 weeks :) Junior at 16 weeks :)
By now, some would have notice the additional ticker right on the top. Yeah, another bundle of joy is coming right on our way. I was thrilled when I first learnt about it when I saw a positive result from the test kit. However, this pregnancy wasn't as smooth as when I conceived Wenzel.

I got spotting at week 7 and frequent lower abdominal cramps. My first trimester was disastrous. This explain why there was a delayed in updating blog. Whatever sypmtoms u name, I have it. Heartburn, constipation, fatigue, headache, nausea, light-headedness and migraine are all included in my package with light-headed and migraine being the worst now. My all-day sickness has gotten better and I'm only stuck with evening-sickness now. There were days where I felt so tired that I slept at 7pm. The past 2 months were filled with guilty moments as I spent so little time with my gal. I juz couldn't find the energy to spice up myself. Now that I have feel better, I am able to spend some quality time with her, reading story and playing games.

At week 12, I was informed that I had lost weight. I guess I must have vomitted too much. I did the first trimester screening for Down's syndrome, Edward's Syndrome and Patau's Syndrome as well as blood test. Phew, all results turn out good.

I went for my check-up earlier and doctor has explained the results to me. I always feel happy whenever I see my gynae. Next check up will be my detailed scan and I will be able to know the gender of the baby then. Well, irregardless of boy or gal, we'll definitely love the baby. Hubby loves gal, he wun mind the gender too.

Hubby is very supportive. He has been spending more time with our gal ever since he knew I was pregnant. We have successfully trained Wenzel to accept daddy to carry when we were outside. She also enjoys daddy's company as daddy always play interesting 'rough games' with her while I was hiding in the room sleeping.

I am happy everything goes well so far and my colleagues are very helpful at my work place esp during the past weeks. Will be back to update after my next check up.
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