30 September 2006


Today is ye-ye's birthday but we went over to his place yesterday for a cake cutting celebration already. Aiya it was the adults' excuse for eating cake and having fun anyway. :)

Mummy dressed me up in my pretty pretty clothing as usual. My doting ye-ye brought out the candles and lanterns for me to play once I reached there. I think he got mooncake festival spirit more than his own birthday.

Wah, kor-kor's lantern is a 'macho dragon' design while gu-gu's is hello kitty. Soon Ben kor-kor buay tahan oso perstered ye-ye to let him play candles along the corridor. We were like a 'malay kampong' family 'camping' outside.

Ye-ye has turned the outside area to be a mini play cum relax corner. Their neighbour, Limei jie-jie oso came over to join in the fun with Ben kor-kor.

Mummy juz went bonkers with her camera and snapped snapped snapped while daddy juz busy eating away with his mooncakes and drinking tea. Lazy daddy juz like me :p

Nai-nai kept trying to make me have interest in the lanterns but I was more interested in kajiao-ing the plants than lanterns lah. I kept shaking the plants and flowers, and leaves kept falling down, resembling 'shaking money tree' ah!!!

All people were having fun right outside the house while I was busy bringing candles here and there and watching the candles burning away. They had fun for solid 2 hours before packing up the place.

The must-play game at ye ye nai nai's house is magnets. Yes, placing magnets and arranging them on the refrigerator's door. This is how I learnt to say the word 'MAGNET' and I pronounce it accurately. There was a 'Yo-yo wind' blowing in their house recently and they got me one as well. Juz after one play I knew the word too!! Now yo-yo has keyed into my 'databrain' liao. It's really nice playing with different people cos can learn different things from different people mah. It's boring facing mummy 24/7 leh, sometimes must have a bit of changes, but not too drastic hor :)

Ye-ye was very happy cutting his cake, making wish and blowing candle. So wat pressie did my daddy give ye-ye?? Well well, of course got to do with ye-ye's fave pastime - DRINKING. Tadah, it's a bottle of hard liquor. Ye-ye must be thrilled.

Hmm....the strawberry cake was really yummy!! Everyone was enjoying it and I had a small slice of it too!! Nai-nai said the fresh cream will make her fatten by 1 kg. I think this will apply to mummy lah cos I think I saw mummy taking 2 slices of it leh. Tat means 2 kg loh, wahahaha :)

26 September 2006

All About Me

I have been super manja for the past weeks, always asking to be carried (even in my sleep). Ah ma said I'm seeking attention. Hmph...they dun understand me at all. My back molar coming out leh and my gums swollen up, of course I'm looking for someone to sayang me mah. Mummy is the person I always look for carry carry and comfort. Ah ma is the person I'll look for when I wanna sleep and whenever I get into trouble or scare.

However, my temperament has became worse. I woke up 4am almost everyday for the past 2 weeks, not for milk, not because I was hot but me wanna carry carry and play. I fake cries most of the time cos it's effective. :) Who can take me on???? I think only my ah ma and mummy but ah ma is the more patient one than mummy cos sometimes mummy will scold me, just like yesterday.

After a long day out yesterday, mummy decided to make me sleep earlier. However, I have chosen not to sleep cos she hasn't been patting me to sleep ever since she embarked on her project. Juz happened ah ma wasn't around too cos she was out pak tor with gong-gong. So my naive mummy thot I was the few months back baby whereby you just have to pretend you are sleeping while throw to me my bolster and I could suck it to sleep on my own. U wait ah.....wait long long ah....hehehe :p

I went to pull ah ma's clothing off the hanger and brought it to mummy as I noe she was pretending to sleep mah. hahaha, true enuf she explained to me ah ma not around and blah .... blah ... blah ... After an hour of fooling around with my dear mum, she scolded gave me a stern warning finally. As I have befriend daddy now, I seek refuge in his arm loh but only for a while lah cos once I see mummy, I would want her to carry instead despite being scolded. Even though only for a short while, daddy already feel very very happy liao cos his effort of spending more time with me has paid off mah.

All these while, I refused to be carried by him. Ever since daddy realised that he couldn't even carry me, he felt kinda sad and knew that he need to do something about it. As his working hours is irregular not like the usual 9-5 timing, he has more time at home than mummy in fact. During that period, he cut down on his gaming and increased time in playing and interacting with me. Nowadays I look upon him as my playmate. :) And yesterday when I asked him to carry carry me after being scolded, he felt happier than win lucky draw. Though he knew about mummy's expectation in disciplining me, his heart juz melted when he saw me asking to be carried by him. Of course I escaped the fate of having to sleep early loh. All thanks to daddy, heh heh :)

Since dun have to sleep early, they have to keep me occupied for sure. To repay them, I have to entertain and keep them occupied as well. I displayed my new found skill - COPYCAT means "me hear me say it" skill. When my daddy was playing with me, he held an aeroplane and told me things about aeroplane and I responded by saying 'airlopane'. Perhaps the recent theme learnt at KindyRoo does reinforce on the recognition of this word too. This is the first 3-syllabus word I have said so far. Though not very clear everytime I said it, it's already an achievement to my mummy. When I was playing ball with daddy, I said 'play ball'. Mummy was really excited hearing me saying a couplet rather than just a single word.

.....this is my recent new developmental milestone. :)

Happy Family Day

It has been a long time since we had our family day. As it was daddy's once a month weekend off-day, he intented to bring us go his fave place, China Square. He stressed to mummy not to use the words 'CS Again' cos long time never go CS liao so cannot be counted as again. Hmm....he was expressing out his dissatisfaction about previous post on his fave place. :) It was a long day out yesterday cos the arrangement was to celebrate ye-ye's birthday in advance at nite.

Of course mummy will gear me up in nice nice outfit. I had never put on hat for sooo long and mummy suddenly decided to put one on for me. Do I look like a kawaii nihon baby??? Mummy and ah ma were thrilled over my new image. :p

Mummy was trying very hard to pat me to sleep on our way to Chinatown in the bus. I fell asleep only after alighted from the bus.

However, my clumsy mum tried to put something underneath my neck so that I can sleep comfortably in my push-chair but then hor, once she lifted up my head, tat's it liao, I woke up crying not wanting to sleep. I dun even wanna sit in my push-chair ah. Bo bian loh, mummy and daddy took turn carrying me. Of course I berry happy lah :)

Well well, I'll fidget as usual so that the adults buay tahan liao put me down to roam about. Daddy shop, mummy shop and how can I not learn from them??? Of course must 'monkey see, monkey do loh!! I lurve books man. Me kept going to the book corner to ka jiao. Luckily the boss din come out and scold serve me.

Daddy bot lotsa nice cheap toy figurines from there, whereas mummy only bot these 3 birthday bears. One carrys the DOB of daddy, one is with mine and another is with mummy's DOB. Ain't they look cute???

Hmm.....they went for their luncheon at fave restaurant - HANS, while mummy can feed me with yummy home-cooked pasta. Actually tat restaurant not bad lah, got quite a wide variety of food to choose from. My pasta was really delicious, I finished the whole bowl before mummy's food was served.

After which, we took train down to Harbourfront for our evening function. On our way there, I 'report' duty liao. Ya, koon-ing....hehehe :)

Look at my hand position!!! Mummy find it so amusing so took this pic.

After an hour of nap, I woke up liao loh. Mummy was hoping I could sleep a little longer but I couldn't resist to the smell of the fries leh, so woke up liao loh. :p

Yum yum, tat's my appetiser before going to the Manhill Restaurant at Pasir Panjang. They served really good tze char food. Almost all people has good comments for the food but what's most important is ye-ye must eat till happy eat till shiok cos he's the birthday boy man mah.

24 September 2006

Fruitful Saturday

After my early morning lesson, I went home to rest a bit before going out in the evening to attend a function at one of ah ma's friend's house. Anyway ah ma oso need to cook curry cos it's a potluck party mah. However, I din really have sufficient sleep cos I fell asleep on my way home and woke up juz before reaching home then I refused to continue my sleep liao. Mummy of course sigh loh, haiz which means mummy cannot rest for sure cos need to jarga, entertain n play wif me mah while ah ma cooking. But anyway, I got to go out AGAIN. At least din waste my precious Saturday leh. heh heh :)

Though can go out, we have to travel from West to the East loh cos the party location is at Punggol leh. Since going Punggol, we dropped by aunty Karen's house first to pass her something before going for the 'aunties function'.

Luckily one of the aunties brought her children along and I had great fun playing with them. At first I only watched them playing and fighting. I would say these 2 kids got really good sibling relationship, though will fight but not for long tat type loh.

They lurve carrying me and enjoyed my company too!! This has put all aunties at ease as they can happily tucked away with their food while Ruilong kor-kor and Xinyi jie-jie 'look after' me. :)

Not only the children lurve carrying me, the adults too!!! Maybe I'm one kawaii baby to them, wahahaha (this phrase was exclaimed by mummy n not me hor, any compensation for puking, go find my dear mum hor :p)

23 September 2006

A Sleepy Saturday Morning

After a frightful nite episode yesterday, I din really have a good nite sleep. Me think the 'staying over at granny's house incident' must have affected me really badly. I woke up 4am crying looking for mummy asking her to carry me. I kept telling her 怕怕. After fallen asleep the word 抱抱 was still being uttered out. Must be having bad dreams too!!

There wasn't any second to waste so ah ma and mummy quickly settle me and set off for my 2nd lesson at KindyRoo. Well, after the fright yesterday, I appeared to me quite tame in the lesson. I would say I wun dare to wander about. Ah ma said I really tio frightened until very jialat. But overall, I was still having fun there. :)

Today's theme is on Aeroplane and the emphasis is on General Development. We did the usual stuff except for a few new songs and rhythm.

After the 2nd bit of free play, we were each given a 'magic wand'. Bluff u wan lah, it's actually a stick attached with ribbon for us to swing about and watch the ribbon flying around. I know how to swing in the correct way like the action you can see in Chinese dance. Oh boy, perhaps I can be a dancer too!! :)

Better dun let mummy noe or next time I will suffer man.....attend swimming, abacus, piano, somemore got dancing???? I'll faint man. :z

The parachute session that I used to love sooo much didn't make me thrill about it. I didn't dare to do my fave 'Whoosh' too!!!! Mummy will blame it on yesterday incident again!!! Well nevermind, think they will help me regain my usual self back soon......

Afraid that I will be famished after the lesson, ah ma went to buy me some buns. I was happily eating away while me waiting for mummy. Guess where did mummy go???

.....me waiting outside the toilet loh, hahaha.

Ya I noe, bo liao mah!!! :)
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