29 August 2006


Granny and grandpa celebrated their 3oth Anniversary yesterday. Their actual day is on the 05 September but they decided to celebrate it earlier loh. My papa and mama gave nai-nai a beautiful bouquet of sunflower cos it symbolises nai-nai's character - CHEERFUL!!

So wat did I give them???? I have just mastered how to call out 爺爺. I think ye-ye must be feeling very happy after hearing me called him in my sweet sweet voice. Thanks to ah ma for training me day and night until I noe how to call. :) I already noe how to call 奶奶 since last month so it was not so surprise for her lah. But seriously, I wanna wish them happy happy ever after and many more 30 years to come.......HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Yeah!! Since it was their big day, of course have to give everyone a treat lah. We were treated to a sumptous buffet spread cos ye-ye lurves buffet but most importantly, I got to eat too!! :p Yummy...yummy.....did I tell u my 2 molars were out liao??? Yes, so I have a total of 10 pearlie white teeth, tat's why can eat lotsa good food now loh, kekeke :)

Dunno izit becos mian lui $$$, mummy ate a lot leh, wahahaha! At least this is wat I saw loh. She went three four rounds ah. U dun believe me, I ask her to show u her stomach loh. :)

Uh oh......mummy asked me to shut up keep quiet and dun talk too much while makan-ing :)

Too bad uncle Kelvin and my gu-gu couldn't attend cos gu-gu was down with some kind of infection and having high fever, so her personal 'maria' aka uncle Kelvin has to look after her. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

Ah ma and gong-gong was invited for the event as well. Aiya anyway these 4 folks always meet up for this and that munchies wan lah. It will be surprising if u dun see them.
Despite having lotsa new bites there, mummy still insist on feeding me my usual yummy porridge. I guai guai eat loh in case next time she dun cook for me ah.
It has been a long time since my papa and mama take photo together so they decided to exclude me. Hmph.......neber mind, let u off this time round.

Soon everyone has filled up their stomach and ready to leave. I was fascinated by the big colourful crystal balls displayed outside the restaurant. It sure kept me occupied for quite some time while ye-ye was settling the bill.

Just then, another jie-jie came by and we interacted a while. Me think my mood very very good tat day ah, I very friendly to her and did not bully her leh. I even clapped my hands and hummed a song for her.

27 August 2006

Playdate 4

We had a meet-the-babes session at our house. There were a lot of people to play with me. The children who came include Lucas kor-kor, Ryan di-di, Gwen jie-jie n Glenys mei-mei. Too bad Glenys mei-mei still too young to play with us lah, oni 4 months plus old leh. But mummy did keep her occupied by flashing picture cards to stimulate her tiny brain a little and of course helped to babysit while godmama can rest a bit loh.

Though oni 2 gals and 2 boys playing, oredi wanna tear down the whole house liao. The place was filled with lots of children playing sound like laughter, cries and screaming of course.

Enjoying building up motor skills n enhancing creativity at my personal learning corner.
Then it's some involvement in stretching n working out activities

We din interact much though, but were engrossed in selecting the toys we wanna play. They were just like me, enjoyed playing ball. Luckily I have enuf balls to go around sharing.
We were having fun throwing, tossing and rolling the round round thing!!!

We all had a great time playing with my wide selection of toys. Sometimes not exactly playing, include snatching as well, heh heh, tat's wat most toddlers will do, I suppose!!! :)

It was fun watching Lucas kor-kor playing. It made me thrilled as well by watching him sliding down.

After that I played along with him as well. :)

Tadah, I'm done!! Then I went up again and again.......

After countless fun, we had our snack cum break time.

Mummy played Hi-5 which was supposed to be Gwen jie-jie and my fave but it seemed tat we weren't concentrating on it. Must be due to lotsa distraction perhaps.

Then we have some storybook time as well, hoping to calm the children down.

Soon 2 hours worth of fun has past and Ryan di-di bidded goodbye to us as he has another birthday party to attend at 6pm.

Then only left with Gwen jie-jie and me liao. She was waiting for her papa to come and fetch her home.

We sure look like playing very well in the picture but mummy neber show u photos of how many times we 'fight' over the same toy after tat, hahaha :p

Me think hor, jie-jie look very much like godmama leh, while Glenys mei-mei look more like her papa. Nevertheless, they are both their children lah. Glenys mei-mei oso not bad ah, trying to keep up to our conversation and babbled alot.

After the play and makan, it was time to bid goodbye. Our house seriously needed a domestic helper and I think jie-jie can make one good good housekeeper, wahaha :)

I din bully her hor, she did it willingly wan. :) Hope all the children had a fun time at our house. Mummy's cracking her brain to gather the babes together again during mooncake day. Yeah yeah....Yippee!!!!

(P/S: Of course I'm looking forward to it cos I earned myself a lot of things in this playdate leh, Aunty SH gave me lotsa dresses from GAP spree and Godmama bot me a new Hi-5 vcd and not forgetting the sweet yummy golden kiwifruit, hiak hiak hiak :p) A BIG BIG thank U to ALL :)

26 August 2006

New Baby

I get to open up n play one new toy each month & Toy of the month is this pretty fun thingy called Little Mommy by Fisher Price given by aunties Karen n QQ during my birthday. In fact I received 2 sets, another one was given by daddy's good fren, uncle Kang, which means I can put another set at granny's place n mess up her house too!! Wahahaha :p

This toy consists of a trolley with mini highchair for baby doll to sit and a removable basket behind to put the baby barangs. Her barangs din lose out to me either leh. Cool man, there's a mobile phone with the holder attached on the side of the trolley for mummy, tat's me to use.

Look!! I'm pretending to be a mummy feeding my baby. I noe how to kiss, rock and pat the baby........err....and oso not forgetting to bully the baby lah. Mummy said luckily dun have any baby bro or sis right now or else jialat ah, sure get ahbuchiak by me.

Think mummy's trying to make me have a liking for a baby so tat she can start TTC soon. Dun need to mention tat she's trying to make me accept the fact tat I must share everything with this somebody permanently too.........hmm......ya lah, my siblings loh, who else!!?!!

But hor, after seeing how I handle my toy baby, I wonder did I scare mummy off the idea of having a di-di or mei-mei for me anot??? :)

21 August 2006

An Unlucky Day

I was sooo unlucky, met with a small mishap, me sprained my left hand while on our way towards makan place. Mummy thot daddy was holding onto my right hand while she was holding on my left and there I fell and mummy juz pulled me up. Tat was when mummy heard or rather felt a 'twitch' sound. I sat on the ground and cried bitterly.

Mummy told daddy about it and quickly carried me up, cuddled me, massaged my tiny little hand. She suspected I might have sprained my left wrist while daddy was afraid of any joints dislocated. After much pacifying, they went ahead to the makan place, with uneasy hearts of course. Shortly after mummy has placed her order, she put me sitted down on a high chair wanted to feed me. However, I started crying while holding my left wrist with my right, indicating some pain around that area. Daddy and mummy both decided to 'ta pao' the food instead of dine in and sent me straight to KKH. Inside the cab was a total silence with worrying expressions on daddy and mummy's faces.

Luckily the queue wasn't too long for me to be attended by the counter nurse. When she was examining me, she dun find the problem to be tat serious as I could move my left arm up and down trying to reach out for the sweets :p She can sense the worrying look on mummy's face, so she suggested tat we can still seek the doctor's advice if we wanted.

Daddy thot juz go ahead and proceed, then he received a call from gong-gong. Upon realising my mishap, he and ah ma cheong straight to KKH. We waited for quite some time for registration but on a second thought daddy decided not to consult the doctor cos I was reacting normally besides my usual manja crying tone towards mummy. We went back to inform the same counter nurse who has treated me earlier and she helped to 'realign' my joint back to normal position and explained to daddy. She said it is common to have 'pulled-elbow' for children 1-5 years old. Phew the whole episode has ended and luckily it was 有驚無險. But the re-alignment was VERY VERY PAINFUL, I cried even I was in the cab until ah ma unwrapped the sweet tat was given by the nurse to let me lick. Hmm........ :)

AquaDuck Trial :(

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I went for my AquaDuck trial together with Ryan di-di earlier. It turned out to be a disappointment. First of all, there wasn't anyone around to explain anything to us (machiam like we wasn't a potential customer). What's more?? We were greeted by a stench of athlete's foot juz outside the lift area leading to the entrance. Tat enclosed area was so small enuf for the smell to diffused n blended into the air of every corner. So every breath u take in was u noe EEW.....

The trial was suppose to start at 3pm and we waited till that timing. However, the trainer started off the lesson for babies straight away without asking around whether we will be joining cos it's obvious tat me & Ryan both are toddlers, we can't possibly join the other class with another trainer with older kids. Daddy didn't care sooo much and brought me down the pool despite of the poor customer service they have or rather lousy arrangement. The first few minutes was plainly free play in the water and bonding time with my dear daddy. The trainer just bo chap us even though we were very near her. Daddy has to approach the trainer instead. Then we were so-called 'formally' joining into the group with the rest.

The trainer introduced a few methods for daddy to handle me in a more appropriate way BUT it doesn't help at all. Instead, I gulped down a mouthful of chlorinated water. Yucks!! And guess wat??? Something came right out from my mouth shortly after tat mouthful of water. Yes, I vomitted a little bit of my earlier yummy porridge out. The trainer witnessed the incident and asked me to take a rest, telling my daddy: "your baby might not be feeling well". What a load of rubbish!!! Me not well??? I was enjoying every moment of it in the water. Me lurve splashing water with my hands and kicking with my legs. Can't blame the trainer either lah, maybe my daddy dunno how to display what was taught.

Despite of the poor customer service, I truly enjoy my 'swim' until dun even wanna come out of the water. Ryan di-di appeared to be a little apprehensive. He cried shortly after going into the water. I think he dun enjoy as much as I did. I cried too but tat was because daddy carried me out of the pool. Think next time I chio Ryan di-di go Woodlands Swimming Complex better lah. Luckily it was a FREE trial, if need to pay, I can't imagine how 'black' mummy's face will be, hahaha :)

20 August 2006

Bucket n Spade

Today is my 3rd and oso the last trial lesson at KindyRoo. I was happy cos daddy went together with us as well. Mummy brought my bucket and spade along for the 'treasure bag' time too!! As usual, I was given a cute bucket n spade stamp on my right hand and leg.

The first thing I set my eyes on was the toy truck. I 'occupied' for quite some time before mummy able to distract me and bring me to the equipment area.

At first I was a bit sad for not being able to play the truck so I juz stood down there 'zuo bo' but soon a 'clown' was there making me laugh. Yeah...daddy is the clown loh. Playing with daddy differs from playing mummy, I can learn different things from them. Mummy has been bringing me there for 2 trials and the things n concept she introduced to me was different from daddy. Tat's why mummy lurves to include daddy into the picture whenever possible.
The layout for the equipment area changes every week. This week setting include swing and this rope-rope thing believe to be able to improve cognition, sensory motor skills n oso to build up some muscle leh :p Me dun wanna be popeye leh, kekeke! See, daddy carry me until my belly let ppl see liao. Malu malu ah......

After the treasure bag time, we got to explore the function of today's theme - spade n bucket. I oso not bad, I explore it using my mouth. This is oso part of sensory skills mah, hehehe :) Then we moved on to something special.
I got to play a new thing there called 'playdoh'. Heh heh, pretty fun leh!! Look at the fish I made. Think I will have my very own playdoh set soon but mummy said she'll DIY her own baby-safe playdoh for me to play first cos me until now still put whatever new thing into my mouth leh.
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