30 April 2006

Day 2 - My 1st Birthday Review

I didn't really sleep well during the 1st night at the chalet, probably because I was sleeping in a foreign room on a foreign bed. So somehow the smell of the mattress just wasn't right even though mummy has covered the mattress with my usual tweety bird bedsheet under ah ma's instruction.
I woke up quite a few times in the middle of the night, but there was this particular bad one where I woke up crying very loudly and told ah ma 'bu yao' 'bu yao'. Dun want also bo bian, so ah ma had to carry me, console me and pat me back to sleep.

But I wasn't going to let this affect my 2nd day! Yippee...

I woke up at about 7am, had breakfast with Mummy, gong-gong & ah ma and did my usual stuff -- 'Baking cake'. Oh gosh! They had even brought my potty along, can you believe it??

I wanted very much to enter to the kids' playroom at the resort after racky-ing yesterday . There were so many things to play inside - got a slide, swing, obstacles that you can climb up & down and also an area filled with colourful balls. However, gu-gu advised not to go in afraid of HFMD so granny forbidded me to step in. Hence, no permission granted. After which, I went back to take my lunch. Why on earth am I still feeding on porridge and milk only?? I thought I'm 1 year old liao?? Shouldn't I eat like an adult?? But the pumpkin porridge that ah ma prepared taste really nice!! Hmm... Ah ma also prepared delicious lunch for all people.

Ah ma & gong-gong busy preparing meals in the kitchen

Gu-por's family happily indulging in their meals

As usual, my uncles, auntie and cousin Ben korkor were playing happily with MY BALL. I wanted to reach out for it but was not allowed to as I'm still not mobile like them. So I can only watched them from a distant but making quite a lot of noise.

I've really young uncles and auntie

At last, I ended up entertaining the adults with my funny actions.

Granny doing the supermodel pose

Ben kor-kor becomes 'bo-gemon' cos his 2 front teeth has dropped and he likes POKEMON alot.

gu-por and me

The Lovebirds: gu-gu and Uncle Kelvin

Auntie Qiaojin came really early at around 12.15pm to send me her well-wishes. She left shortly after that as she has to attend to her son cos Guanyuan korkor was down with fever after MMR jab. Hopefully he'll recover in no time.

Soon it was time to take my afternoon nap. And this time, my body was very cooperative - I slept for one and a half hour. :P

I took a short spin in my pushchair and that's me waiting inpatiently for my guests to arrive (actually waiting for my pressies lah :P)

The guests were scheduled to arrive from 5.30pm onwards. Mummy told me that we would be expecting quite number of babies as well, which is great cos I just love interacting and playing with them! So fun!

My lao da jie sitting posture

Soon, the guests started to arrive and I had to go doll up myself and change into my brand new birthday gown. There were so many people! And of course, there were so many presents...for me too! Kekeke...

Obviously, I was the limelight for the night (yes I know, buay paiseh again) and many people wanted to carry me and take photos with me. I pretty much obliged, though I got a bit cranky later in the night mainly because I feel so warm and stuffy.

There were lots of food to go around; some cooked food by ah ma and gong gong and the rest were catered buffet. Ah ma and gong gong had a busy day preparing extra yummy stuffs for my guests. As usual, I can only watch and swallow saliva while the adults happily tucked away in their food fest.

My birthday cake nice? Swee hor... Mummy ordered it online specially for me. I like it very much you know, 'cos got cute Melody sitting on it and I like my name being spelt out on top of the cake using white chocolate; that's a really yummy idea!

Anyway, back to my party. :P

Everyone clapped and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me, and then I authorized Mummy to blow the candle on my behalf. BUT I've made up my mind that I will want to do that on my own on my 2nd birthday. :) Then Daddy placed the plastic knife in my hand and guided me to cut my cake. Wah, very sim tia leh... if I were to cut Melody's head into 2. Heh...so I chose to cut by the side. Ah ma and gong-gong later then took over the role of cutting up and distributing the cake to all my guests. What to do?? I'm the main attraction of the nite, of course must sit and relax loh. I think they wun mind lah. All the children were enjoying the cake. I guess most children like cake just like me.

And of course, how could I pass up the chance of tasting my own cake??? So I eagerly poked the cake with my fingers to try it. I have quite a bit of it. Heh heh. Just one word to describe my feeling - SHIOK!

Soon it was time for everyone to go home liao; and I had to go clean up and koon to recharge my batteries for the next day. However, I refused to sleep even after changed into pyjamas. Maybe I haven take a good look at all my presents collected from uncles and aunties yet lah!

Ah ma and gong-gong after a tiring day preparing food!

But Daddy said I must koon first, then can open presents the next day when we reach home. Ok lor...I can't argue with that cos he's holding my angpow money ransom. :P

As the night wore on, I was getting more and more sleepy liao. According to Mummy, I kept rubbing my eyes like going to pop out liao. So bo pian loh, I've got to go hug my bolster and sleep. Heh heh...

29 April 2006

Day 1: Happy Hapi Day

On our way to chalet resort

We checked into the chalet at about 4pm on Friday, together with gong-gong and ah ma. Mummy said we were like bringing half of the house barangs there. However, poor gong-gong was the one carrying all the stuffs to our chalet unit when we reached as my muddle-minded mummy overlooked and asked the cabby to drop us at the reception instead. Luckily our unit wasn't that far away from the reception or else sure pengsan ah.

Whoa, the place was really big! There is a living room, dining room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms and a huge area outside the chalet for BBQ. This is daddy and mummy's fav getaway in Singapore as it can accomodate lots of people. Gu-por booked another unit nearby us for her family.

Tat's me playing with the deco thingy...

Me gonna kajiao daddy and pester him to gimme 1 balloon

I just sit down there and shake legs :P

Decos done up liao

Mummy even decorated my highchair

Mummy was afraid that tmr will be very busy so Daddy and Mummy had to put up my birthday decorations. Haha... I just sit down there shake leg and kajiao them :P. So up a sesame street banner that says "Happy Birthday"! There were balloons for sure and Daddy was in-charge of that cos mummy was too lazy to do the climbing up job. Heh heh, however, she took over the task after daddy left for BBQ at gu-por's unit 'cos she did not dare tell daddy that his balloon-bundling skill was sooo...ahem...better not say lah, sekali he dun wanna let me celebrate my birthday them cham liao loh...hehe

Gong-gong was busy familiarising the kitchen workflow in preparation for tmr's 'battle'. He's going to cook great stuffs together with ah ma for all my guests. Soon I was eager to explore the resort - what else, in my pushchair of course since I still dunno how to walk. I'm at the mercy of whoever pushing me, so I better behave myself or I dun get to go anywhere. Haiz...

Ah ma, gong-gong and mummy did not join in the BBQ fiesta at gu-por's unit 'cos they are HERBIVORES. I'm a vegetarian baby too! However, mummy went over there after finished feeding me milk. Darn, they counted me out. Anyway I have pon pon liao, I oso dun wanna kena those smelly smoke on my hair and clothes. :)

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