31 December 2005


Mummy told me that tomorrow is daddy's birthday. She has some surprise for him. Mummy's going to hold a small party for daddy. Grandma will be the chef of the day. Heard tat we'll be having Mee Rebus for tomorrow. Yummy but as usual I oni get to smell it. Nevermind loh, juz drink my milk will do. Saw mummy wrapping daddy's gift, it's a full set of Gundam Seed Destiny Animation. Daddy will be thrilled if he knows about it.

Nothing in Particular

Well well I'm rather cranky today. Maybe bcos the adults dunno what I was saying. I told them I want a milk feed before I take my nap but they took such a long time to figure out what I want, in the end I was exhausted from all the crying and hunger, and I slept before I could finish my milk.

29 December 2005


Aiyo, kiasu ah ma training me to walk. As this is a 2-in-1 walker, ah ma converted the sitting position walker to a walking position one. Must be under the instruction of my kiasu mummy. I'm oni 8 months old leh, can't even stand unsupported how to be able to walk now?? Mummy, you have to let nature takes it's course lah.

26 December 2005

My 1st X'mas

Yay, Christmas time finally. Heard that the adults are having a popiah feast and tea appreciation today. Aunties, uncles, cousins and my godpa will be going over to granny's place. As usual, chef of the day will be ah ma and granny. Ah ma will cook the vegetarian style and granny the non-vegetarian one. Uncle Kelvin will be displaying his expertise on tea appreciation demonstration. Gong gong will be the happiest person as he's a tea lover mah.

Hmm..seems like it's another hugging fest. They just love carrying me, maybe I'm just too adorable liao. (for sure, mummy will say I thick-skin one)

Wow, I got lots of Christmas pressies today. Hurray!

Daddy definitely wanna keep godpa behind for some rounds of game.

25 December 2005

Gate Barrier

Wen is really fond of going in the kitchen to 'help' organizing the drawers, 'clean' the dining table and pull out clothes from the laundry basket. She has the total freedom to roam about in the house including kitchen. She'll make a mess of it after going in. My mum says it is rather dangerous for Wen when she knows how to crawl so we have decided to put up a barrier. She happily sees us putting up the gate. Must be thinking that it's some kinda new toys for her. She'll be very mad tmr when she realizes that she can't enter anymore. Shall wait and see.

Walker Walker

How come Im in a different walker today?? I think I still prefer my previous one leh. Dun tell me mummy's going to give it away?? Phew, mummy told me the new one is going to put at granny's house. It was given with cmpliments from Auntie Hamidah since her daughter dun need it anymore. Hmm..this name sounds familiar!! Okie I noe it, she came to visit me in the hospital when I was 1 day old. Thank you Auntie Hamidah.

First Playground

Ah ma was busy buying groceries while gong gong and mummy brought me to the nearby playground to interact with older kidz. However, I was a little apprehensive of the environment and din really enjoy myself in the beginning. It became better as I get more accustomed to the surrounding.

23 December 2005

New Pon Pon

It's really strange today. I no longer bath at my usual place. Ah ma baths me in the bathroom. She puts me sitting down in the tub and baths me with water with shower spray.

17 December 2005

Hide & Seek

Wen's fav game for now got to be playing hide and seek with anyone in the house. Whenever we call out her name, she will quickly go to a corner, stay motionless, facing down and avoiding our eye contact. When we move forward and catch her, she'll giggle, laugh and scream out loud. Haha, It's really fun seeing her reaction.

13 December 2005

Fav Song......Bah-bah

Wen's fav song for this moment got to be the 'Dragostea Din Tei by Ozone'. Got Chinese version one as well. She will laugh whenever she hears it followed by shaking her body and dance to the music. View movie clip to get a better picture of what I have mentioned.

10 December 2005

Trip Update......

Waiting for coach to clear the custom at 2nd Link Terminal

This trip was quite relaxing but the makan wasn't that good cos only limited choices in the resort. However, all of us still enjoy the trip.

Daddy coaching Cousin Benedict korkor to swim

I kept my promise of showing you the big whale float my kiasu mummy bot for me

Hungry after a 'long swim'

<Getting ready for dinner> <Ben korkor watching cartoon network>

Having dinner together

Look at my handsome daddy (daddy asked me to say wan)!

Me enjoying myself on the banana truck ride

Personal time for gong gong and ah ma

Daddy and Mummy rather carry a snake than me, hmph

04 December 2005


We are busy getting ready for our Melacca Trip tomorrow. Seems that Wen knows about it when she saw us packing our barang barang. I think she's also excited, if not she wouldn't have awoken at 3am to play. Hehe…

02 December 2005

Great Achievement

Noticed that Wen can stand up whenever holding on to something. Not only the adults are excited about it, little Wen is oso excited about it. Hehe...

01 December 2005

My Reflections

It's amazing to see an infant growing. Wen always comes out with some new tricks every now and then. It's really fun playing with her, hearing at her laughter and seeing her develop bit by bit. Now that she knows how to crawl already, its a lot more tiring cos has go after her wherever she goes and proofs all dangerous zone in case she got herself hurt. She starts to display awareness of the people around her. She will cruise round the house in her walker from one room to another in the day when she's alone with ah ma machiam like looking for daddy and mummy.
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