31 July 2005

My Reflections

Wenzel is a light sleeper. Till now, the ½ hour naptime is enforced and she'll wake up to any slightest sound and knocking came from upstairs' neighbour. There were few occasions, she was awakened and shocked by sound of the vacuum cleaner. She's like a timid little mouse afraid of sudden noises. On one instance, daddy gave out a sneeze and she was shocked by that loud sudden a-chu. Needless to say, she cried terribly.

25 July 2005

Day out in stroller

Daddy and mummy brought me out to China Square. That is daddy's fav place on Sunday. He'll be there looking out for new toys or animation for himself (you know, the adult kinda toy like Macross robots). Who knows I might remove it from one of daddy's display shelves at home and play with it too?

Say wanna bring me out jalan jalan but with own intention one, I tekan daddy carrying me and not sitting on the stroller. Poor mummy has to carry the stroller instead. They grabbed a quick meal at Hans, their fav restaurant over there, and I got to drink milk from bottle using daddy's "invincible carry carry feed feed" technique. I have a fun time out there and I think daddy enjoys equally much of my torture too (carrying me), hiak hiak hiak...

19 July 2005

Back to work

Mummy's going back to work today. I'll miss her for sure :( No more monkey show at home. Ah ma will be my main caregiver liao. But I know mummy really loves me cos every time before she goes out, she will kiss my forehead and says she loves me. Best of all, she will return home with something for me: toys, books or clothing. Hurray!

16 July 2005

My virgin flip

Realized that Wen know how to flip and sleep on tummy down one day. But of course, she dunno how to flip back cos she will definitely be struggling and yelling for help in the playpen. I have always wanted to train her sleeping on tummy, now that she knows how to flip, it save my trouble of doing so. All the acrobatics she has done at the gym thing must have help her improve her coordination. It's worth my $$ buying it, haha...

13 July 2005

Bath Time

Wen enjoys bath time better now. I can still remember when she first came back, she was so fearful of water. I'm glad that my mum trained her not to be afraid of water. She skillfully baths her while I'll become the monkey playing with Wen making her laugh. It's fun and happy to hear her laughter, hehe!

12 July 2005

Play Gym

Mummy has bot me a play gym today. Cool man! It's colorful and comes with a mirror to see if my hair is messy anot (paiseh~not much hair yet lah). I love hitting at the toys hanging and looking at them when they move. It's really very comfortable lying down there playing and listening to the sound. Ah ma always says I played so rough like a boy but also praise me for being smart, able to use my leg to kick the toys too. Aiyo, I'm too excited mah, new toy leh, kekeke~

06 July 2005

Hunger Strike

Weaning Wen off the breast is so difficult. She kept rejecting bottle and throw tantrum whenever it's milk time. Even ah ma feed oso dun want liao. So garang...sometimes even go on hunger strike for 2 feeds, after much pacifying then entertain you drink 3oz. Of course I'm worried cos going back to work in 2 weeks time. Guess just have to be patient and console myself saying next month will be better. Worst still, she'll turn to the breast of that person carrying her. So embarrassing!!

I have went to net for solutions and even consulted friends who breastfeed. I have bot many different types of teats and she likes NUK latex one at the moment cos it resembles the shape and texture of a real nipple, shall keep my finger cross. Dunno which brand is next??? It doesn't matter so long that she can finish her milk. Tat's my top priority now.

We even have different people to feed her, it seems that she enjoy daddy feeding her right now. Daddy will be very proud each time Wen finishes the bottle. He will say nothing can beat the "invincible carry carry feed feed method". No wonder Wen enjoys lah, carry in arms, pace up & down and feed at the same time. She really know how to tekan daddy. I've tried that method too, it really works!

01 July 2005

Bye bye Mittens & Booties

I get to eat different 'drumstick' today. Mummy said they are fingers and began singing me finger song. I can feel and touch the toys around me and in the playpen. Thumbkin is my best fren, I'll always bring her to sleep. Hmmm....delicious!

Mummy said my feet stink, maybe was covered up for too long. See, you should have removed my booties earlier! It's much airy now. Wuhoo...

My Reflections

This is the first time I saw a mere 1.5months old baby laughing out loud. Ya, it's my Wenzel. It's so sweet to hear her laughter. She is full of funny noises when she's asleep in the night. I love holding her tiny hands and feet. They are sooo cute.

Feeding her with bottle is so difficult. Din expects a baby to have preference at such a young age. Feeding time is like battle time. We are always brainstorming of different ideas to counter her new tricks. She dun like to be carried while drinking and only allows ah ma to feed her using bottle at the moment, some more must be lying on bouncer. Dunno what's next coming up???
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