31 May 2005

My Reflections

No one ever tells me what happens after child birth. Here I am, experiencing all kind of things associated with newborn. I din expect an infant can poo so many times a day, myself doing a nappy change, breastfeeding to be that messy, shouldering heavy responsibility and awaken at 3am in the morning by baby to play. I dun even have time to comb my hair, haiz! Everything is a new experience to me.

Actually before Wenzel's arrival, I dun really like young children. But by looking at Wen now made me realize the fun and joy of having children. Looking at her innocent face, I feel that I need to give her love, shower her care and cuddle her to provide security. I enjoy seeing her smiling, love holding her and watching her sleep, looking at her stretching her small body and be awake. She will even smile in her sleep. Her chubby cheeks are so irresistibly kissable. Guess I just love everything of her and couldn't get enough of her.

29 May 2005

My Full Month Party

My very first big day has come finally. I'm one month old liao. Ah ma, gong-gong and mummy brought me out of the house for jalan jalan saying to break the traditional 'pantang'. Dunno what's tat but I noe they meant well for me & most impt is I get to go out. Heard them saying need to do 3 things. Lucky enuf for them to find funeral wake few blocks away, a couple married at the next block of our house and a preggie is the most difficult to find but managed to in the end.

This party is like a hugging fest. I was practically being carried for the whole day by uncles and aunties; actually I oso enjoy being carried. They love kissing my chubby cheelks and touch my small rosebub lips. Daddy and mummy were busy entertaining the guests while I stayed awake throughout the whole party. I paiseh mah, dun like people to look at me sleeping, oso today is my big day leh, how can I miss out all details leh!!

Party's over and I finally KO @2345hr. Everyone's tired but happy. I'm the happiest cos got lots of angpaos and presents, all exclusively mine. Yeah! Goodnite everybody, thank you daddy and mummy for making my day BIG....

26 May 2005

First Haircut

Ah ma and mummy bring me for my first haircut today. Mummy brings me to this shop where they provide free haircut when we place order for baby's hair to make into a brush. They are getting me ready for my coming full month party. YaY, sounds pretty interesting, must be very happening; our house will be full of young, tall, handsome hunks. Kekeke~ really looking forward...

Oh no they mean business, they are really going to cut my hair!

Haiz, cannot outbeat the adults even though I put up a struggle.
See, my NEW LOOK!

15 May 2005

Scared Scared!!

Baby Wen is so afraid of taking shower ever since the first day she came home. She'll grab tightly of ah ma throughout the whole bath and usually cry a while when we took off her clothing preparing her for a bath.

11 May 2005

Breastfeeding ain't FUN @All

No one ever tells me that breastfeeding is tat messy, not even the breastfeeding consultant. Milk just squirt into baby's eyes before she had a chance to latch on, the other side of the breast will start leaking like a tap when baby is feeding on another side!! How I wish there is a on/off switch to it!!! Dennis even made a joke out of it saying I'm leaking up and down. Got it?? So cold rite???

Baby Wen took a while to master the skills of latching on before she can really suckle well. This got ah ma worried of baby not getting sufficient food since mummy insisted on total breastfeeding,

Wen cried really loud whenever she can't get milk and I took a while to guide her latching onto the milk source. Strangely, she can suckle well in the day but not at night, this got Dennis frustrated over Wen's cries in the night.

08 May 2005

Sunshine after the rain

I was brought back to the same pediatrician who gave me jabs when I was born in MEH.
At Dr Ng's clinic, I was the very first patient waiting for him to see me. Strange enough, my fever has gone down when Dr Ng examined me. Actually, my eye was infected so I was prescribed with eye drops. I think must be the infection that has caused the fever. But one thing for sure, we'll never come back to this clinic again cos I heard the Dr Ng chiding mummy and indirectly criticizing on ah ma's method of taking care of children.

The fever episode came to an end and mummy was very tired since she is still under confinement then but she becomes happy again soon after she knows I'm well.

07 May 2005

Friday Nite Fever

Mummy noticed a slight increase in temperature on Friday nite. This got ah ma and mummy worried as infant getting fever is something not to be neglected. They brought me to KKH on Sat morning thinking tat it would be a lot easier to register and have my jabs there in future.

The counter nurse took my temp & said tat it was very high ~abt 39 deg. I was seen by a medical officer who asked so many questions and not solving any of the problems. Worst of all, he was unsure then and asked another experienced MO to come over. They told daddy that I had to be admitted for further investigation by the doctor. However, there wasn't any doctor then and KKH procedures for seeing the doctor is too long, mummy got really worried as I can see her almost crying out the moment she heard admitted.

Moreover, the MO's explanation and diagnosis was not very clear and certain, mummy told daddy she dun wanna me to be admitted so Daddy told the counter staff nurse firmly that he wanted to seek treatment elsewhere. Phew, I dun have to be separated from mum and dad. I'm juz a mere 1 week old infant leh.

Umbilical Cord

I was struggling with ah ma when she tried to wrap me up and that was when my umbilical cord dropped. It dropped exactly 1 week after my arrival. Mummy kept the cord saying she wanted to do a seal for me. Dunno wat's tat, juz wait and see loh... :)

Nappy vs Diaper

Actually, ah ma wanted me to use nappy but my superduper digestive system made her abort the idea. I'll poo @ least 7X a day and pee countless times. They were so busy changing me every moment; this was how I started using disposable diapers after 1 week of nappies. My very first brand of diapers beside pampers newborn @MEH is Drypers S size.

05 May 2005

Mr Sunshine

Rise and shine.....the day is fine, and it's time to take my nap under the sun. Ah ma says I looked a bit yellow and she's afraid I might have jaundice though the paediatrician says I dun have, but still I have to sleep under the sunshine in my bouncer. That's warmth!!

03 May 2005

Homecoming Day

After 2 nights in the nursery, I have to bid goodbye to my other friends and head home. Though I'm a little bit apprehensive, but at the same time very eager to see how my new home looks like. I know how it sounds like though, as mummy has described to me when I was in my womb home.
The nurses briefed mummy on how to take care of me while I was waiting for my jab to be done. Daddy was settling the bills while uncle went to get car and I'm heading home with mummy, daddy, ah ma and gong gong.

Waiting for my milk feed!

Yummy! Mummy expresses out milk into bottle for ah ma to feed me.

02 May 2005

Who Am I???

Hmmm...this place called earth is so much brighter and noisier than my womb home. There are many frenz in the same room as me. Seems that they cry whenever they are wet or hungry, perhaps that's what I should do too!

Heh heh, it really works! After trying for a few times, the nice nurses bring me to mummy for some nice warm milk...Yummy!

I have so many visitors today. They cuddled me and called me Wenzel. Hmmm.... maybe that's my name....Wenzel Pek. Mummy told me I was named by daddy cos he wants me to be home-loving and independent like mummy. Daddy left the Chinese-naming duty to mummy. Mummy chose a Chinese name that carries the meaning of being tactful and flexible. Yay, I've got a name! I like my name.

01 May 2005

Hello Planet Earth!

Hi everyone, I'm Wenzel Pek, born into this world on the last day of April in the year 2005 @1132hr weighing 3.15kg with length 50cm. Actually my estimated arrival is supposed to be 08 May 2005, but dunno how come I accidentally broke this thing called 'waterbag' when I was dancing early in the morning around 7.20am in my womb home. This got mummy panic and woke daddy up to tell him about my doings and vroooom... ... they went straight to the hospital. After almost 4 hours of labour, out I come into this Planet called Earth!

The first person I saw is this motherly looking person whom I heard mummy calling her Dr Kek. Dr Kek said I have really strong lungs as I cried really really loud in the delivery room. Daddy got to cut the cord and take lots of pics of me. Good job daddy!!!!
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